Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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In response to post about 30 posts back.

The wages of sin is death.  But by the time taxes are taken out it is really just a tired feeling.

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Okay folks,

I hope you all pay close attention, and will take a look at yourselves and reflect on some of your ignorance, and Anti-American behavior after finally getting some actual facts upon which to base your assessment of me, and my character, after you've all attempted to assinate it. Yes, this is Adonis Hampton.

It is amazing to me how a bunch of individuals can spend their time on a website, condeming and convicting someone they know absolutely nothing about, without even taking the time to do the necessary research required in order to establish any facts.

The only individuals on this site with any seeming common sense, or objectivity are Sue, John, and chuck who were the only intelligent individual on this blog who endeavored to do any homework, ask questions, challenge t, or do any research to try to establish some factual evidence.

You all have basically just taken the word of some coward who calls themselves t, who does not have the courage to make themselves know to all of you, but who is willing to post someone else's personal information on the web, without having any facts upon which to base their scandalous, and liablist lies.

First of all t, you are a complete idiot. You pieced together bits and pieces of information about me, and then twisted this information to misrepresent the truth. You have no evidence, or facts to substantiate any of your ignorant allegations. Your like some tabloid magazine editor, just spewing out a bunch of garbage in order to sell some magazines, only in this case, I'm not really sure what you have to gain, maybe you want to become a gossip magazine blog. Who knows.

Nevertheless, I challenge you to provide this blog with one scintilla of evidence that would prove that I have swindled anyone, or that I have any history of such behavior, as the crap you have provided so far is just that, a bunch of crap thrown together by an idiot with an apparent vendetta, who cannot substantiate any of these far out allegations. 

Please tell us all here, what have I specifically done to you, or anyone else you might know? Please be specific, and don't try and use any of the crap you've posted here, as I am about to expose you for the idiot you are by addressing each and every ignorant allegation you've raised and posted on this site, in an effort to discredit me, for what reason I have no clue.

I'm amazed that I have to waste my time addressing this ignorance, but in the age of the internet, anyone can go online, post a bunch of unsubstantiated crap about you, and if one does not address it, it is assumed to be true. That's very sad. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty.

While I have to spend my time fighting against a corrupt judicial system, a corrupt banking system, and a corrupt political system, now I'm having to spend time dealing with an ignoramus coward like t? Reveal yourself you coward!

Okay, let me address all of the ignorant allegations one at a time, in order to expose t's ignorance to the members of this blog once and for all. After this, I will not respond to this board again, as frankly I have a life, and I will not wallow in the manure with Mr. or Ms. t again.

Okay, lets get started. First of all, I have yet to see where t has identified who I allegedly swindled and how. t conveniently doesn't seem to provide this information, or more importantly any evidence. 

Secondly, t seems to try to link me with some individual identified as Mike H. However, t never provides any evidence to establish any direct link to me and Mike H. Some of you people even questioned him about it, and he tried to make you feel stupid for even daring to suggest that maybe some evidence should be required before leaping to conclusions. 

For the record you people, what makes this all so completely ridiculous is, I have never even heard of any Mike H., I've never had any dealings with a Mike H., but t the ignoramus, tries to tie me to Mike H. simply because I am fighting a wrongful foreclosure case against the bank, and the property is located in Tampa, Florida. 

Can you people see how ignorant t is? t tries to establish that I am guilty of something, and that I must be linked to Mike H., just because I'm fighting a foreclosure case on behalf of a homeowner in Tampa, Florida, and Mike H. apparently resides their also. This is insane! Is this the kind of logical reasoning you people are willing to fall for? Amazing!

Okay, now lets address the allegations that t makes that I have been "practicing law without a license in Hillsborough County". and that "Adonis was actually caught pleading a case in Hillsborough by Judge William P. Levens, 13th Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County." Then, once again he attempts to link me with Mike H. by stating "This is precisely where Mike H. has his franchise for the unauthorized practice of law!". 

Now I don't know what the heck Mike H. does, or who he is, or where he is located, but as I stated, the case t is making reference to is the case I mentioned earlier. 

I had power of attorney on behalf of the homeowner who was fighting a fraudulent foreclosure by the bank. I didn't get caught pleading a case in Hillsborough County, I attended a hearing and requested that I be allowed to represent the homeowner, based in Florida Rules Of Civil Procedure 1.210, Florida's real party in interest rule. This rule allows for a representative or agent of the homeowner to represent them in court. The judge in his ignorance, and keep in mind here that the word ignorance means lack of knowledge, not stupid, was not knowledgeable about the rule. He said he would review the rule, but would let me proceed in the meantime.

After giving me permission to proceed on behalf of the homeowner, he later reported me to the Florida Bar Association for the unlawful practice of law. I cooperated with the Bar while they investigated the matter, and they ultimately decided that I had not engaged in the unlawful practice of law, as Judge Levens had given me permission to do so.

Now, here's what t the ignoramus did to mislead you people. He took a bit of information, and twisted it to misrepresent the facts, because t never took the time to retrieve all of the facts. He was ignorant of the facts, but that didn't matter as long as he could convince you all that I was some kind of scandalous swindler. In fact, the homeowner thinks that I'm a hero, as I kept the bank in court for 3 years without them being able to foreclose on the homeowner's property.

Then t goes on to allege that I am a serial swindler, by stating that "As with so many of the swindlers, Adonis Hampton has been involved in fraud before. Surprise, he used to work as a sub-prime loan broker!"

Okay, so here we go with t's ignorant logic again. So t's logic says that if you're a mortgage broker your automatically a swindler and a fraud. t doesn't bother with trying to get the facts, t just moves forward with labeling people as criminals, and swindlers without providing any definitive evidence what so ever.

Okay people, here are the facts. Yes, I worked as a mortgage broker, and I originated prime loans and sub-prime loans. Just because someone does sub-prime loans does not make them a criminal. When you're in business to assist people, you look to assist not only those people with great credit, but also those who may have bad credit. Where is the crime in this?

Then he points out a company that I was affiliate with, Lordsman, Inc. who was forced to stop operating. I'm still not clear on what if any violations they committed, but my relationship with that company was that I had a licensing agreement with then, whereby I leased their mortgage license, in order that I could legally originate mortgage loans. 

I was an independent contractor, working from my own office. I never even personally met the owner broker. We entered into the licensing agreement by phone and email. I never went to their office the whole time I was originating loans, and they never revealed to me that they had been cited for any violations of mortgage law. I didn't find out about it until they had long gone out of business.

Yet t the ignoramus, took a little bit of information, and didn't bother to get all of the facts in order to make a fair and informed evaluation about my character, and went on this blog and posted his ignorant misinformation in order to assasinate   my character. What's t's motive? I don't know, and don't care. I don't have time for such ignorance.

Okay, now lets go to the next issue, which was actually raised by Chuck on this board. At least Chuck took the time to do some research, and looked at the information objectively, when he performed some research and came across a securities fraud case that I litigated entitled  Lowery v. Blue Steel Releasing, Inc., No. 06-55294, No. 06-55330, 261 Fed. Appx. 17, 2007 U.S. App. LEXIS 29896 (9th Cir. 2007).

Chuck look at this case and recognized that I had accomplished a tremendous feat in beating 2 Stanford Law School graduated attorneys at the Federal court level and at the Appellate Court level. 

This lawsuit was filed by a disgruntled investor who was given a prospectus outlining all of the risk involved in the investment. When the company folded, he lost his investment. He then went on to file the lawsuit and name 19 Defendants, some of which had nothing to do with the company at all. It was not my company. I was working in the investor relations department for the company, and had no control over the companies activities. I merely sold stock for the company.

Some of the defendants settled because they could not afford an attorney, but as I was capable of representing myself, and knew the these allegations were false, unfounded and frivolous, I was not about to let him get away with such a frivolous lawsuit. 

I was able to have his case dismissed, as the court determined that he did not have any evidence, which would allow him to go waste the judicial time of going to trial. I was exonerated and found innocent of all charges, but t the ignoramus would twist these facts and have you people believe I'm guilty because someone wrongfully sued me, and I was involved in a securities fraud lawsuit. Never mind the fact that I was found innocent.

The last case found by Chuch was The People v. $6,100 U.S. Currency, Ray Adonis Hampton, No. B216774 (Cal. App. 2nd 2010), decided August 30, 2010 [unpublished]. This was a case whereby I was introduced to someone by a friend, who asked me if I could help them find some ecstacy pills. Stupid me, and not being some sophisticated drug dealer, or not being a drug dealer at all, found the pills for this guy. Well, it turns out this guy was an informant for the police, and had entrapped me into acquiring the pills. Then he arranged for me to bring him the pills, so the police could stop me with the pills and then have probable cause to search my home. I went on to litigate the case, cop a plea on one count, have the other counts dismissed, and be granted probation.

Prior to this incident, I had absolutely no criminal record. I have lived my life for 50 years without a blemish, and no criminal record. I am an honorable man and try to live my life with integrity. However, did I make a mistake here, yes. Does this make me some kind of serial swindler as t would have you believe, absolutely not. However, I can move forward with my head high, as I know who I am, and none of you a free from any mistakes in your life either. Therefore, my mistake only makes me human, and I proudly move forward. 

Okay, this should be enough for you all to see that t is some kind of a nut case. Going around posting a bunch of lies and misrepresentations about people he doesn't even know, and for what? I really don't know, but there are a lot of nut cases out there, and I cannot waste my time analyzing them.

In parting, I challenge t to address these facts with some documented evidence to support the ignorant and unsubstantiated false allegations made here.

t you have shown how much of a coward you are by hiding, and not revealing yourself, but instead trying to destroy another's reputation without not one scintilla of evidence to support your ignorance. You are pathetic.

If anyone wants documented evidence of the facts in all of these cases I can produce it, where t does not have a clue as to what the truth is.

Do yourselves a favor and drop this blog. Do you really want to spend your time reading a bunch of unsubstantiated crap from people who have no credibility what so ever?

Do not waste anymore of your time here. I won't.

Very Truly Yours,

Adonis Hampton

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Guess one can bid farewell to Adonis.

His choice.

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M. Soliman is top expret witnes.   He is good frend of Mr. Vince Khan!!!!  Mr Kham he recomnd M. Soliman all way!!   Pay M. SOliman fro free & Clere hous!

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Adonis Hampton, Upperhouse Enterprises, Inc. is registered in which state?  


Domain name: 2UPPERHOUSE.COM

Registrant Contact:
   450 Brand Blvd.
   Suite 600
   GLENDALE, CA 91203

Administrative Contact:
   Fax: +1.8184774016
   450 Brand Blvd.
   Suite 600
   GLENDALE, CA 91203

Technical Contact:
   Fax: +1.8188456021
   SUITE 107
   BURBANK, CA 91504

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Matt Brockman

Mortgage/Foreclosure Specialist/M.B.A
"Take Your Property Back Free & Clear"
Toll Free: (877) 356-2528


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Thank you for your explanation of the Mike H. thread. However because you have so irresponsibly misrepresented the facts, drawn errorneous conclusions, and provided no evidence whatsoever of my alleged life long history of swindle and fraud, your forum and all that is contained lacks any credibility.


For all I know, you have done the same thing to Mike H., as you have done to me, which is misrepresent the facts, while failing to provide any tangible evidence to support your allegations.


I think the statement that came directly from your literary lips sums it up best. You stated that: "So when "Unregistered" posted a link to your scam site, the Forum seniors simply did a bit of quick due diligence and exposed you for the Charlatan that you are. I am sure that there was nothing personal in this whatsoever! To the contrary, it is simply all in a days work."


You admit here that the research you did was very limited, and that all you did was "a bit of quick due diligence". Herein lies the problem. A bit of quick due diligence does not provide a thorough investigation of all of the facts. That is like writing a book, and only telling half of the story, and then asking the reader to tell you what happened at the end.


The reader cannot give you a fair evaluation, because all of the information which is needed to do so was not provided.


Walt, I am getting a sense that you may be sincere in your efforts to expose scammers, but you must do so responsibly. You may feel that you are providing a service to these forum participants, but you are actually doing them a disservice when you engage in unsubstantiated misrepresentations, and allegations, such as you have in my case.


Again, this is the problem with Internet Forums. They are allowed to post any amount of unchecked and unverified information, and have no accountability if the information turns out to be wrong.


For example, John Lewis copies a customers blog from our website and post it in this forum. It stated: "






John post this customer blog to insinuate that we are taking customers money and not providing them with the documents that they ordered. John only shows one side of the story, and tries to incriminate us, by making us appear to be crooks.


John doesn't even know the other side of the story, nor did he try to find out what actually happened. Again, I will try and provide you with the facts, but it is becoming very apparent by the responses I've received, that no amount of logic, reasoning, evidence or fact, is going to alter the mob mentality of some on this forum. Guilty as charged! We don't need any evidence, and forget a trial to review the evidence or the facts, let's just hang him now!


What happened was the customer merely didn't understand that the documents had been delivered to him as a digital download. We simply contacted the customer to let him know that the documents had been delivered instantly at the time of purchase, but because you have so negatively brainwashed your forum participants with your misrepresentations of the facts, they view any little innocent situation as another example of how we are screwwing over people, when we are actually helping them.


The tabloid jounalism you are engaging in is irresponsible journalism, and it is unfortunate that your readers are being victimized by it. Honestly, you have a responsibility to get all of the facts correct and accurately, not just bits and pieces of the story, and I hope you will be more diligent in the future when attacking other people's credibility, integrity, and reputations.


You don't think that attacking those atributes is personal? Would you take those kind of attacks on your credibility personally? I would venture to say that the answer to that question would be a resounding YES!


Again, the facts, logic, reasoning, nor evidence seems to be a factor on this forum, so in light of this it makes no sense for me to respond any further.


Good luck to all of you on this forum, and I hope in time you might see the error of your ways, for your sake, not mine.

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OK, Unregisterd*; Adonis Hampton; John, respond to the following question posted to your website ~The Homeowners Revolt ~ ,

Comment by Dean — February 23, 2012 @ 2:30 pm

I am seriously considering to purchase the 90 day program. I just wanted to know how successful is this program in the Northern California. I notice you stated in July of 2010. Some of my friends who join the free and clear program spend a lot of money and have been unsuccessful.

just askin ~ anything????

John, in response to this, the blogger was speaking of friends who had joined other programs, not mine.


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One of the Forum seniors also wondered whether the person who had posted the link to your swindle site [unregistered] was actually the swindler Mike H. himself. The theory was NOT that you were associated with swindler Mike H. (other than being in the same line of work harming distressed borrowers), but rather that swindler Mike H. was trying trying to throw you under the bus because Mike H. perceived that you were trying to muscle in on his territory (Tampa)!

We know that the Tampa area is swindler Mike H.'s territory and that he will do whatever it takes to keep other swindlers such as yourself from gaining a toehold in his franchise for the Unauthorized Practice of Law in the Tampa area.


I believe that Walt has correctly distilled and summarized the interactions within this thread leading to the expository posts relating to Adonis Hampton. 


I want to clarify that nothing in my prior posts was intended to suggest that Adonis Hampton was an associate or confederate of arch swindler Mike HANSEN of Hillsborough County, Florida, who posts here at the Forum as Mike H.  To the contrary, Mike H. is a total idiot and bottom feeder who is most distinguishable for post of legally vacuous and nonsensical garbage.  By contrast, to his credit, Adonis Hampton seems to be an articulate and intelligent fellow.


Mike H. seems to have left in his wake a number of distressed borrowers who are victims of his unauthorized practice of law.  As was noted by Chuck, Adonis Hampton has at least had a little success in litigation at both the trial court and appellate levels.


It is quite understandable why Adonis Hampton would feel insulted being compared with a moron like Mike HANSEN.  Mike HANSEN isn't even worthy of carrying Mr. HAMPTON's jock strap into court, much less preparing a brief.  


Let me assure you that no one at the Forum was attacking you personally! In fact, several, such as Chuck, have admired your legal work and skill at avoiding jail time or even paying civil damages! So rather than being hostile, you seem to have several fans here at the Forum who respect your demonstrable ability to find new pigeons and practice your grift without ever having to face prison time or serious legal consequences for your crimes!


Once again, I must agree with Walt's post.


I for one respect intelligence.  Unlike the incomprehensible idiot Maher Soliman (who operates his expert witness swindle in Adonis Hampton's back yard) and wingnut moron Mike HANSEN with his "death gamble" defense, Adonis HAMPTON seems to be a reasonably bright fellow.


Amongst these three, if I was going to select a swindler to steal my last few dollars before leaving me homeless, Adonis HAMPTON would be my hands down first choice!  (Maybe Adonis would even throw in a few ecstacy pills to help make my homelessness more bearable!)


Still, the analysis of others identifying the danger and warning signs within Mr. Adonis HAMPTON's several debt elimination scam web sites is well founded.  Mr. HAMPTON is simply a better scrubbed and more intelligent scam artist.


During the subprime bubble, he seems to have preyed upon borrowers by putting them into subprime loans.  Now, as those loans fail, he is looking to profit from the distress of the very borrowers he defrauded with subprime loans.  In this regard, he differs little from many of the swindlers operating debt elimination scams and loan modification scams.   

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Moose wrote:
Dianne wrote:
I almost ordered that book last week.     It is hopeless in North Carolina to find legal representation, especially being home base of Bank of America.   And when you find an attorney, you can't afford them.    I got a quote $1,500. per month for at least two years, plus 30% of the home if I win it.   I don't even make that much, lol.

I must go pro se in Federal Court.   North Carolina State Superior Court does not allow pro se.

Since this book is a failure, can anyone recommend anything to me that can prepare me for my own lawsuit?

Dianne, this isn't legal advice but a state or local court cannot refuse a pro se case.  You are guaranteed the right to represent yourself. 

Having said that, some judges will not give pro se litigants a fair shake.

In my opinion, Jurisdictionary is a very good starting point for understanding what you might be up against in terms of rules and procedures.  Even the free content is an advantage for laypeople.

Hope that helps!



There is an outstanding book available entitled "Stop Foreclosure" available at and this book was written for both attorneys and consumers in mind. It contains information spanning all 50 states and provides real help if you cannot afford an attorney. Additionally, the author can be contacted through the website and can serve as an expert witness in foreclosure defense cases.

Good luck and best wishes,

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Thanks for the information !!

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Okay people,

It has become clear how I became the subject of this board. One of our competitors Vince Khan aka George Khan, whose real name is George Tran, who sells the Foreclosure Defense Handbook, and runs a competing website, is trying to crush the competition we have provided to their business.

Although I like George Tran, he has very litlle experience in the area of foreclosure law, and absolutely no civil litigation experience, as he has only been in business about a year now, as opposed to my 16 years of civil litigation experience, and documented victories in Federal Court, and the Appellate Court.

He teamed up with an Internet Marketing guy, and apparently they decided that they would try to trash our business and reputation by posting a bunch of unsubstantiated lies on this board.

Much like Lance Armstrong, I guess its win at all cost in this dog eat dog society. Use whatever scandalous tactics necessary to crush your competition.

I guess in a sick sort of way, its a compliment to the produces and services we've been providing, as we have not felt the need to tarnish competitors. We feel we can compete by providing superior products and services.

However, be warned that those who would attack us will not go unpunished!

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Not bad until I read the Adonis threat.
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It has become clear how I became the subject of this board. One of our competitors Vince Khan aka George Khan, whose real name is George Tran, who sells the Foreclosure Defense Handbook, and runs a competing website, is trying to crush the competition we have provided to their business.

You should carefully re-read the thread. Someone noted that you had appeared in a courtroom in Hillsborough County, Florida, where a scam artist -- Mike H. -- who is a regular at this site has a franchise to operate debt elimination scam swindles.

When you tried to muscle in on Mike's territory, he "outed you". I do not think that Mike H. is thick with scam artist George Tran / Vince Khan. Mike H. is more a disciple of swindler Neil Garfield.

Adonis, do you operate your scam on your own or do you have a franchise from one of the major players? This probably isn't a very productive site to drum up business. A lot of the regulars here are reasonably sophisticated. Mike H. spends a lot of time drawing in and ripping off any newcomers.

I would recommend that you cede the Hillsborough market for swindles to Mike H. Although he is an idiot and not nearly as capable as you, he is very energetic and will devote a lot of time to stealing the very last dollar from each distressed borrower. Their pockets will be picked clean before you can get a nickel. Admittedly, they will lose their hosue, but who cares? Mike H. will make his money from their adversity! You should probably set up your own fake foreclosure defense site to draw in suckers.
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   How many people have you helped lately? You are a lying sinner. Repent while you can! Why don't
you show some courage and post your e-mail so we can talk like men? Are you afraid of me?

   My defense instruction begins by showing pro se's that the word "mort gage" means "death gamble"
in the French lanquage. The borrower puts up the deed, the lender puts up the cash. Who ever dies
first loses. Most of the time, on a thirty year mortgage, the borrower dies first and the lender takes
the equity of the dead borrower by foreclosure.

   However, once in awhile, historically, the lenders "die" en masse without having "lawfully" transferred
the "obligation" to any third party. This means the borrower won the "death gamble" and owns the
property free and clear.

   What the corrupt servicers will do is try to take the place of the dead lender and steal the equity
of the borrower who won the "death gamble" by claiming to own the obligation, when they don't.

    Normally they will create a "phony trust", give themselves a phony "power of attorney" from the
phony trust in order to "verify" the complaint.

    They will use MERS to assign the mortgage from the "dead lender" into the "phony Trust", even
though MERS has no power of attorney to do so. Sometimes they will create a phony power of
attorney for MERS from the dead lender AFTER IT DIED!

    Once you understand how the servicer scam works, stopping the foreclosure is easy. This is
why my students have had so much success in winning their cases.

    Understanding the "death gamble" concept is fundamental to winning a case. The "nay sayers"
are overlooking a very good defense.

    Most of those who attack me are Tory Traitors, working for the servicing industry. Roper started
the rumor that I'm a criminal, but he could not prove it because it is not true.

    So Mac, you owe me an apology. You won't find any complaints about me among the students
I've taught and I'm not soliciting anyone at the forum. I don't need to, nor do i want to. I post
to help pro ses help themselves and avoid lawyer rip offs.

     I also advocate that people look into filing Quiet Titles when the fact scenario shows that it
might work. In my opinion it is a better strategy than filing bankruptcy, which ruins your credit.
The problem is finding an attorney who knows how to do one and is certified in Federal Court.
With all the corrupted titles we have in this country, I am sure Quiet Title is the wave of the
future. Also, it is better to go on the offensive than to play defense, you have a better chance
of winning.

     My objective is national liberation from the "debt-usury" system which was imposed on this
country after the JFK assassination 50 years ago. These Satanists thrive on the decadence of
Hollywood and the fraud of Wall Street. They removed prayer, the ten commandments, and the
Bible from the Public School system in 1962. They replaced Creation Science with Evolution in order
to demoralize and dumb down our children in order to convert them into docile slaves of the New
World Order. It is time for Americans to "wise up" and "stand up" to the decadence and fraud these
Tory pigs have imposed on America. If you don't agree, that's your problem.
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Stated by Mike H; "This means the borrower won the "death gamble" and owns the
property free and clear."

Partially correct statement but more serious pitfalls in other related areas remain that seem not to be addressed in this last post.
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Mike H again stated: "Roper started the rumor that I'm a criminal, but he could not prove it because it is not true."

Never admit a nuclear bomb was built but the mushroom cloud provides conclusive proof, admission.
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Roper started the rumor that I'm a criminal, but he could not prove it because it is not true.

Lets cut through your incessant lies and get to the heart of the matter, Mike. Mr. Roper didn't start any "rumors" about you and didn't make any allegations. Instead, after you were caught on multiple occasions peddling your debt elimination scams through e-mail messages to unsuspecting Forum visitors, he posted your name and gave links to the Hillsborough County Courts website where your criminal history could be examined.

Quite contrary to your assertions that you support "openness" and that somehow you are better than other contributors because you post your e-mail link (which of course you do simply to draw in new victims for your swindles), every time someone posts information about your identity, your location, the cases you have lost or your criminal history, you run crying to the site administrator and demand that these be deleted.

You were totally exposed for the fraud that you are in a thread titled "About Mike H". (Several people saved and printed out copies and these are available as evidence in any suit brought against the site administrator for collusion in your frauds or in any future criminal prosecution of the site administrator for conspiracy.)

When Mr. Roper discovered that the site administrator was more interested in coddling those who were ripping off borrowers rather than actually helping the distressed, he left this site in disgust. Of course, this is also one of the reasons that everyone on this board hates you. Not only are you a liar and a cheat, but your collusion with the site administrator to silence those who expose your frauds led to the departure of a number of valuable contributors.
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