Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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From Matt Weidner Esq at

I’ve been hearing chatter and rumors about parties affiliated with the foreclosure mills buying properties after they have completed the foreclosure and now apparently reporters have been hearing such chatter as well.

If anyone has details on such transactions from anywhere in the state, please email that information to me at  Some of you good researchers out there, this could be bombshell material.  If you’ve got the time, I would be looking at all sales in a given area, then backtrack that sale to see if  the last record was a certificate of title. I would suspect that properties would first be going into LLCs or land trusts so multiple deeds going into these would catch my attention.investigate foreclosures

We uncovered a mountain of questionable information last time I asked for Assignments, and federal investigations across the country are currently underway into the assignment practices, most notably into the practices of Lender Processing Services, LLC… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The feds move slowly, but unlike other crimes, these paper crimes leave a long, recorded trail.

So get out there are poke around…let me know what you find!

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When I was doing research for the foreclosures, this is exactly what I found!

You will see a pattern of names of mortgage institutions and the sales of the homes will have the same name of the buyer.  It is either the foreclosure mill or the financial institution or they are in it together...  Whatever, it stinks!!!

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Can you give me the name of the buyers and the date period and which county so I can look into it ? Thanks
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Nye Lavalle
What you do is this.  Check the companies you see buying foreclosures and then check secretary of state offices for execs. etc.. Then do white pages search.  See if family members etc..
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Can you find this info in the county records or property appraisers site?

Where can you actually find who is buying these foreclosures? For example; If you look in the county records, how do you know if it was a foreclsoure. In my county we have a sale list in the property appraisers web site, but there is no way of telling if someone bought a foreclosure.

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Sorry, I don't have that info.

What I was doing was checking through the previously advertised foreclosures and then checking to see who purchased those properties at the auctions.  In my area, the local pape has the information that includes the mortgage firm and the name of the foreclosure attorney.

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Ann do we have a clue of where we should be looking for this information? What should we be looking for?

In the newspaper every week there is a list of homes that have sold and who bought the house. Where do we go from there?
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OK, is it just me or does this one sound fishy?

 * HSBC Bank Foreclosed on a Home in unspecified location in Florida.
 * According to Property Appraiser the sale price was 411,400.00 - Sold on  4/20/2010
 * Owner on record is HSBC Bank - John Doe (fictitious name)
 * Address for John Doe is 9119 Corporate Lake Drive Suite 300 Tampa (aka Florida Default Law Group address)

Now get this one they are getting a Homestead Exemption?????????? How is a bank getting a Homestead Exemption?? The home is assessed at 588,780.00, but with the assessed SOH value it comes down to 331,640.00, with a 50,000 Homestead Exemption the taxable value comes to 281,640.00. WTH??

I found another one

* HSBC Bank Foreclosed on a Home in unspecified location in Florida
* Owner on record is HSBC Bank - Mary Smith (fictitious name)
* Address for Mary Smith is 9919 Corporate Lake Drive Suite 300 Tampa (aka Florida Default Law Group address)

No SOH on that was sold for 238,600.00 MV is 397,000.00

I just started looking this what we are looking for?

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By the way, if I have the right person, the first example is claiming a homestead exemption on two properties in Florida.....hmmmm

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It is exactly what we are looking for. Can you e-mail me the addresss and exact county of these properties ?
My e-mail is
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Hi Ann,

I sent Matt an email & he said that is what he is looking for. I am going to send him a few today.

I will send you an email on how I found them....that way you can start looking as well.

I only looked through HSBC Bank in one county, so I am sure there is many more in there to be found.

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How are you guys finding this???? I would like to try my county also. Can you email me or just let me know?   thnaks

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CMC... I am not sure if that is what they are looking for now. The information I sent to Mr. Weidner is showing the Attorney for the Bank on the Deed & the Bank that foreclosed on the home on the deed.

He did say though, that it is unusual for a party's name to be on a deed if they are not part of the transaction.

What I don't understand is if..... say OneWest forecloses on my is there home now. Why would they put the home on auction & then bid on the same home? Then list the attorney on the deed?

Here is an example.....this home on Sanibel Island was foreclosed on recently by HSBC Bank...... 

Then it shows they bought the home at auction....and listed Adam Hardman (Attorney for Florida Default Group) on the deed as well.....the address given is the address to their office....

This is not all homes....many homes are foreclosed on, but a few (homes that will appreciate in value greatly) are resold & then various attorney's from Florida Default Law Group is listed on the deed.

If that does not smell fishy, I don't know what does.
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