Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Jane Doe
:The proposed settlement requires Bear Stearns and EMC to pay $28 million to redress consumers who have been injured by the illegal practices alleged in the complaint:

How does this work? Do ALL the mortgages get an equal share? Or is this for people who lost their homes already?

if that money was divided amongst every loan- that's pennies. in fact we might have to pay them.

if that money goes to the ones who lost their homes- it's nickles.

will the present accounts all be monitored & corrected of all their illegal fees?
Can our credit reports be corrected?

who decides these details?
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Jane Doe
Sorry- I got rather sarcastic about the :have to pay them:
I guess I just can;t see how this will punish them.  
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9-17-08 MSFraud


Alias "Jane Doe" asked:

"Can our credit reports be corrected?"


“Jane Doe”  your credit reports can be corrected but as always when you are dealing with criminal corporations like AMC (James Brantley) and EMC (Greg Fedler) you must be right, right, and right again. Polite persistence is the key for starters. To complete this particular small concession you will discover the burden of *proof* is invariably on the borrower. I met that burden and am now 10% through a full audit of the criminal mess left primarily by Greg Fedler of EMC (Now departed to CitiGroup in the same basic function to work more illicit deals to cheat customers.)  Fedler and Brantley were both canned and landed at CitiGroup which appears to have the ethics of a sewer rat; it's a home for wayward mortgage fraud specialists.

     Brantley was canned again after a very short gig at CitiGroup and arch mortgage fraud criminal Greg Fedler is not likely to last even 6 months at CitiGroup.


     Yes "Jane Doe" you can get concessions from EMC and AMC that they will correct your bogus credit reports from them but be ready to *prove* everything you say like I have been doing so far.. I also got a very small remittance correction from ACC/AMC of $25 and a whopping $47 correction from EMC on a homeowner's insurance fraud scheme which I caught immediately.  EMC (unsolicited) also sent credit corrections on bogus credit claims they made on our account – Or so they say..  I have asked for proof they really did it as they claim.


But I'm only 10% through the audit of our account which is an estimated $40,000+ ahead of schedule by the way.


Ed Cage

1804 Cross Bend, Plano TX 75023



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Arch mortgage criminal, I like that Ed. This really is a struggle over good and evil, the Bible makes it clear the Antichrist will rule by eliminating gold and silver as money and replace it with the mark of the beast.
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Jane Doe
So if I want my credit report fixed of the fraud they committed against me-
I have to deal with EMC (evil mortgage company) & I to do all the work to prove to them that they did to me exactly of what the FTC charged them of ??

Doesn't seem quite fair.  If I could have done that easily- then I would have been able to defend myself from their tactics to begin with. Too many years, too many methods of payment & several different bank accounts over the years. It would be a nightmare to try to pull that information all together again.

I know that I can put an explanation on each credit report- but who actually takes the time to read the explanation?- they just see the big FORECLOSURE on the reports & immediatly I am passed for good jobs, decent prices for insurance & it's harder than heck to find a place to rent with that on your record.

Now that is has been investigated & charges made- & what I complained to many gov. agencies about, & the gov charged them with, did all happen to me, in exact detail, & it still won't help me to move on.

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4 justice now
FAIR... What's that mean?
Is it anything like the now obsolete word: Justice?
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Jane Doe,

Each of these companies have people that do nothing but enter the records into the computer systems. Maybe sometimes their automatic with todays technology. However, if you've gone thru a legal process and been proven right I would definitely find out who it is within that corporation to get your record straight.

That's a big no. No...When I first bought my house several years ago in 98 I had an issue because of a credit union when it came time to buy the house on a car loan my hubby had.

When I got married they took the money we put into the account for back payments or insurance just took it...Then the loan ended up being paid off early cause of what they did. They had the nerve to actually report us as late over it as well.. So needless to say they can correct what their reporting...If you have to organize a complaint with the EVIDENCE-PROOF OF YOUR CLAIMS....Send to all the creditor and Experian, Equifax, TU...They can't verify it within 30days they have to remove it...

Good Luck!


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Miss Molly
I would think that referring to the FTC settlement would be proof enough.

I proved all my payments to EMC & judges- & it didn't save me from losing my home. What are the chances of them believing me now? Ha

I feel that this settlement is peanuts. There isn't enough money to actually punish them OR to make up for their fraud against us.

If they didn't believe my payment proof then- what makes them believe me now?  

The fairbanks settlement was 10 times as much & I have yet to hear of a fairbanks victim who recieved a fair settlement or had their credit fixed.
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