Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Attention Attorneys, Homeowners  and Advocates:
>The Florida Legislature is in session until April 30th. There are a variety of bills pending in the legislature which threaten to dramatically change the practice of consumer law and would eliminate homeowner and consumer rights.
>The bankers, the foreclosure mills and other wrongdoers are lobbying Tallahassee hard and they absolutely will get some kind of legislation passed….if every one of us doesn’t act now to do something about it.
>Subject to confirmation of the date, we will have a rally on the Capital.  The date is tentatively set for Wednesday April 21, but it may be April 19 or 20 if those days would be more effective given committee schedules and other considerations.
>Please mark your calendars now and please put forth this extra effort of service to our profession, our courts and to the citizens of the State of Florida.  As attorneys, we took an oath to defend the Constitution, the citizens and our courts.  These are all under attack and we are all duty bound and obligated to rise up and defend them.
>In Tallahassee, we will meet with our local representatives and with the leadership of both houses.  Our message is clear and distinct….
>We must preserve and restore the dignity of the courts and ensure consumers and homeowners continue to have access to a fair and properly funded judiciary.
>We cannot allow the continued breakdown of law and lack of respect for courts that currently exists in courts across the State of Florida.
>We cannot allow the unethical foreclosure mills and zombie lenders to continue to infect our courts with the cancer they are spreading in courts across the State of Florida
>We owe this duty to our courts.  We owe this duty to our judges who are overwhelmed, overburdened and facing impossible pressures from all sides and we owe this duty to the citizens of the State of Florida–whether they are represented by counsel or not.
>Please mark your calenders and begin making plans now.  We will be chartering buses from major areas and more details will be forthcoming!  We expect that consumers and other pro-se advocacy groups will rally behind this cause as part of a major grass-roots effort.  There are brave and principled leaders in Tallahassee who share our concerns and we need to take our message of support to them.

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Homeowners to Rally at the Capitol this Week

Foreclosure Fraud | April 17, 2010 at 1:19 PM | Tags:For all of you who can not attend the Historic Rally in Tally, and still want to be part of the event, below is a press release that can be sent by email, fax, or phone to all of the media outlets in Florida.

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TALLAHASSEE – Almost overnight homeowners from around Florida have organized and are set to voice their concerns directly with lawmakers this coming week in Tallahassee.

It began with a group of Florida consumer attorneys looking to meet with legislators to persuade them into rejecting a proposed and profoundly bad anti-consumer law threatening to put the entire foreclosure process in the hands of mortgage companies without any involvement by the courts.  Homeowners and consumer advocates learned about the effort and have organized to oppose any new laws that threaten Florida consumers.

Lawmakers immediately began receiving calls from consumers around Florida voicing their opposition to the pending legislation, known as House Bill 1523 and Senate Bill 2270.  The opposition was completely effective as legislators responded by listening and siding with consumers.  The proposed law has been defeated for now thanks in large part to the collective efforts of consumers, advocates and attorneys who represent homeowners in foreclosure in Florida courts every day.

“It restores faith in our legislative process when lawmakers listen and respond favorably to homeowners voicing their concerns during this economic crisis”, says Matt Weidner, an attorney from Pinellas County who represents homeowners in foreclosure.

On the heels of this victory on Wednesday, April 21st hundreds of homeowners, consumers and other advocates from all across the State of Florida are driving, flying, taking busses (maybe even a horse or two) into Tallahassee with a powerful message:  DO NOT TAKE AWAY VALUABLE CONSUMER PROTECTIONS.  WE WANT TO WORK TOGETHER TO SOLVE THE CURRENT CRISIS.  Leaders from both houses have graciously agreed to meet with their voters and with the group of consumer attorneys.

Chip Parker, a Jacksonville attorney who represents homeowners in foreclosure, encourages everyone who cares about Florida’s economic recovery to support this effort.  “This isn’t about just laws that relate to foreclosure, it’s about preserving a balance that protects families during economic times like these.  This is the worst time to be considering any laws that take away important consumer protections and that favor the banks”.

The attorneys also oppose the new laws because the changes would negatively impact the courts, judges and their staff because the changes would eliminate nearly 25% of the judiciary budget.  This would make worse what is already a difficult situation for judges and their staff currently buried under thousands of foreclosure cases.  “We need to ensure our courts are properly funded so that every litigant can have their day in court” says Weidner.  Consumer advocates share this view in large part because they see how little time is currently devoted to hearing cases due to the high case loads.

The rally is scheduled to begin at 9:00am in Tallahassee at the steps of the Capitol and is open to attendance by all.  Check the following websites for caravan and contact information!


Florida Foreclosure Defense
Law Offices of Carol C. Asbury

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Homeowners to Rally at the Capitol this Week

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I am going to the Rally in Tallahassee with my 4 neighbors on 21 April. If you can’t go, e-mail me your foreclosure story, I will hand it to the Senators for you. It will be like you’re there, your concern will be heard.
My e-mail is

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Video of the Rally- We won this time. The bad bill BH 2270 is not voted. Thank you very much for your overwhelming support to the cause.

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