Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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ROBIN HOOD ON another thread was just talking about this atty Kessler. Then doing my reading I find this.

This is the same judge who is trying to protect other attys and judges here in StL. omg...Their doing this with the judges endorsement. He's a real problem...I did background work on the judges rulings. Both him and Schermer HAVE cases of being  QUESTIONED ABOUT BEING BIASED AND IMPARTIAL.

He acted like the fact that I got LIED TO BY TWO OF THE TOP 4/CLSRE TRUSTEES FOR 2.5 YRS WAS NO BIG DEAL...Only I didn't know who I worked for. I just always tried to PROTECT the client who is a homeowner or was Chase or Citi depending. Citi beat people up so bad there was nothing to make. If there was they let it go to sale and wouldn't even collect the MONEY! How can I pay if I can't even get my bankers answers? duh? hello? is there any real bankers left? SURE if you can't get them to pay SELL THE NOTE! FOR as little as $5,000 in most cases. Liar Liar pants on fire....Now we have to get the FIRE ON THIS JUDGE SOMEHOW.

I don't understand why he's ruling on this case in FL he's in that even in his JURISDICTION to HEAR? I had two recusals after a denial on a temp rest order to stop the sale. Then my motion to vacate and default judgment were denied then the recusals. Nightmare! All for trying to TELL THE TRUTH!

And I had the people with the money that would of paid my bills of in 5 days or less. My atty had the audacity to tell me that I never could have people with such capability.

Now did he(I think he did) know who I worked for? I figured it out two of the top trustees nationally are being nailed for the same practices I speak of in other courts. Dave Kreisman and Gerald Schapiro. a subsidary of 1st American Title! The lady that solicited me on my job is an agent for them as well. She is involved in a purchase transaction in NY that she hasn't completed in 4 yrs that was to of been closed in 6 mnths. She probably took the money she made from Chase that I lost my job over and invested in this property then claims no cash to pay off the last few months and the judge isn't releasing the deed so the property can be sold. CORRUPTION!

There you go the CRADLE to GRAVE INVENTORS for the mortgage industry. Where u start at title where u end at title. Unless u have a successful atty that can sue on their oaths and bonds. Maybe with the removal of the documents from my case criminal.  Obviously or else why the recusals? 

Sorry for the rant! Like every other homeowner whose been f/over GOOD LUCK! BUT if you don't have WADS of Cash for a crooked atty YOUR SCREWED! So just hope u can file chp 7 and walk away!
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Here's what else I put together this morning. This atty Richard Kessler is also the one that was selling the OMNIBUS MOTION. On another thread I found Mr. Kessler responded for info on the omnibus motion.

Judge Moody to the rescue of the MBA, ABA, attys and judges. WE need HIM OUT! u should see some of the crap he does. Then compare it to the east coast judges. Fed law can't differeniate to this degree!

Sorry hope the rant helps!
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