Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Here is a letter to Bank of America from a loyal and grateful customer.  Enjoy~

Dear Bank of America,

I just wanted to tell everyone what a great job you are doing, and that I forgive you for selling my house out from underneath me, without proper notice of foreclosure! Luckily me and my 4 kids have lots of friends that will take us in, so we can start our "New Life". But there are a few things you should know about your new property...of course that's also part of the fun of being a new homeowner!
The basement, although fully finished with a full kitchen, full bathroom, and 4th bedroom, looks nice, but floods almost every spring or heavy rain. In fact it flooded 2 days ago! If we weren't so busy moving we would have done a better job of cleaning it up. That little ball in the sump pump is forever getting stuck, and then the sump pump just doesnt work at all. I didn't know when I bought the house that it was built on a swamp, but I'm telling you ahead of time, that's how thoughtful I am. The basement bathroom toilet tends to back up too, because of the high water table. And the shower in the basement looks nice, but DON"T USE IT! Because water never seems to drain out of the liner right so that is why there is mold all over the greenboard. In fact, all three toilets in the house run, just wiggle the handles so you don't burn through thousands of gallons of water unnecessarily. The furnace is almost 30 years old, and is probably a fire hazard, so I wouldn't even use it. Right now it won't heat the house above 5o degrees, but I've been too busy to get it checked out, sorry! Same goes for the water tank, all "original"! Some people pay big bucks for that stuff I've been told!
The 4th bedroom in the basement was my ex's idea, he always wanted to try his hand at drywalling and electrical! The orange cords that are sticking out of the drywall are scary looking, but they really do work. They actually work better than the the electrical in the rest of the house. It sucks that you can't even use a hairdryer or xmas lights without popping a circuit, but hey, it just adds to the charm.
Now for the upstairs! A few years ago we had ice dams, and thats why there is all the water damage in the front bedroom. My daughter liked how the drywall looks like melting candles, and it looks even better now that she has painted the room hot pink! And don't even try to lock those windows, they don't fit right from the house "settling" in the swampy ground, you'll hurt yourself trying to make them close all the way!
The second bedroom, well what can I say, my daughter used to be obsessed with Jake Gyllenhall. I didn't know she would turn her room into such a shrine to him, even the ceiling! Maybe the new owners will like him, because all those pics were hot-glued on, so they are there to stay! Luckily she grew out of that phase!
The big bathroom upstairs I think may need some new tiling...that's why all the ceiling tiles in the basement are stained in that one area. We had a plumber come out, and he said the leak is actually in the wall, but I didn't believe him. Those guys are always trying to get more money out of you, you can't believe half the things they say! And you will probably notice the water damage starting in the master bedroom, Im not real sure what is going on there. But if you look outside the room under the eaves, you can see how all the wood is rotted. Thats the same rot you will probably notice on the front porch, too. I'm glad that the porch ceiling never fell on anyones head! Probably just needs new gutters or something.
I want to apologize in advance for not pulling permits for any of the basement or outdoor upgrades, but I never thought I would be selling this house so soon! I know for a fact that most if not all of the finished basement is not "to code", if that means anything to you...
And I almost forgot, be careful how you deal with the neighbor behind me...he's CRAZY, and he hated the fact that I had 3 dogs. So as soon as things thaw outside, your gonna want to have someone scoop up all the dogcrap (and there is ALOT!), or he's really gonna be mad!
I really can't thank you enough for taking the house off my hands, the 90,000 in equity that I lost in the foreclosure will be well worth the headaches you've saved me. Now i know what they mean when they say from change comes opportunity! Thanks again, Bank of America. I hope you enjoy the house as much as we did.
Ps. The '87 Camero in the garage comes with the house, all it needs are tires, a transmission and motor, a windshield, wiring, headlights, tailights, and seats inside of it, and its good to go. I think

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my  prayers  are with  you  &  your  family  that  you'll  soon   have  a  better  home.

as  for  your  old  one?/  just  think  about  it--  it'll  soon  be  swamped  with  creepy  crawlies..  they  sure    have  a  'nose'  for  these  things  when  a  house  is  unoccupied..
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Oh Alexa, I hope you didn't think I wrote this...I'm not quite that creative or funny. 

As for when and if I do have to move, I will be laughing as I walk out the door.  My "ghetto-mates" aka neighbors will be calling the county as soon as the grass is over 6".  And it is an automatic $1,000 fine after the 2nd call.

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Thanks for that!

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