Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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A Buckeye
Foreclosed homeowners could get their houses back

CLEVELAND OHIO -- The Cleveland law firm of Novak, Robenalt, and Pavlik has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of local homeowners who lost their homes to foreclosure by Deutsche Bank.
"Most of the homeowners had never even heard of Deutsche Bank," said attorney Thomas Robenalt.

"There was a rush to file, to sell these mortgages because they were selling them at a profit."

Two Cleveland federal judges have dismissed all pending Deutsche Bank foreclosures, and Robenalt's firm has filed a class-action lawsuit.

The suit contends the bank began foreclosure action before it had legal standing to do so.

Robenalt believes homeowners foreclosed upon by Deutsche Bank may be entitled to recovery of substantial feeds and damages, and in some cases, where the bank re-purchased the homes at sheriff's sales, could actually recover their homes.

"That is the potential upside of this," he said. The law firm, which is also working with the firm of Cohen, Rosenthal, and Kramer, would be interested in hearing from those whose homes have been foreclosed by Deutsche Bank.




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Does anyone know if there is an attorney in Tennessee that is going to go after Deutsche Bank?

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I have been looking for some time.  There is some new info regarding TN attorneys.  Email me and I'll email you back what I know.

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Stuck with a bad loan, a Staten Island family fights back

In what is likely to be a precedent-setting decision in New York, state Supreme Court Justice Joseph J. Maltese told the bank that it could not foreclose on the couple's home and that it may have to pay them damages for their troubles and void the $355,000 mortgage.
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Can't wait for the Thursday, February 28th decision.

Its a damn shame that there is no central depository for these state cases.
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Joe B

     While I agree that this is good news for this family, it appears that this case is in no way related to MS Fraud. This couple's problem was related almost exclusively to origination fraud.

     I do think that it is a good sign that judges are paying attention, and that will be a good thing. However, any precedent here is likely to be related to the predatory lending laws in NY, and origination fraud, rather than MS Fraud. There may be some carry over depending on some of the pleadings, which I have not seen.

     I do hope the couple gets some relief, and that the banks are held to account. In this respect, it will likely be an interesting case to watch!

     We will have to read the ruling on the 28th to see if there is anything that may be able to help us in our respective fights against MS Fraud.

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I agree, the Staten Island case is all about a sham origination and has nothing to do with servicing.  However, the line between servicing and origination is beginning to blur.  The reason is that a sub-prime loan is more likely to be serviced by one of the top sub-prime servicers.  If there is a servicing issue then it may be difficult for the borrower to receive relief because the courts have shown they don’t understand the issue.


On the other hand the same borrower may now have a greater likelihood of recovery if they can show origination issues.  How or why a damaged borrower receives relief is not important.  What is important is there are two avenues to travel and they both lead to the same destination.


What we don’t want to do is build such a high wall between servicing and origination that new servicing victims fail to look for origination scams.    

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Deutsche bank is very relevant to ms fraud and is involved in many of our foreclosures.

A large reason for ms fraud is to transfer liability from fraudulent originations. We need to emphasize that ms fraud is different than predatory lending in that the servicer manufactured the default but separating the court rulings legislation and money trail is impossible because it's part of the great financial fraud issue.

We need to focus on doing what we need to do to win the general public is aware of the sub-prime crises and is aware that it has harmed the economy and put people out of work devalued our dollar and created a great security risk by allowing foreign interests to buy into or financial system and support our debt burden caused by reckless and criminal speculative lending and profiteering.

Our crime is a Mafia type crime accomplished though a complex shell structure similar to Enron because Andrew Fastow set up the framework for off the books profiting from converting mortgages into securities.

To say origination fraud is not relevant to ms fraud is similar to saying a car jacking ring stealing Toyotas is not the same as stealing Fords so they can fight their fight and we can fight our fight. We have a common interest and a common perpetrator so we are victims of a similar crime by the same people.

It's totally unrealistic to expect that we can end ms fraud by getting the government to shut down the whole corrupt lending structure solely because of ms fraud.

It's unrealistic as well to expect to win individual suits and action  again because even if  we do not understand the implications of proving intentional fraud in the financial system rest assured the judges due and it makes more sense to them to allow a peon
(individual borrower) to be unlawfully foreclosed on than open the can of worms of litigation and prosecution of the entire monetary structure. What I'm saying is that ms fraud cannot be isolated from the greater financial structure the Federal reserve, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wall street, because they are all part of the same system. If Fannie Mae funds these bad loans certainly a judge is not going to rule against the entire government backed lending structure just to save one home and enforce the letter of the law, though they are required to the government is just not going to police the government.

The general public, lenders, investors, government etc. needs to understand it's in their best long range interest to have a lawful, stable lending, investing and economic structure and put an end to the structure that supports ms fraud.

Ms fraud and related financial fraud really affects the military and national security to because there will be no way to support the military if our economy collapses and the debt cause by the sub-prime crises and allowing foreign interests such as China and the middle east to determine our economy an security interests. Obviously it's in China's interests to transfer our assets, manufacturing and services to themselves and it's certainly not in our interests to allow the middle east to run our economy and decide whether they want to finance our military.

We have opened a giant can of worms by allowing these lenders and Wall street profiteers loot our country by converting our mortgages into securities and using them to transfer our assets overseas, it certainly has not helped the other countries to
empower a corporate debt based real or effective dictatorship over the general public either.

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Greg your right on point, this is directly related to our NATIONAL SECURITY and our Government has failed us, and allowed the outright theft of thousands of homes, without doing much at all, its current programs are nothing but a sham!  Both Republicans, and Democrats should be more than ashamed.
Regulators a long time ago, could have stopped this in its tracks, but they did not!  But I hear the Fat Lady, way off beginning to sing!
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Greg that is a very good post.  I have never thought about things on such a large scale but now I can see what can happen.....Is  Deutsche bank based out of Germany??  That is the company we have problems with also.  Maybe all of this was done on purpose.

Thanks again.
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Yes Deutschebank is a German bank and it has everything to do with Ameriquest fraud in particular and ms fraud money laundering in general.

Roland Arnall is the primary funder of Simon Wiesenthal group and Rabbi Heir is a one of the most influential members they "forced" Deutschebank to make Holocaust reparations payments.  Rabbi Heir and the Wiesenthal group agreed to permit the 2001 Bankers trust/Deutschebank merger after the reparations agreement. Roland Arnall proceeded the use the former Nazi bank he supposedly hated so much to launder the assets from Ameriquest though the foreclosure mill/trustee process.

What's even more ironic is that Prescott Bush the Presidents grandfather was the director of a Nazi bank and had his assets seized after being convicted of trading with the enemy in 1942 and that Prescott Bush and not Adolf Hitler was actually the leader of the eugenics (kill all the undesirables) movement which prevented him from running for President although he hand picked Nixon as a proxy or protege. Prescott Bush used the Netherlands to supply Hitler with war materials. Roland Arnall and the Simon Wiesenthal group who are supposedly outraged by these historic Nazi connections unlawfully laundered 12 million in donations though multiple sources to put the convicted Nazi banker, eugenics leader, and American traitors grandson in the oval office. I guess it's O.K. for Roland Arnall and Rabbi Heir to get rich off the Holocaust even if Roland Arnall has to fabricate a story of being a Jewish Holocaust escapee and can't seem to remember what country he even came from. Of course we know that President Bush appointed Roland Arnall the ambassador of the Netherlands making it very difficult to prosecute him for his role in ms fraud, predatory lending and the sub-prime crises of which Ameriquest was the largest player.

The Clinton's are currently residing in a mansion financed by Deutchebank and has been accused of an illegal loan she is an influential member of the Wiesenthal group as well, she refuses to answer questions or disclose details of the funding of the Clinton's New York mansion.

Much of the money trail connected to the sub-prime crises goes straight to Hillary and the Clinton's were influential in repealing the Glass-Steagal act which was designed to prevent a high risk speculative lending boom leading to a depression.
So anyone who thinks Hillary will get us out of the mess she blames Bush for remember she has as much or more to do with it than he does.

Yes srsd the Ameriquest fraud was very carefully planned from computer analytics
to profile the victims to boiler rooms designed to slam the borrowers into loans, to heavily funding the politicians, to setting up the foreclosure mill/trustee process to laundering the assets. The Ameriquest scam is an Enron type top down operation run by Roland Arnall the former sole owner of Ameriquest.

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Correction the Bankers trust Deutschebank merger occurred in 1999.

Deutschebank bankers trust was listed by NYSE in 2001 and the Deutchebank Bankers trust building across the street was destroyed by the WTC collapse. Somehow steel girders from one of the towers flew sideways  instead of down at such high velocity they damaged the Deutchebank building beyond repair.

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