Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Hi Everyone I am back just got moved and wanted to share
what is going on ... I received a check in the mail the other day
from our so called mortgage company EMC and the FTC
for all the bad stuff that they caused and the heartache we recieved a check in the amount of $444.78 with instructions to cash it before March 23 or it would bounce and we would be charged a bank fee.. God Bless America!!!
It breaks my heart to know they got away with all the things they did to us..
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O -

a little over 400 hundred dollars? Thats not much.

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yea, not much for years of heartache we battled EMC for 10 years
we built this house 35 years ago and what they did to us
was not right but Jack and others on here are just as much
affected by mortgage fraud.
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Miss Molly
Malibou- When did EMC foreclose on you? What year?

I called the company responsible for sending out the redress checks. Our name was not on their list of people recieving redress.

When I asked them how they determined WHO got checks- they told me that they were using information that EMC provided to the FTC 2 years ago.

Soooo--- the FTC is using information that they themselves considered inaccurate (referring to their charges) & there are obviously many missing from this information. Me being one of them.

My mess started in 2001 when they shut down Superior Bank & the FDIC then sold us off to EMC. We immediatly had problems with the information that the FDIC transfered over to EMC. 4 years & 4 forbearance agreements later of making double plus payments- we owed 27,000 more than we had origionally borrowed 7 years earlier. We finally gave up.

I wonder why we did not qualify? I did send my info into the FTC in early November 08. I also had made many official complaints between 2001 & 2005.

Screwed by Superior Bank
Screwed by the FDIC
Now we are getting screwed by the FTC.  

Any other governmental agency ??? seems like they all want to get us!!!

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Could that list EMC provided FTC 2 years ago be FOI requested?  Surely FTC would redact names. Would like to know 1) exactly how many victims were on that list? 2) what states are they from? 3) during what years did EMCs transgressions against them take place? 4) how many of these resulted in sham foreclosures and property loss? 

It is beyond appalling that FTC would rely upon such seemingly limited EMC generated list when EMCs servicing fraud has been going on for more than 20 years now.  When was it ever left solely to perpetrator to provide a list of their victims ?  What kind of sham EMC investigation did FTC do if they will not even acknowledge those who filed complaints and timely settlement registration info? 

EMC has engaged in deliberate cover-up of victims here.  They provided a bogus list. We know there were a lot more victims.  Numbers talk and sometimes numbers even get serious attention or at least lip service.  This is what EMC and now JPMorganChase (the chosen one) are afraid of. 

FTC needs to demand and enforce accurate accounting of EMC victims.  If nothing else, it is pertinent information that current victims can use in defense or hopefully offense.

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Miss Molly I don't know how they went about dividing up any money but
I know that the letter I got said in plain words that here is all you are
getting and you better cash it before it bounces our mess started in 2000
when EMC acquired our loan from American Mortgage Reduction.
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