EMC needs Federal Attention. Did you know that all lenders have a 'credit score' of sorts? Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and other Fed. backed loan programs look at a mortgage lender's score to determine whether they show signs of 'predatory lending'. EMC is definately a predatory lender. Their parent company, Bear Stearns; condones the abusive, predatory, fraudulent loan servicing tactics used by EMC. So, they're already going to take it in the shorts with the huge upsurge in REO's that they have on the books and more coming; because that credit score will take a huge hit. Everyone involved needs to get actively involved in contacting the Mortgage Lending Division in their state and filing complaints. When enough complaints are filed at the state levels, the Fed has to step in and investigate. I am a Realtor. I do short sales, which are sales of properties for less than the mortgage balance due. Right now, most of the lenders I work with are so happy to have someone with integrity trying to reduce the # of REO's they are getting back. But, EMC doesn't even respond. What's worse: I can't even get a total payoff, despite repeated, in writing requests. That's predatory lending, my friends. EMC is definately guilty of it. But, it will take an avalanche of complaints from all of us to start seeing them on the nightly news, like the boys from MCI, Enron, etc.