Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Our foreclosure case dismissed visit
for information! Do not try without a lawyer!!
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The Equitable One

Perhaps you would care to share the admissions, requests for pro and interogatories with us? As DB is plaintiff in so many cases I'm sure it would helpful to many folks here, and having won you don't need them anymore.

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Thank You!
I don't understand alot of the paperwork involved, but i would like to help.
The link that I sent is the attorney who took our case, he is out of Florida.
He does all of is own work and investigations and has lawyer in many states
to help him work in each state. He understands the truth of what is happening and the processes. He actually informed the judge, who  did not understand process himself. How are people going to win their fight when the judge does not understand all the issues. His fees are very reasonable. We do not have money as many who want to fight.
I feel that after much pain and suffering that we endured it is best to not post my private information on the web. No one should do this alone. It is worth the money and time in gold to have an attorney and do not go pro se. Why risk your home and health to go into court against attorneys from the banks who knows all the ins and outs. As each state wins cases it sets laws as to how these cases Will be handled. if people go alone they will not only
lose their case but possibly set state law that would hurt alot of People instead of help.
What I will provide is my docket no: state of NJ F-35763-07.
I hope this helps. I stress to do not do this alone, the fight is still in the process of setting law. Everyone should help each other by supporting the lawyers who are winning these cases.
Best of luck to everyone!
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In what jurisdition (NJ county) was the decision handed down?  Was the dismissal with prejudice or without prejudice? What was the date of the dismissal order?  Who was the local counsel who represented you in New Jersey?

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Atlantic county, dismissal with prejudice, must supply discovery if suit is refiled,cannot continue this case, must start new. Date of dismissal July 9th,
i think filed July 14.It would be very hard for them to come up with the information in the future because they just don't have it. Mike Levenson from CooperLevenson toll free #800-529-3161. I understand that they are very big in Atlantic City, they were expensive but worth it.Mike and the judge were in aw with Mr. Barnes work and ability to  explain the reasoning of the counter claim. Mike's office did all the preparations and filing of all the documents, Mr. Barnes dictated the information.
We are now in counter suite with my property in Florida, I think the discovery request is in the process. We all hope the results are the same.

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Atlantic county, dismissal with prejudice, must supply discovery if suit is refiled,cannot continue this case, must start new.  Date of dismissal July 9th ....

This information is internally inconsistent.  When a case is dismissed with prejudice, it cannot be "refiled".  A case dismissed on the merits with prejudice is barred by res judicata.
While it is not at all unbelievable to me that a defendant with a good attorney might obtain such a dismissal due to the incessant misconduct of plaintiffs in foreclosure cases, the unwillingness of this law firm to actually give the parties and style of the case is suggestive that this is fiction rather than fact.
"discovered" seems to be confused and ill-informed.  And absent some disclosure of the parties and style of the case, this discussion thread seems unworthy of pursuing further.
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