Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Hello MSFraud forum.

If your original loan was closed without an escrow account and ended up into the hands of a crooked mortgage servicer and they open one without you agreeing would this be an illegal act and a violation of something?

My attorney sent my mortgage servicer a letter and their responce was that the loan was opened without an escrow and its my responcibilty to pay property taxes etc.

I just realized what the servicer told my attorney in the letter.Why would the servicer say this and have an escrow on my account?I am completely exempt from property taxes and carry my own property insurance and yet they have force placed their bogus insurance on me.

Is their escrow account on my loan illegal and their suspicious suspence account?

Thank you all for any help.


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You're getting fleeced, just like everyone else.

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Welcome to the run around....I suspect they are just getting started.

A new servicer (pretender lender/debt collector) Specialized Loan Servicing sent letter saying they had no record of us having  Home Owners Insurance. I have copy of paid  policy and the  previous lender/ servicer  had an escrow account so they knew it.  New Servicer  requested to please contact Insurer and have them put on as loss payee.

 ( I do not know these people never have made a payment nor have I done any business with them and in fact they are showing a different loan number since they took over the loan. This home loan was filed and discharged in  BK 7 they are breaking the law by contacting me! 

I did not respond and sure enough three weeks later I get a notice from my insurance company ( the one they said they were not aware of) and Specialized Loan Servicing actually got the insurance company to change the loss payee to them. I pay this policy and I did not authorize or contact my insurer.

 How can they do that without my permission did they call and say they were the homeowner?

I have a good mind to change the loss payee to my name! I have no idea who the real loss payee would be.....

Now I get a letter saying the home is not insured for enough... and to please raise the policy amount. The home is mortgaged on 1st for  870,000 but has grown to 965,000 on a neg am loan. The value today if  I were to sell it 575,000 including 3 acres that would still be there even if the house burned down. We have it insured for 650,000 replacement cost of the dwelling. 

 Next they will force a policy on the loan... GO FOR IT!!

Last payment accepted by my first servicer on 2/09, received a NOD in 4/09 from  original lender /servicer,  received notice of servicing change on 5 /09 when lender/ servicer was purchased  by another bank.  Received lost note and intent  to foreclose 12/ 09 from foreclosure mill attorney, Received notice of servicer  change again  on 3/10 to debt collector ( Specialized Loan Servicing) noticed loan change number. Next went to  Check County clerks office (non-judicial state) once I saw loan number changed and sure enough  found MERS had filed a subsitution of trustee to US BANK NA  trusts XXXXXXX on 2/10 before servicing change/ loan number change. Not sure what all this means just keeping a record of it all.

Meanwhile last payment we paid was 2/09 when they took lump payment for three payments and they added on additional fees and made one payment short and put it in a suspense fund and sent NOD the very next week.
We filed  BK 7 and were discharged in 7/08 . Lender /Servicer at the time was granted Motion for Relief of Stay we did not know what we know now and lost an opportunity to deal with the fraud right there. A missed opportunity to stop them cold in my view. If I had I may not have had to claim BK7 that is what makes me angry today. I wish I could reopen my Chapter 7 and show they lied to the court.  Hopefully the documents they filed them will lok different from what they file when we finally have our day in court and we will catch them in the lie and show the court how they already lied to the BK court. I am sure that is frowned upon!! 

 I will continue to stay and fight I am not a deadbeat. I have paid over over 240,000 into this house plus modification and attorney fees,  I hit a rough patch like so many other hard working americans little did I know they were just sitting and waiting betting on my default. This is my home where I want my kids to bring the grand kids and I refuse to let someone with no skin in the game steal my home. Real Investor please come forward and I will be happy to work out something that is a win win for each of us. Everyone else you are on notice I will not leave this home without a FIGHT!

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I have been in a bankruptcy with my servicer for 4 years and about 3 months ago my BK Attorney forced a payment history out of them.During the past 4 years my servicer has been force placing insurance on me when they have the proof I have had no lapse in coverage and a very suspicious forbearance transactions have been taking place on the detailed transaction history.

Forbearance in Bankruptcy that I knew nothing off?

Also the ending balance of a few of my 1098 tax forms....

2007 Escrow Ending balance + $836.23

2008 Escrow Ending balance + $1,870.00

The servicer did not send me a 2009 1098 Form.

I thought anything over $50..00 in the Escrow with ending balance was to be refunded to me within 30 days?

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Hi Anonymous,

Same thing here I got notice last month from new Servicer that my end balance in my escrow was 2400.00!  In all my other loans through the year I would get a refund but who knows what happens to the money now. 
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