Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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We've been stuck in EMC hell for more than five years, and beat last Wednesday's Sheriff's Sale by a few hours thanks to a court order (that didn't come cheap-- but the attorney effectively did exactly what he said he would do).  New date is the day before Thanksgiving.

The very next morning I learn about the "voluntary freeze" JP Morgan Chase imposed on itself.  Since EMC is wholly-owned by Chase, I figured that included us.  All of our loan mod sham correspondence went thru Chase's "Home Preservation Office".

But I have yet to find anything that indicates yea or nay as to whether or not my EMC "serviced" note is included in this.

Also, I've been spending hours going thru the wonderful resources here and at other websites.  My situation closely mirrors the one regarding the lady in California that has filed suit against EMC, but the class action there doesn't help me here in Philadelphia.

Does anyone know of how I can find a mortgage fraud attorney here that'll utilize many of the tips I've already learned about on this website (i.e. producing the original note, chain of title, predatory tactics, broken loan mod promises, etc.)?  How much cash do these guys typically want up front?  Is it even worth trying?  After fighting this for more than a decade, I'm pretty worn out.

For what it's worth, I originally borrowed 110k in 1997 to buy a very modest home.  The ARM had a floor of 10.2%, so that's the lowest it's ever been in 13 years.  It's now at 10.675%, and has gone into the 12s at times.  After making the vast majority of the payments over these years, and after almost two years of trying to get EMC to tell me what my payoff is, they've finally come back with 174k and change.  Not surprisingly, tens of thousands of this is in various fees.  I have yet to get the detailed breakdown I've been ordering for years, and there's no real explanation as to how they came to this number.  They're telling me the principal is 105k.

I could go on for hours typing more details, but I really just came on to ask the questions about whether or not EMC was included in the Chase freeze of last week-- and about getting a PA mortgage fraud attorney.

I'll continue to educate myself reading the other posts and information here.  Thanks to all of you in advance for reading this, and, for any information you may provide.  It's much appreciated.


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I was wondering if you had any feedback rearding EMC. Thanks alot, Christy
ps, also in HELL w/ EMC, they are my 2nd mtg Chase being 1st. This not being able to show me my original loan documents has me concerned.
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