Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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h gosh
As many of you know, I have been fighting the foreclosure of my home since September, 2001.  I guess its time for me to bring my story back out into the open, so here goes: 

Fairbanks Capital attempted to foreclose on my mortgage in October, 2001.  After entering BK to protect the home, and filing a complaint into federal court, and after extensive negotiations, I successfully proved that 1) my husband was alive and well and not killed in the 9/11 attack and 2) the claim that one of my checks was returned for NSF was bogus, after producing the ORIGINAL check with all endorsements thereon indicating the check CLEARED the bank with no problems and 3) Fairbanks was diverting my payments to a property in Cleveland Ohio. 

I entered into a settlement agreement, which settlement provided for the proper crediting of all monies paid to the P&I, and the reversal of all "bogus" fees. 

During the course of all this, EMC Mortgage obtained the SERVICING rights to my note (as a result of the FTC/HUD investigation and the Curry class action).  EMC has been attempting to collect on additional monies, refusing to acknowledge the settlement agreement. 

I successfully stopped 2 foreclosure actions brought by EMC; however, the third and last foreclosure action they won, because although I paid a Philly Lawyer $10,000 he did not show up at the summary judgment hearing, so EMC won by default. 

I had to reenter BK to save the home.  EMC is claiming to be the holder in due course of the note and mortgage or the note or the mortgage (depending on when and who you speak to).  They are attempting to be granted a relief from the automatic stay and permission to go forward IN REM, claiming we have abused the bankruptcy law, denying there was any settlement with Fairbanks, claiming that they were the holder in due course since 1) 1998; 2)1999; 3) Feb 2001; 4) 2003 and 5) "sometime" in 2005.  However, as evidenced by documents available at the "LaSalle Global Trust" site, the  trust that my note was in has been sold to SACO, and EMC may or may not be the master servicer; LaSalle Global Trust is the Trustee, and SACO is the "seller" of the "certificates". 

So much for the FTC settlement. I guess I should add that there are severe title issues with my home and if all payments had been properly credited, my house WOULD HAVE been paid in full in December, 2005!

Keep me in your prayers, and hope that I can stop this evil enterprise!
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The only way to curb these demons is to shut them down.  They have no fear of, nor respect for law and order.  They run on fraud as their primary engine and no amount of punishment will effect significant change in their scurrilous methodologies.

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h gosh
Stephen - our government had the chance to shut them down, and instead they used OUR tax money to keep them in existence - because they were "too big to fail".  The only outcome I see is more foreclosures, more bonuses and more business as usual.
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Y'know, there are signs (from my readings) that significant changes are being made to the mortgage industry.  I think Obama's team gets it, and is quietly beating the living snot out of all the bad guys.  If you like, I can post some of the positives I see, such as the FBI getting a billion in TARP money and HVCC (Home Valuation Code of Conduct).

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h gosh
Stephen - I would love to see some positives.  I need something to renew my faith in our Country!
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The Equitable One
h gosh,

My word! 5 years ago I wouldn't have believed your story. Now I don't doubt a word of it.

Would I rather have your problems? Or mine? Actually I think I'd rather have lit cigars stuck up my nose.

Keep up the good fight (as do I).

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H Gosh,

Thanks, for sharing your story! I didn't know the whole background. What I've recently figured out is that the company I use to work for has two people down as being on the board of directors.

Here's who they are--

I think these guys are right up there by Greg Collins. If this is one of the groups NO WONDER why GREG had to go RICO. This is besides the other group I've found that's into all this as well...I PRAY FOR ALL OF US....I made a blog. I'm hoping if some how we get them up we'll find someone to help us. I don't know what they expect us to do anymore. Reasonable people are not so reasonable anymore. They've made it that way not US. I'd be more than happy to some how put other's information on my blog if it would help us get more play to where we may finally get HELP!

Several people's lives are being effected by the happenings that some of them are getting by with. I just keep PRAYING that finally I succeed cause if I do I may be able to HELP OTHERS that have NO ONE to help. Everyone, shouldn't have to be schooled as an attorney or judge to keep their home. That's why we have so many different professions and licensing. But in some instances regardless of the field the bad apples have to be dealt with. But how is the ???
They've been hindering REAL BUSINESS! I'm just so besides myself anymore. All of us here though I hope gain some STRENGTH in facing the future. Cause these last few years seem so bleak...Optimism is hard to keep when you can't get adequate answers from anyone.

If someone is still trying to move forward for POSITIVE CHANGE please post to the blog. Or here. WE NEED THE INSPIRATION. It shouldn't end up being such a divided thing. Some of us only have certain ways we can deal with things. That shouldn't be HELD against us. We're all HUMAN with a TOUCH FROM UP ABOVE. We have to MAINTAIN  our HUMAN DIGNITY SOME HOW AGAINST such THIEVES! They've yet to PROVE their NOT!

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Audacity that's how they get away with this they commit crimes that are so outrageous that when we tell the truth it's doesn't seem credible. Common thieves are aware of this tactic and sometimes instead of sneaking around at night dressed in dark colors will simply drive up to someones home with a moving van in broad daylight, very few people would believe a crook would be bold enough to do this but yet they are.

As justification the crooks have passed off the lie that we don't need the taxpayers, and productive citizens they are just expendable cogs in the wheel, but the lending and investing crooks they must be protected and supported at all costs as if life itself depends on them. They have repeated this lie so often it's an ingrained ideology people are shocked and horrified to here of a bank robbery or deadbeat borrower causing harm to the financial system and therefore posing a risk to all of us, yet gloss over the financial industries looting of our country.

The imaginary fiat money created by lending our own money back to us and getting us to pay interest and a constantly expanding debt based and exploitative based for it is considered respectable, genuine and above board and real labor, real assets and real people are considered trivial, inconsequential and extraneous.

The idea of actually producing a real product or service, saving to gain wealth and voluntarily exchanging for a real value assets, services or gold or silver backed hard money has become lunatic fringe voodoo economics

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h gosh:

Are you aware that SACO is a synonym for Toxic Waste Dump? I would have to look up the government audit reports on SACO that was done years ago. I only reviewed two of the government audits, but millions of dollars in (quote)"servicing fraud" was found in both. The SACO trusts contain billions of dollars of toxic waste. (ie. non-negotiable instruments)

Were those responsible for the fraud forced to buy back their fictitious instruments? Nope.

By the way, EMC Mortgage was involved in SACO. Surprised? ha

What did the government do with their findings?

Call me when you can.
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Philip S.

h gosh, I know how you feel on the loser lawyer issue (they'll prob. be the next obama bails out watch), on that note, Stephen obama is a lawyer the only thing he's quietly doing is giving the banks more money & then having them(the same banks) turn around to lobby him and congress with that same money. for him it's to fight his ineligibility as president lawsuits and congress prob. to keep their mouths shut. I mean come on now I don't give a damn what bank is "too big to fail" if he was a righteous pres. that would have been his first priority getting elected, NOT TRYING TO PASS HEALTH CARE, because while everyone is losing their homes AMERICA's getting distracted with it & they're forgetting that seen as the white house has taken control of the census (which is how they figure out what states get how much funding) that the bill (which is a lot of $$) is going to have A LOT OF "CHANGE"(maybe that's the "change" he was talking about the whole time) that he'll pocket. plus you have to think about it logically it's not healthy to let kids and families living on the street while we have the whole swine flu pandemic threat going on now is it? now back on the lobbying, congress made laws that said broker and lender kick backs are a no no but they turn around and do the same thing and act like it's okay, they are both wrong and cannot be tolerated. AND WOULD EVERYONE STOP WATCHING & BELIEVING WHAT'S COMING OUT ON THE NEWS >  

 goto that link & you'll find an 11 minute video that tells you that the  "NEW WORLD COMMUNICATIONS OF TAMPA, INC., d/b/a WTVT-TV , v. JANE AKRE Appellee/Cross-Appellant" Case will soon be controlling case law that protects the mainstream media and gives them the greenlight to go ahead and lie about anything.     and h gosh look to see if the judge that handled your case (any of them) ever abused his discretion, and if he did my best advise would be file a conspiracy complaint because there are way too many people that we are all supposed to depend on when justice needs to be served, serving money to them instead, & I don't know about all of you but that's like slapping me & spitting in my face.        

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