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Deadline to move looms for tenants

Star-Telegram Staff Writer

GreyStoke apartment resident Mary Perez wipes away a tear as she stands in her doorway Thursday.
GreyStoke apartment resident Mary Perez wipes away a tear as she stands in her doorway Thursday.

    ARLINGTON -- Residents at the GreyStoke Apartments are looking for new homes and answers this week after learning that a lender has foreclosed on their central Arlington complex and that they must move by month's end.

    Mary Perez said Thursday that she received a letter from management Sept. 4 giving her 30 days to move out of her apartment on Rogers Street. She moved into the complex with her teenage son three months ago and did not know that the complex was in financial trouble.

    Other residents say they are frustrated and have received no information about the foreclosure.

    "I'm a single mother. I have nowhere to go," said Misty Salas, who pays $675 a month for the two-bedroom apartment she shares with her children, ages 14, 10, 6 and 2. "We need more time and moving assistance."

    The GreyStoke office was locked Thursday morning, and no one answered the phone. Stephen Gould of New Hampshire is listed as the owner, according to public records.

    According to the foreclosure postings, EMC Mortgage Corp., Aurora Loan Services and DLJ Loan Services foreclosed on Gould on Sept. 4. He took out $840,000 in loans on the seven-building complex in 2005. The complex is appraised at $1.3 million, according to county tax records.

    Representatives from other apartment complexes walked door to door Thursday telling residents about their move-in specials.

    The Arlington Housing Authority also plans to provide information in English and Spanish about financial programs and services, such as area emergency shelters, agency Director David Zappasodi said. The housing authority is helping five families find new apartments and has identified funding to move five other qualified low-income families, he said.

    GreyStoke has 40 units; it was unknown Thursday how many residents are affected.

    City Councilman Robert Rivera spoke with residents Wednesday night after being contacted by a tenant who was upset about the short notice. Rivera said the city will do what it can to make sure residents are not left homeless.

    "We need to ensure they are not going to be neglected, forgotten nor abandoned," Rivera said.

    Staff writer Sandra Baker contributed to this report.

    Where to call

    Low-income tenants who need help may call the Arlington Housing Authority's homeless programs coordinator at 817-276-6720 or go to

    Susan Schrock, 817-548-5475

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