Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Selected responses - reading the depo it felt like I was watching the movie The Exorcist...

Q Approximately how many notices of default have you executed since you became employed by Ticor Title?

A Well, over the time frame my best guess would probably be in the one or 2000 range, and that is over going on almost four years now.

Q Do you read the notices of defaul t before you sign them?

A No.

Q Are you familiar with the Nevada non-judicial foreclosure statute?

A Only operationally.

Q Is it your understanding that the Nevada non-j udicial foreclosure statute requires that the company on whose behal f you're signing a notice of  default has the
authority to foreclose?

A I'm not familiar with that language.

Q Is it fair to say you have no understanding at the time you execute a notice of defaul t whether the company on whose behalf you're actually signing that document has any authority to foreclose on the property?

A I don't, no.

Q You don't know whether they have any authority to foreclose?

A Nothing direct. You know, I'm signing what gets sent, so --

Q Do you sign notices of defaul t before a notary?

A Yes.

Q Do you sign the notary's book each time she notarizes your signature?

A No.

Q Now you're a notary. Do you know whether or not that satisfies the requirements of notaries in the State of Nevada?

A I would understand that it's not a strict compliance.


Q Do I Well, I guess you read it the other day when be the first time that you have read this notice of default?

A In verbatim?

Q Well, yeah.From beginning to end? The entire two page document, would this be the first time that you ever actually read this entire two page document that you signed that put the Jones' house in foreclosure?

A This document, yes.

Q So we have got three agency relationships and you're signing on behalf of companies, none of whom you work for is that basically correct; is that correct?

A Well, the intention all along was to obviously have my employer line on here as well. So that is missing.

Q I understand, and if you want to later or somebody wants to ask a question about your intention, that's fine, but what I want to ask is the question I asked.

A Okay.

Q What we have here is three different agency relationships and you signing on behalf of companies, none of whom you work for; true?

A I'm not signing on behalf of any of these I'm not signing on behalf of LSI Title or
20 National Default or Wells Fargo. I'm signing on behalf of Ticor Title of Nevada.

Q Does it say that anywhere here on this document?

A No, it doesn't.


Q And has -- have you brought it to the attention of your employer that you have been sued approximately 20 times for executing notices of defaul t or your
invol vement in foreclosures?

A Yeah, they are aware every time I get served.

Q And have you ever had any meetings with anybody in Ticor or any Ticor related company to go over whether the allegations against you in those complaints had merit or did not have merit?

A No.

Q Are you still signing notices of default at the present time?

A Yes.

Q And are you still failing to determine whether any of the statements contained in those notices of default are true?

A Our operations are still operating as they have been.


Q Are you -- You have described to me that you have never read a notice of defaul t before you sign it?

A Right.

Q Is that still true?

A Yes.

Q Is it still true that you don't take any effort to determine whether the statements contained in a notice of default that you sign are true?

A No effort.

Q And do you make any attempt whatsoever to determine whether any of the companies on whose behalf you are signing a notice of defaul t have any authori ty
whatsoever to commence a foreclosure on a given property before you sign that document?

A No.

Q Do you plan to change what we have just talked about in any way? In other words, to take some effort to see whether or not the contents of the documents are
true before signing them?

A Well, that is not in my purview.

Q Well, it could be in your purview if you wanted
it to; right?

A I could refuse to sign the document, I guess, yes.

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Insurance Companies Sue Bank Of America Over "Massive Mortgage Fraud", Find 91% Of Securitized Loans Are Misrepresented

Here is the link - a Scribd path is included in the link to the actual complaint

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William A. Roper, Jr.

Perhaps more on point as to the non-judicial state notice issues are some recent develoments in Nevada:

Pahrump Valley Times:  “DEVELOPING: Local judge halts ReconTrust foreclosure sales statewide” (January 21, 2011)


Pahrump Valley Times:  “County judge halts Bank of America foreclosures statewide” (January 26, 2011)


Las Vegas Review-Journal:  BofA unit ordered to halt foreclosures (Jan. 25, 2011 | 12:00 a.m.)


Bloomberg: “SJM Holdings, BofA, MBIA, Merrill in Court News” (Jan 26, 2011 8:19 AM ET)


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