Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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A friend of mine who lives on the outskirts of Atlanta wrote me today.  She says that in her area, the homes that went into foreclosure and went back to the bank are now rentals.  She thinks they were nonjudicual foreclosures. 

Is this common?

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Yes it's very common and I have been telling people for years that's part of the plan by the banks and legislators wipe out the middle and upper middle class and have a nation full of low wage renters.

In my recent post Bank of America's final solution U.S. trust wealth management division outlines a plan to attract as many immigrants as possible to the U.S. to fill up the 20 million empty U.S. homes.

What kind of an idiot would invest in the self destructive action of importing as much poverty as possible into the U.S. and converting home ownership into home rental.

I still want to know what they plan to do with the roughly 75 million previous homeowners they have kicked out of their homes already. Just keep arresting them over and over again as they wander the streets homeless or come up with a massive government housing, medical, and food program so the taxpayers can support the
roughly 1/4 of the U.S. population that got kicked out of their homes many of them illegally during that psychotic dictators reign.

The government sponsored the massive looting of our country is transforming a huge percentage of the population from productive tax paying homeowners into parasites. The economy and in my opinion the country as we know it just can't survive with that kind of a massive demographic shift from middle and upper middle class to lower class, and Bank of America promotes an even bigger shift towards poverty, instability and rentals.

What has happened is the war on terror distracted people from the very real issue
a return to feudalism run by the banks and central government.

Really if the Islamic extremists had lit a suitcase nuke in the heart of a major city the damage done would have been trivial in comparison to the very real damage of tens of millions being transformed from middle or upper middle class to poverty and stripped of due process.

So we had the nation paranoid of perhaps in the terrorists wildest dreams killing 250,000 in one city compared to the actual and very real destruction of about 75 million lives by the banks and our government. That's a ratio of about 300:1 in favor bank terrorism being more destructive that religious/racial/political terrorism. Don't get me wrong a suitcase nuke or dirty bomb would have been a horrific tragedy but it would have seemed like getting hit by a snowflake compared to run over by a freight train compared to the very real damage actually done to our country by lending fraud.Relative to the risk the government should have put .33% of effort into defending form terrorism and 99.66% into defending against msfraud and illegal foreclosures.

Every U.S. citizen should devote 100% time and energy into classifying enablers of illegal foreclosures and loans designed to be unaffordable as domestic terrorists, if we expect to survive with any standard of living or freedom from a dictatorial government.

 Remember this the more money the government can con the taxpayers into spending on food, shelter, education, medical care etc. the more wealth will be transferred to the banks because they fund the deficit. Already the banks make about a half trillion a year in easy money funding the "entitlements" programs, so if we double or triple the number of people living in poverty renting  the banks can double or triple the interest payments they get for funding "entitlements", and the multinational corporations will have a huge cheap labor pool.

I think the whole point of the scam should be brutally apparent by now transform the middle and upper middle class from home and business owners and replace the population with poor forced to accept housing, education, medical, food, transportation etc. subsidies, and import as many from foreign citizens as possible so the outrage over loss of standard of living, limited government and low taxes is drowned out by the demand the government just plain help people survive.

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    The situation in California is getting grimmer by the day. It is a harbinger
of the future in other States. As State tax revenues implode, States continue
to lay off workers instead of just cutting State wages by 25% or more. The
greed imbedded in our society is such that gutless politicians would rather lay
people off than confront the unions by explaining to them that "deflation" is
real and it is not going to stop any time soon.
    Those idiots who continue to talk about "inflation" because the Federal
Government is soaking up all the "loose" Federal Reserve Notes in circulation
and driving up interest rates, need to reflect on the fact that a shortage of
money in circulation also pushes up interest rates, not just "inflation".
    The only real asset governments have is "gold" and they are artificially
keeping its price high in order to make their balance sheets look better than
they are. I predict the deflation will get so bad, that not even government
action will be enough to keep its price high, it will drop to $50/oz. As the
money supply shrinks, Americans will be reduced to barter as they were between 1929 and 1934, until FDR started issuing "red label" US Notes backed
by Fort Knox gold. "Interest free" US Notes are the only solution to deflation!
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Greg:  You are so on the mark with this post of yours!  If the average "John Doe" was to read it, he would say that you were a kook or a crack head.  The really comes from the people who actually lived during the Great Depression of the 1930's.  They would say "he's right"!!!

While talking to my father last summer, he said "we are beyond a recession, this is a depression".  And he should know, he was a teenager through it during the 1930's.

Mike H: I am glad to see you posted and know that you are ok.  Maybe someone high up will read your post and implement your idea.

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   Unfortunately, financial literacy is nowhere as high today as it was in the
1930's. Also, FDR was an aristocrat who could not be bought by Wallstreet
and the Federal Reserve Board members. He put the concerns of ordinary
working class Americans ahead of the interests of the "Banking Cartel" and
its demands for usury in order to create "new money".
   Today, most economics professors are merely "shills" for the banking interests, so we have had two generations of college graduates who have
been brain washed into believing that "interest on money" is a good thing
which keeps all the "worker bees" on the job so they can feed the Wall street
"queens" and "drones" who do no useful work other than shuffling papers.
    Between 1934 and 1968, we had the "tripartite" currency system set up
by FDR which consisted of interest free US Notes and Silver Certificates, as
well as interest bearing Federal Reserve Notes issued by the privately owned
commercial banks. Private banks only create the "principal" of the loan, but
never the "interest". Without government issued, interest free money, a deflationary depression is guaranteed because the "interest" can not ever
be paid back. We have had a 40 year inflationary "bubble" which burst in 2008, so we will soon return to the "pre-bubble" prices of 1968-70.
    The only solution to the mayhem which is coming, is for Congress to start
reissuing interest free US Notes backed by Fort Knox gold, before its price
collapses back down to $50/oz. When that happens, the US government will
be bankrupt and all hell will be set loose. It will be much worse than the 1930's when many Americans were self sufficient in food production. Today,
such a collapse would result in widespread starvation. Store food Now!

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Many people would agree with you on the subject of storing food.  I have seen this to be a growing trend not only here in the US but abroad.  The seed and dehydrator sales have shot up dramatically over the past year.  Places like (selling dry bulk foods) are doing great.  People are going in together and doing bulk buys from this place.  And look at the YouTube videos on the survivalist movement. 

The bottom line is more people are starting to think for themselves and not trusting the government anymore.  The government has lost its cred ability!

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    I hate to sound political, since both Parties are responsible for the mess
America finds itself in. However, yesterday, the Democrat controlled Congress
passed the boondoggle tax bill called "energy cap and trade" which is supposed to "fight global climate change" by capping CO2 emissions. This Bill,
if approved by the Senate, will totally destroy the US economy.
    It is based on the false premise that the miniscule rise in CO2 is a cause
of climate change, rather than an "effect" of something more fundamental,
namely "deforestation". The Chinese have it exactly right, and they are making a major effort to "reforest China" in order to fight global warming
and the build-up in Co2 in the atmosphere. If America were to do the same,
it would actually create jobs in forestry, preserve existing jobs, and actually
do something positive to fight "global warming" and CO2 buildup, since trees
absorb tremendous amounts of solar energy, thereby cooling the Planet, while
at the same time absorbing tremendous amounts of CO2.
    If this Bill passes the Senate, it will jack up energy costs, cause more bankruptcies and job losses and lead to even more foreclosures. It creates
a windfall for "Wall Street" since they will be involved in buying and selling
"carbon credits". Call your Democrat Senator and demand that this Bill be
defeated. Don't let the Democrats destroy America with bad legislation!
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Have you guys noticed that there wasn't any real talk about global warming until the the mass deforestation of the rain forests?

I think this bill might have a slight bit of merit but (and that's a big but) the damage it will do to the economy would outweigh anything good it might achieve.  I really don't think the American population can handle the higher rate of gas and oil, which raises the prices of everything else.

And to the previous poster To Mike H: I sure hope you aren't talking about me in your last paragraph.  I do have my own personality as does everyone else.

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     No Sara, I was not referring to you or other sincere Democrats. Personnally, I believe FDR was really a Federalist in the tradition of Hamilton,
but for political expediency, he joined the Democratic Party. Today, the
Democratic Party is unfortunately highly controlled by Wall Street financiers
whereas the Republican Party is controlled by right wing "mug-wumps" who
spout one thing, but do the exact opposite.
     FDR, as was his cousin, Theodore Roosevelt believed in an America First
policy, which kept jobs in America and tried to keep us out of entangling
foreign alliances. Unfortunately, FDR's hands were tied when Hitler and ToJo
forced America into WWII. I wonder if there are any other "good" Roosevelts
hiding somewhere in the Countryside who could pick up the "Sceptre" of leadership and get US out of the mess we are in. If there is, I hope He steps
forward soon! There's alot to be said for monarchy, and if America has a
royal family, it's the Roosevelts, so where are you guys when we need you?
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    On a practical level, for anyone looking to obtain a home by adverse possession, check out foreclosures owned by Deutsche Bank. They are slow
in paying real estate taxes, so one might be able to buy a "tax certificate"
on one of their vacant foreclosures and try to live there as a "squatter"
until the government auction comes up. Improve the property and pay the
taxes for seven years and perhaps you'll get to own it!
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4 Justice Now
If anyone happens to have any doubt at all regarding the fact that our so-called media is controlled by the same group who planned and then executed this historic scam, all they need to do is ask themselves why more citizens out there are not aware of the undeniable facts that you guys have presented here.



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People are starting to become aware but just not at the rate we would like.  It's starting to happen though.

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    It's really amusing to watch all the "mugwump" Republicrats on TV trying
to peddle gold to the "suckers" on Main Street, now that its price is high." Oh
mainstreet "gullible goyim", now is the time to buy gold, because the Jewish
cowboys on Wall Street have lots of it to sell, (which they bought at bargain
basement prices) and which they now want to unload on the gentile cattle
(goyim) so they can make another "killing" by herding the "goyim" into a
gold buying panic.
    Meanwhile, the country (the cattle ranch) is suffering from terminal deflation and the gold price is about to collapse, so our Jewish "cowboys"
need to unload it fast, lest they find themselves converted back into "cows"
on a Chinese owned ranch!
    If this offends my Jewish readers, than it has served its purpose, because
"to whom much is given,much is required" and God himself has sent me to warn you that "enough is enough". See what happened to ancient Israel
when she abandoned the Ten Commandments, especially "Thou shalt not steal"!
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