Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I just received notice from our current mortgage company (Regions) that our mortgage has been sold to EverHome Mortgage.  I did some research on them and found out that a lot of people have bad experiences with them in processing payments late, not paying insurance etc. 

I had never had a problem with Regions and am a little bit nervous about EverHome.  Has anyone had any experience with them?  Is there anything proactively I can do to be sure I don't have any problems with them? 

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I'm so glad you posted this, I just received a letter from GMAC mortgage (who I never had a problem with) infact I had always paid $359 extra each month toward my mortgage with the exception of last month when I called them to drop the extra (so I could buy something without using a credit card) I try to stay away from credit. Then all the sudden my loan was sold? I thought that was weird, not only that but months prior I had sought to refinance through my current mortgage company (GMAC) and they wouldnt do it, and told me plainly it had nothing to do with our perfect credit score but that our home was not comparible to any in the neighborhood (even though it was in better homes and gardens). I said thats nuts, they said they most likely couldnt find a buyer for it, again... thats crazy, I bought the house and wanted to refinance lower.

Apparently they DID find a buyer of the loan, I went online and looked around to see what kind of company it was and it looks like a freaking nightmare! theres nothing but bad reports for this company and I havent got a choice who I do business with and need to worry about this? Keep every single statement. I hope I could refinance with someone else but they will most likely sell it again and I might end up right back where I am now (where I dont want to be) with "Ever home".

I'm nervous as you are, Im hoping to investigate this further as to why them and why now when I was told I couldnt refinance because they could not sell the mortgage, GMAC lied to me then, and Im sure Ever Home wont make my life any better given the complaints all over the internet concerning them.
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Contact Regions and tell them you are opposed to the transfer.  Does it say anything in your deed about transfers?

Bank of America tried to send one account to EMC Mortgage; the borrower protested, and the loan never went to EMC.

Tell them you believe you are being set up, as you have read many complaints about them and also noticed they are on the list of mortgage servicing fraudsters on this site.
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when I called them to drop the extra (so I could buy something without using a credit card)

Yes GMAC lied to you, but because you -called- and did not get it in writing, you lost your evidence and made it more difficult to prove they misrepresented the true facts.

These people lie and that is why everyone is in this mess.

Also, your loan may [probably] contain fraud and GMAC wants to get rid of it to skirt any possible liability.

Demand a true copy of your NOTE - they probably don't have the original anyway.  If that is true, then they do not have standing to sue you for foreclosure if it ever got to that extreme.


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It's been a couple of months since EverHome purchased our mortgage and I can say I haven't had any problems with them.  I have never even spoken to them!  I continue to pay my bills online so that I have proof of payments but all in all - so far so good!     I hope the same goes for you!!

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Hi Digger no we are not going into foreclosure at all, the only thing that $359 was going to on my mortgage was EXTRA toward my principal, I have a 30 year mortgage that should be paid in 10 years now due to that extra, so deciding to drop off the extra was no big deal I wasnt obligated to pay it.

By the way did you guys know Everhome is with CHINA? Run a google search on Everhome and China... I thought...hmmm is this what buying "Equities" is about? lol The American govt bought the BAD debt (upside loans, foreclosures etc) but GMAC bundled and sold the "good stuff" to China (those with greater equity and in good standing). Now that sure makes me wonder why the Chinese police are in the U.S when it comes to protecting "their assets"...which assets are these? things like MY HOME?

I honestly dont trust the stuff going on in this country and I have carried this urgency about whatever is coming for the last 6 months (it wont go away). I never had something feel this way before.

I honestly think I'm envious of the rednecks living out of their mobile homes I think they had it right not being strapped to a financial trap such as a mortgage lol I want to pull a wilderness family deal, knock down some trees and build a home in 30 days not be enslaved to a mortgage 30 years lol (well 10 for me lol)

Ever want to say "screw this" buy a thousand pounds of rice take off and live off of what you catch in the rivers and what you grow on land? Im right at that point and jealous of everyone who is doing it lol

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Oh Digger I forgot to add I have a VA loan being a veteran, and Im not sure Im getting why you believe they lied to me because I simply asked them to take the extra I pay into my loan off that month and they did it without question. Theres nothing I really needed in writing they were good to their word on that.

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Any one who has an old loan or a new loan with Everhome should be keeping all documentation that refers to, or involves this company.  I just looked at one of my recent canceled checks and found that it was endorsed by Everhome with an additional endorsement of Alliance Mortgage.  I found that interesting.

Everhome has been known to ignore correspondence from attorneys for their customers.  I am proof of that.  They ignored a letter from my former attorney for a formal request under RESPA.  They have also ignored previous requests for loan history reports, answers to requests about their claims of arrearage, etc...  I was finally able to get the loan history only because I objected to their proof of claim in Bankruptcy.  I wait for February 11, 2009.  That's the court date if it isn't postponed again!

The FTC recommends that we keep all documentation of our payments and and correspondence; and to send everything by certified return receipt mail.  Thank God I've been doing that and have kept everything over the years. 

Recently, I called Everhome to inquire about my access to my on line account.  They took my access away.  The customer service person was polite and helpful but I have yet to hear from the legal department about it.  That's where my file is at this point according to that rep.

By the way, check your statements against your on line accounts.  Mine was off and yours may be too.  Their record keeping is atrocious to say the least.
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I have experience with Everhome. I bought my house in 2004 and later my mortgage was (sold)transferred to Everhome. They are terrible!!
I contacted them before I had any financial issues in order to find a solution or any assistance from them. Not only did they tell me they couldn't help me until I was behind on the payment, but when I did get behind, they still couldn't help me. Through out several months of trying to find a solution and not making any payments, I am in foreclosure.Not only have I been harassed at my house, but have also been cussed out on the phone from them.  Everhome said I either paid them everything ( the entire payment) or they will not accept partial payments.
To make matters worse, I have MERS listed on my note....which is a joke. I contacted HOPE, legal aid, and any one/where else I think may help me. All have been a proven joke!!
So, now that I have next to no money, no where to go, I can't afford an attorney, and can't find work to save my life, I am absolutly screwed!
BEWARE of Everhome's tactics!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess it truly is, all about the money.
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