Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I don't know if this was posted before but this is the first I heard about

he will work for Deutsche Bank the one that took over MortgageIT.All Crooks


Deutsche Bank Hires Greenspan for Securities Unit (Update3)

By Elena Logutenkova


Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Deutsche Bank AG, Germany's biggest bank, said it hired former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan as a consultant for its securities unit.

Greenspan, 81, will provide ``advice and insight'' to the company's corporate and investment banking unit and its clients, the Frankfurt-based bank said today. Its securities unit is Europe's largest by revenue.

Greenspan, who retired from the Fed in January 2006 after 18 years as chairman, is already advising Allianz SE's Pacific Investment Management Co., owner of the world's biggest bond fund. Deutsche Bank also counts former U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow and former Senator George Mitchell among its advisers as it tries to narrow the gap with competitors in the U.S.

``Dr. Greenspan's position as one of the architects of the modern financial system gives him a unique perspective from which to help our clients make critical risk-management decisions,'' Chief Executive Officer Josef Ackermann said in a statement.

The former chairman, who guided the U.S. economy through its longest expansion, has been giving paid lectures and is also writing a book, ``The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World,'' due to be released on Sept. 17 by Penguin Press.

Deutsche Bank is the second-biggest trader on the Wall Street behind Goldman Sachs Group Inc. The bank is ninth in global merger advice this year, with Goldman and Citigroup Inc. ranked as the top two advisers.

The bank's second-quarter profit rose 31 percent, beating analysts' estimates as revenue from trading surged, boosted by ``favorable market-positioning'' in credit trading as U.S. housing suffered the worst slump in 16 years.

Deutsche Bank shares rose 1.53 euros, or 1.6 percent, to 96.72 euros at 12:45 p.m. in Frankfurt, valuing the company at 51 billion euros ($70 billion). The stock has gained 13 percent over the past year.

To contact the reporter on this story: Elena Logutenkova in Frankfurt at

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O -
Oh Geee's I think he has been working for more then just DB he has been supporting all of SUBPRIME FRAUD for years and knew about it, I read something about him and CITI the other day.
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Nye Lavalle
LOL Talk about the fox in the chicken coup, this is like the LION in the lion's den with all humans tied up and covered up with blood and sugar...
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Outrageous Roland Arnall and Rabbi Heir were violently opposed to the Deutche Bankers trust merger on the grounds it was Nazi bank and then after a few million in greenmail money they are best friends and business partners Roland Arnall the supposed holocaust survivor along with his pal Rabbi Heir partners with the Nazi bank to line their own pockets and help steal our homes bankrupt the country and launder the assets though the foreclosure mill trust process.

Allen Greenspan was formerly the number one enemy of the big government, statist, ponzi scheme Federal reserve Bank of England patterned FED. He himself stated the Fed created the depression by combination revaluing the monetary structure to transfer gold to from U.S. and creating speculative boom followed by a contraction to create artificial wealth in England to make it appear as if socialism was success and capitalism a failure.

Allen Greenspan not only went on the become Chairman of the Fed but the Knight Commander of England for his contributions to the British Empire,
while the Fed Chairman he created the most massive, reckless, speculative corporate crime ridden GSE financing spending and lending spree in the history of the earth. Corporte crime is not compatible with true capitalism which protects property rights. Allen Greenspan created corporate state supported socialism which he himself said the type of politcal/economic  the complete dead opposite of a free market with fixed value money independent of the governmet which he was not only the biggest supporter of but it also happens to be mandated by the Constitution.

The primary reason for the revolution in the first place was to escape the confiscatory taxation and monetary policies of the Bank of England which kept Europe in perpetual war, poverty and made the people debt slaves.

It's seems like ripping their friends and family members gold fillings out of their mouths and throwing them into ovens is an annoyance to them, but they are more than glad to ally with the Nazi's, Imperialists, and Socialists they say they can't stand against an enemy they hate much more the American homeowner and it appears other home and business owners globally.
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He already has feathers in his mouth.  I can`t believe this!  I guess he knows knows who to steal from and give to.

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