Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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for over a year now I have research these notices of default and have cracked the code they don't come from the lawyer they are fake I am filing a amended complaint today that list all the lawyers please look and see if your lawyer is on this list if so sue the one that sent the notice

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You must really be "Nuts" or a troll we all know! Anyone, you notify is not the REAL PARTY IN INTEREST. The real party in interest has raised its head to be the Federal Reserve.

It's all a Hollywood Sideshow-Bankers-Wannabe Bankers-No matter who claims what they can't back it up! At least not with the TRUTH! TRUTH IS America has been overtaken by some very very serious "CRIMINALS" who are very "RUTHLESS" NOTIFY who you must!

However, Notifying the "Dept of Justice" and "FBI" won't help you neither will your state at the ins or financial services levels. Neither will the Federal Bk Court, Federal Judges. Anyone, you read about that you could easily admire notice how they don't respond back?  Here in Missouri leading the Pack is one of the biggest Financial War Sites there is. Good ole Abe was known as one of the best railroad lawyers that walked. Him and his right hand men DESTROYED the South. However, there are people who will do anything to hide so much from so many its NOT FUNNY!

The Eastern District of Missouri with their non-judicial laws, and Judges endorsing the fraud helped wreak havoc across the USA. Just how corrupt they are remains to be seen. In my attempt to stop this crisis I've uncovered more than most by tracking a heritage I've been Denied knowing about! And they've left many unanswered questions with what they've done. There is nothing financial about this. They want your house.

They also want your inheritance and will do anything to keep your TRUE IDENTITY from you. So make sure you know who you are before you plead anything in these courts. Cause they won't tell you their not judging you for you but who you really are that they haven't even made you aware of !

Trust me this crisis has NO $$ AMOUNT! There is UNENDING FRAUD IN OUR COUNTRY! ON SO MANY LEVELS! Judges judging from the bench without a trial at any level so the TRUTH can be told! Not on your LIFE! This is a INTERNATIONAL CRISIS NOT JUST AN AMERICAN ONE!

NOT JUST ONE MORTGAGE IN ??? MILLIONS!!! Rewrite the notes! So much Fraud its not just MORTGAGE RELATED!
Don't think every public official, servicer, trustee, judge, attorney is in on this! If they weren't the CRISIS we now have would of ended in 2008 before Lehman went under!

I know cause I offered the Opportunity to STOP IT WITH HELP I've met along this journey called life. What I've gone thru is enough to make any American want to go haywire on them. Then to try and figure out how bad the betrayal is for so many is so disheartening! So many who've been sabotaged. So many that would pay if given the opportunity to be given the BENEFIT OF DOUBT!

How many do they try and destroy? Never behind on a house payment? Don't even have a loan? No judge to hear pleas to try and address issues like a client who should of never been charged off? Someone who filed bankruptcy to be done with the debt. Only to have bank not foreclose then have county take for taxes, receive enough to pay mortgage and taxes yet mortgagee still calls homeowner cause they didn't claim in time at the county level.

The abuse is at the servicer prior to charge off after charge off and thru out the collection process against homeowners. Yet most homeowners will never find out if their account was handled accurately as all attorneys claim THERE'S NO FRAUD! Must be great to have such a job to get immunity for theft, deception, the Dept of Justice if the DEPT OF CORRUPTION for so many!
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