Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Peter Schiff is running against out arch enemy Dodd.

He running on a similar platform as Ron Paul, end fractional reserve money or at least create a transparent financial system that doesn't have a built in system for profiting from ms fraud and similar leveraged financial fraud.

He stands for restoring the Constitution and is well known and respected by economists, investors and analysts that support a stable saving based long range economic plan.

So he won't be offering any borrow, tax and spend our way out of debt magic miracle solutions both parties seem to be promoting lately. He's just going to say here's what worked in the past and ask us to roll up our shirt sleeves and get the job done.

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     Peter Schiff comes from good lineage, namely Irwin Schiff, his father who
predicted back in 1974 what is happening now. (The Biggest Con by Irwin Schiff). Obviously, his father taught him well, and then he explored the situation further on his own, predicting years in advance the current crisis
and making the talking heads on CNN look rediculous. I sure hope he wins
the Republican primary in Connecticut if he chooses to go that route.
    The only ace in the whole America has, is its food production and the
Pickens Plan to get the USA off foreign oil by switching to America's huge
supplies of natural gas. If that happens, the dollar should strengthen and
we'll continue to have deflation, which as Peter Schiff states, is really a
blessing compared to runaway inflation. Either way, debts are going to get
liquidated or rescheduled by bankruptcy because the current debt bubble
has burst. Real estate will continue to fall and more foreclosures are on the
way because lenders want to collect on the mortgage insurance, rather than
modify loans. Many more will intentionally default and then buy back their
property after the foreclosure at half or less of what they owed. The lenders
will file their mortgage insurance claims and the whole banking system will collapse.
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Very true guys. I always enjoy reading your prospectives. I did want to add one little piece of advice for people. Even though our banking system is almost sure to fail in the near future, do not buy gold right now like everyone is touting.

Remember the last time gold was so high and the arabs were convinced to buy, buy, buy, and shortly thereafter the price fell through the floor to below $300/ounce? That was a huge shift of wealth carefully planned and executed.

Don't be part of this round. Gold is very high like real estate was, giving a false sense of security for the future. I'm betting it will fall again. Be careful.
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Thanks Tom that's another good reason to support candidates like Schiff and Paul to get rid of the entrenched power structure and reduce the likely hood of financial scams.

No one can design a system that is perfect but we certainly can go a long way towards that by getting rid of a system that creates debt slavery and provides an avenue for all sorts of other peoples money, monetary manipulation, and insider scams.

If these people are smart enough to figure out how to get rich stealing and gaming the system they are smart enough to figure out how to get rich providing us with goods and services we voluntarily pay for.

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4 Justice Now

Thanks for posting! I'm always glad to hear about the few honest ones that are left out there.

Unfortunately, Schiff because his knowledge of Federal Reserve and other frauds he will most likely be totally ignored, or experience a complete media blackout just as Ron Paul has.


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