Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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William A. Roper, Jr.
Fannie Mae has announced that it has terminated its Florida law firm Ben-Ezra & Katz, P.A.:

There is a story about this in the Palm Beach Post:

PB Post: "Fannie Mae fires second South Florida law firm" (Updated: 7:18 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011)


HousingWire is also reporting this story:


HousingWire: "Fannie Mae terminates relationship with Florida law firm Ben-Ezra & Katz" (Thursday, February 10th, 2011, 5:36 pm)


No doubt Fannie Mae is SHOCKED, SHOCKED to learn that attorneys acting on its behalf are engaged in ongoing criminal activities on its behalf!


Two FL law firms down, eleven to go:


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William A. Roper, Jr.
The 4closurefraud web site has given us some new and additional insight into the Fannie Mae dismissal of FL law firm Ben-Ezra & Katz.  First, take a look at this filing within the case JPMorgan Chase v. Flowers:

I find the attached document attributed to JPMorgan Chase to be interesting.  If I was defending a suit in which JPMorgan Chase was a plaintiff or the servicer, I would probably want a certified copy of one of these filings to put into the record in my own case!

Even more stunning is the Order To Show Cause in the Florida case of Central Mortgage Company v. Gonzalez:


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William A. Roper, Jr.


Ben-Ezra & Katz has issued a statement about its termination by Fannie Mae.  It turns out that this firm has been mistreated and is simply misunderstood.

It was all just "technical paperwork issues":

Earth Times: Ben-Ezra & Katz, P.A. Issues Statement on Fannie Mae's Termination of Relationship with Firm (Fri, 11 Feb 2011 01:00:42 GMT),1652837.html

It is a relief to know that the malicious and hateful statements appearing in the decision of the Florida Courts are actually UNTRUE and that this firm is actually a paragon of ethics and responsibility!
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RE: Ben-Ezra & Katz, P.A. PR Statement:

Or to put it another way - 

The other day I read where some of my fellow bank robbers were being arrested.  So I hired a law firm to search my house to try to figure out how much money I had stolen. When we knew the exact amount they called the bank and offered to return the money.  Then we sent the bank a plan to assure them that I would never ever rob them again.  And what did I get for all of my efforts?  They locked my ass up anyway.  Damn, what’s this world coming to?   

Yes, eleven more to go.

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It just dawned on me - how many of David Stern's files were transferred to Ben-Ezra & Katz?
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Fly On the Wall
"According to one witness at today’s hearing, Mr. Ben-Ezra himself attended, and apologized profusely to the court, but to no avail: the judge threw out the foreclosure case, granted judgment for the homeowner, found both plaintiff lawyers in contempt of court, and reported both plaintiff lawyers to the Florida Bar."
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William A. Roper, Jr.
There is a cheering report on Friday's contempt hearing in Miami-Dade in the Palm Beach Post:

Palm Beach Post:  "Lawyer held in contempt over 'fraud' in foreclosure filing", by Kimberly MILLER and Christine STAPLETON (Updated: 10:45 p.m. Friday, Feb. 11, 2011)

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Well worth listening to again and again.

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William A. Roper, Jr.
Florida news sources report that FL law firm Ben-Ezra & Katz has laid off one half of its employees:

Miami Herald: "Foreclosure law firm lays off 41% of staff", By Kimberly MILLER (Posted on Monday, 02.14.11)

Sun Sentinel: "Foreclosure law firm lays off nearly half of its staff, after losing Fannie Mae", By Diane C. LADE (6:13 p.m. EST, February 14, 2011),0,1499404.story

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“We are also surprised by the action, since the issues leading to their action are things we discovered internally, then proactively informed Fannie Mae and created a plan to correct the problems.”

The hell they did.  They've known all along what they were doing but when Stern crashed and burned they knew the jig was up.  So they spent four-months pondering their options and arrived at only two (a) business as usual with the hope they wouldn't get caught or (b) come clean hoping they could continue with a bit less fraud.

“We sincerely regret to have taken this action, particularly since we’ve worked hard to create a culture of community and family."

Oh its a culture alright - about on par with that of Bernie Madoff. 

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William A. Roper, Jr.
From the ABA Journal:

ABA Journal: "Judge Axes Foreclosure, Bans Do-Over, Holds Lawyer in Contempt; Fannie Mae Pulls Files from Firm", By Martha NEIL (Posted Feb 14, 2011 11:17 AM CST)

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William A. Roper, Jr.
Housing Wire finally weighs in with a discussion of the layoffs and a bare mention of the contempt holding:

HousingWire: "Ben-Ezra & Katz cuts 236 jobs after losing Fannie's business", by Kerri PANCHUK (Wednesday, February 16th, 2011, 10:47 am)

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Many, many years ago a large mortgage insurer owned a piece of a servicer and the servicer was making a boat-load of money, which pleased the mortgage insurer to no end.  Then one day the jig was up and the mortgage insurer just couldn't believe that this servicer was doing all of that bad stuff.

Many said they had to know when they looked at that huge checks that came in at the end of each month.  Sort of like Bernie Madoff's investors who should have questioned their huge ROI but remained moot so the check would keep coming.

So what about Fannie, should they have wondered what the likes of Stern and  Ben-Ezre-Katz were doing on their behalf in Florida?  Should they have questioned how these mills were able to chug along so smoothly?  Weren't there times when these GSE's were told by the mills - don't worry, we've got that assignment thing covered and wonder how that was possible?

Just a thought.

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When do they take down Gerald Shapiro & his LOGS network NATION WIDE!
They are the worst of the worst and darlings of Fannie Mae!
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