Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Our mortgage was bought sold to Litton Loan Servicing in June 2007.We have been on time most months but like lots of people now adays in this bad economy we got behind when I got hurt at work and had to wait for payment. It ended up I could only afford to pay 125 towards my October payment, after the end of October the harassing phone calls started until I talked to a Representative and she told me that just pay the November payment and pay what you can on the October payment,she also told me it was to early not close enough to our rate changing to an arm to think about re doing our mortgage terms(it changes in February)that I was to call back and try again in December and January. I payed the November payment through their site and thought it was OK. Can anyone help me with the terms I see on my transaction record
11/28 payment(mortgage amt.)
11/28 fee assessment 11.00
11/28 corporate fee payment  11.00
12/02 reverse fee payment 11.00
12/02 reverse payment (mortgage amt.)
12/02 fee waiver -11.00
I don't understand these terms I payed with my on their site and it says it was accepted but then I see this reverse payment and reverse fee payment.even though it say payment on 11/28 it was never taken from my account then I see this reverse payment stuff what does it mean? After seeing some post on this site are we going to lose our house,are we dealing with crooks?Any help will be appreciated
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Send Litton a RESPA letter. They have to respond within 20 business days. It will (supose) tell you how they dispursed your monies.

Although, I sent them one and they signed via certified letter on Nov.6 and they still haven't responded. I am about to file a complaint with HUD.

On Dec.4th I received a Lis Pendens, I have to answer the court within 20 days. And you can best bet that they will file a default if I don't. So where is the justice????

In my opinion Litton has something to hide. That is why they didn't respond. As a matter of fact, I don't think they know who the owner of my note is. That will be part of my answer to the LP, as well as the mortgage presented to me before closing was a fixed not an adjustable. Now reading my mortgage, it says it's an adjustable. I think I was duped at closing. The package was sent over night to the title company where we closed. It wasn't sent to my mortgage broker. Not to mention that there wasn't a notary present either. It goes on and on.

I wish you LUCK because this is only the begining.... Just stay on this message board because there a lot of kind people and most of them know what they are talking about. You will learn a lot here.
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thanks cmc ,I will do that,just want to know why they did a reverse payment and never took my funds from my account.Then today I get a notice from Litton saying I am 2 months behind and that foreclosure will start soon if we don't get caught up.Makes no sense ,they are the ones who didn't pull my funds from my account, it says on their website payment on 11/28 then it says reverse payment on 12/02.Funds were not pulled but somehow they say I didn't pay them .Then they threaten foreclosure.What have I done wrong?

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h gosh
George, you didn't do anything wrong - you have been placed on the fast track to foreclosure.  Do you have a lot of equity in your home? 

Look at the "fees" charged you.  Those amounts put you in arrears, and I guarantee if you do a RESPA letter,you will find out they have charged you fees for at least 3 months.  See, if you send in your normal P&I payment, and they can find any reason to deduct "fees", even if it is $1.00, you are not paying the correct amount to cover your contractual principal and interest payment.  They will put the balance into a "suspense" account (meaning they get to float your money for awhile).  The next month, when you send in your payment, they will first deduct their "fees" (remember, you were short the prior month), pay the "late" charges and interest, and then take whatever amount is left, combine it with the "suspense" monies, and if there is enough money, they will credit your P&I.  HOWEVER, you are now 2 months "late".  This scheme will continue until they can send you a notice of default demanding a "cure".  Of course, they will have added on attorney fees, property preservation fees, BPO fees, etc. which will bring the amount you now owe to several thousand dollars, plus the monies needed to "cure" your lateness. 

Do yourself a favor - take some time and research this site - all of the necessary info you will need is here - we have been fighting this since the '90's and some of us earlier than that. 

Any questions, just post, and the community will reach out and try to help you.

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George,     Who was the orignal lender? Remember Litton is only the servicer. Sometimes that makes a big difference.

If you need a copy of a RESPA letter let me know.

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first get an attorney that knows what the hell he is doing, then go back to the original contract, look at the terms and conditions, and "Notice" portions of the contract.  Review with your lawyer the following.  THIRD PARTY TORTUOUS INTERFERENCE WITH LITTON LOAN, BREACH OF CONTRACT, for charging fee's that are not part or contained within your mortgage contract, and if he agrees the mortgage terms were violated, sue Litton Loan for "Intentional Wrongful Acts" under Tort theory of law.
Those of us that are in litigation with Litton Loan known them by name, and what they do, just read on this site about Litton Loan and you will know most of everything about them. 
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