Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Barely dodged 4 sherriff's deputies today that were closing in for the kill.  They had one guy standing next to my vehicle and two came from one direction and two from the other direction as they hid amongst the pillars.  Fortunately, I didn't have the sign with me and was just walking the dogs when I heard the deputy's walkie-talkie say, "O.k., move in".

So, hard as they've tried, they couldn't bust me, and I'm going to take tomorrow off to really irk 'em.

Made a couple of great contacts today, though. One, a Legal Documents Auditor, suggested getting a copy of the judge's Oath and his Bond (surety bond).  They all have to post bonds in case of backlash.  Then, you can submit a claim on their bond.  He also said he has been seeing greater success with "Produce the note" strategies.

Leo Delgado

His business is fighting false foreclosures.

Also, a blue suit walked past me and said "A grand jury will get them".  Referencing my sign.  I asked him what he meant and he just said "Grand Jury Indictment".

The a lady walked by with a courthouse employee badge and said, "Takes a lot of courage to do what you're doing", which is a common comment I've gotten from other passers-by.

Someone driving by honked their horn and cheered at me.

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I'm with you 100%...That's what I've been talking about for a few months now. I've yet to find what they call perfect remedy. But I've done everything except what you have to make the perfect record.

All I say Is AMEN! and I PRAY YOU'LL BE BLESSED EVEN MORE THAN YOU ALREADY HAVE! I know it probably doesn't seem possible to think that you have been with what you've been put thru. But to me just to have life anymore and my children is Blessing enough. Especially, since somehow we've been able to keep a home for our children still even if we're renting we have some what of a chance to start over.

But I still don't feel it's right what their doing or what they've done! I just don't see how making me file a chp 7 fixes my outcome even if I don't quote owe on some of my debts anymore.

The laws are in PLACE TO PROTECT US. Some how we need to make sure THEY DO! I know Greg C that posts here alot knows alot more than knows about. At least I think so...I've seen various petitions or complaints filed they vary. When you try to be fair and honest they will STEAL YOUR HOME. The only way to get them is to know as much as they do! If not more than they do. And still make your point with out guns straight thru the heart at the core of every living human being.  That still may not make a difference! But what your doing might and gives me inspiration across the world so to speak since I'm technicialy 24 hrs across country in MO... But my HEART IS WITH YOU...

Just as it is with anyone going thru such crisis...Be blessed!

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Sounds like you are making someone very nervous
I am glad to hear that others are getting sick and tired of it too.  It's just that they aren't so fed up that they are willing to step out to the forefront.  Well, not yet. 
I really think that if people weren't so damn afraid of the reprocussions, they would join in. 
Keep it are doing great! 
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Welll, no doubt I've stirred things up down there.  Contemplating my next move.

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Stephen wrote:
Made a couple of great contacts today, though. One, a Legal Documents Auditor, suggested getting a copy of the judge's Oath and his Bond (surety bond).  They all have to post bonds in case of backlash.

When I became suspicious of one judge's gross negligence and ruling contrary to the evidence, I checked for his oath of office.  You have a right to walk in anytime they are open and demand it. 

When the clerk's office kept making up excuses as to why it wasn't available, I wrote to the Secretary of State and paid the $5. fee.  They wrote back saying after conducting a diligent search, they couldn't find one for this judge.  Another piece of evidence to get the judgment vacated, if I can just find a competent attorney.
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I would expect that they would try to stonewall you.  They stonewalled me when I tried to get the transcripts from my "Trial".

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4 Justice Now

Were you ever able to obtain copies of your court transcripts?


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