Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Many of you have lost your homes, due to the evil
actions of those who are so desperate for power,
they have lost their credibility. You have lost your
homes - and the trust you placed in people you
borrowed money from; the creditors who sold you
to others. What a web of deceit, in order to be rich.
These men have lost everything that is important.
They are poor in-deed.

POSITIVELY LOOK at these unfortunate losses you have

"Do not borrow?"
"Why should your bed be taken from you from a
pledge of surety?" wrote a wise King.

Yes - these companies wronged you. 
It is their money. They chose to take it back.

want what they want. What do they want?

They must be dissatisfied, unfulfilled, unenriched
people who might commit suicide, because they
trusted their riches, and now they end up with
and might be banished to hell. Who would wish
this on anyone, despite what they have done to

You are being distracted by evil.
Keeping your attention on evil is darkness - to die. 

LOOK FORWARD to the future, wherein lies your HOPE!

Keeping your focus on the good in your life is DE-LIGHT - to live.




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What you're not seeing is time.  Time is not on your side.  When you are violated at age 50 or 60, you're screwed.  Plain and simple.  You have nothing to look forward to but poverty, shame and humiliation, none of which is your fault, a paradox only heavy medication can mollify.  So take that twisted, blue-sky "What the hell" dimestore philosophy and shove it where it'll stay.

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Roberta, nice post, you're right. Steven your right. Sara Thanks for the laugh!
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We were all taught at some point to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I know personally that this statement is what defines my life to this point. I have always gone out of my way to turn the other cheek, lend a hand no matter how I was treated, and try to treat everyone I came in contact with with a sense of dignity and respect.

The times surely are changing. There have been many times I was injured or wronged and could have taken the road of self enrichment. But the higher and harder road was forgiveness. However in the past few years, living and watching this nightmare, a certain reality has set in.

My philosophy about life hasn't changed however my philosophy has adapted. It's safe to say that at this point I am in do unto others as they have done unto me mode. And that is not a good thing for them I assure you.

Hopefully this doesn't have to last long and life will go back to the normal insanity that was before this mess was created by them. In the mean time that is where I stand. And I will not feel guilty about it either.
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Yes - these companies wronged you. 
It is their money. They chose to take it back.

What are you smoking?

It is not "their money",  never was. Do you understand the most basic principle of how these loans are funded? "Digital dollars" are not "their money".

Turn the other cheek and let it go? Not on your life. To do that is to let evil flourish until it consumes the entire world and all that is in it. The good and the wise will fight it until their last breath, lest their children and grandchildren be incinerated by it. When the wolves appear at your door, do you throw your offspring to them to placate them rather than fight them?

I had no enemies until I was wronged. To fight or lay down are the choices presented. I will fight. You paint these evil persons as being miserable in their riches; I tell you they are NOT unhappy because they are sociopaths and have no consciences. They have fully justified their actions to themselves to allow for their own good night's rest. Their only lingering nagging fear is that they might lose it all. That is a string that needs to be plucked often and hard because their own fear will drive them mad eventually.

Why should anyone call on their skills to start over after being wronged? Those who steal are breaking one of the primary ten commandments. If I am able to "rise above them" it will be in order that I may drop figurative fire and brimstone upon their heads with all the force I can muster.

Self-defense is not a sin under the law of man or God. Perhaps a sin might lie in letting the battle consume oneself to the point of being unable to take care of family and other pressing matters of daily living; obsession is never desirable. Because we fight does not mean that we are incapable of enjoying life's best things; bitterness is not desirable, either. You speak as if we have all become unable to function in the real world and are living terrible miserable lives consumed with hate. Some may be but I wager that most are not.

I find it interesting that you call your post "distraction"; I think you are the distraction. You sound like a financial company shill sent here to appeal to our higher natures and exhort us to simply fall down and accept the injuries and theft. Offer ourselves as sacrifices for the greater good, although you are vague about that greater good.

There are no higher natures in the trenches. There is only blood and sweat or death, struggle or die. I will struggle as will many others. Perhaps you would be better served to go away, live by yourself and write one of those little books of meaningless platitudes; say, "Chicken Soup for the Mortgage Battered Soul".  A little useless feel-good book for the masses.

Exhort your own masters to see the error of their ways before karma catches up to them.
The rest of us have serious work to do and would rather continue without your distraction.

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I saw a guy on CNBC that quoted a study that had just been completed. This was when the economy had just crashed. The anchors were stunned at what he had to said and cut him off in mid sentence. They went to another guest and never let him say another word. The study he quoted explained why there would not be an economic recovery based on funding Wall Street. The anchors recognized the truth in what he had said and were physically shaken. It that moment I realized It would be a long recovery, possibly a revolution.
What he said was Revenge lights up the same part of the brain as Sex and Food.

During the same timeframe I knew some guys in their 30's who made fun of one of their friends for paying his mortgage, two others also in their 30's who ran up their credit cards bought AIG at 52 cents a share, sold at a $1.02, then defaulted on their credit cards. Our Politicians don't really understand what "Moral Hazard" means. Until the people that created the crash goes to Jail there will be no Recovery only Revenge.

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James, you are right about the revenge statement.  This is why so many who are forced to move out of their homes don't feel any remorse for selling or taking everything possible.  They know that the courts and banksters are going to screw them every which way, even in a judicual foreclosure.  Look to see who is winning the homes in the auctions...someone associated with the banks or foreclosure attorneys.  Then they resell at a higher price.
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That's right Arkygirl the whole point is they didn't lend us money they brokered our equity. These violent thugs are taking our means of survival they should be considered terrorists not businesspeople. The people who refuse to bring these crooks to justice are aiding and abetting I heard a lot of this non-sense from the churches where the Biblical principles are being twisted into off the wall non-sense.
The used our equity as their money and in the case of no or low down-payment mortgages they reverse collateralized them in order to create backing for securities and credit default swaps looting the entire nation.

The same people who get outraged over terrorism and abortion have no problem with people getting ripped out of their homes and thrown out into the street often to die of stress related illnesses and outright heart attacks, but it's wrong to take and unborn life.

Another bit of non-sense I have heard from the churches coast to coast is it's Gods for a dictatorship, new world order , we have to obey authorities, for their information this is a Representative republic run by the rule of law and the central platform of the government is property rights. The churches position is like begging people not to get out of the way of traffic in fact you should just wander out into the street and stay there because it's God's will for you to get run over.

The most truly evil people of all are those who are aware of the Bankers and politicians brutal attack on our property rights and due process, the lenders and enabling politicians are sociopaths what possible excuse or motive do those asking us to let this crime go have laziness, selfishness, covetness, fear?

Jesus threw over the tables of the money changers it was the only time he got violent and we see the same thing happening today the churches, government and banks
cooperating to implement debt slavery on the entire country.

In fact a police officer from Willow creek church falsely arrested me in the attempt to frame me and divert my attention to stopping the illegal foreclosure and the most evil and heartless people we met from coast to coast as we spent the better part of a decade trying to prevent illegal foreclosures and the economic collapse most all of here at the forum knew it would cause were so-called Christians. We observed so-called Christians churches doing everything from giving cars and housing to drug addicts to begging for commuting the sentences for mass murderers.

It's one thing to ask for forgiveness and understanding of sinners it's quite another to launch a nationwide gang attack on the victims of horrific crimes to make the criminals seem better than they are or to trivialize the suffering of innocent victims.

So this is my observation of so-called Christians in the U.S. perhaps biased due to our situation but a fanaticism to trivialize criminals action and not only to show sympathy for them but to actually enable them by providing for their needs, and an utter disregard for the very real and undeserved suffering of victims, and often outright contempt and hatred of the victims and a desire to keep kicking them while they are down and to discredit and smear them.

I'm a Christian but a fundamentalist Christian who does their best to read the Bible in context and apply it to real life to make the world a better place. I'm also a lifelong Republican but a limited government, low tax, Republican that believes the central point of the whole U.S. government is due process and protection of property rights.
It's pure evil to turn your back on someone who has been ripped out of their home deprived due process and left in the street to die. No bending or twisting of the scriptures could possibly be used to condone state seizure of property and implementation of a police state, especially not in the U.S. where that is the entire point of our country in the first place.
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