Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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House Orders Three Elite G550 luxury business Jets $200 million
Secret Senate lavish capitol hideaways Exposed
For all 100 U.S. Senators, many of them with private bathrooms, fireplaces and fancy accessories. $621 million

While those are just 2 of the government on capitol hill's tickets that is payed for by the theft of all of our Homes YOU CAN BET YOUR SWEET @$$ THAT OUR STATE,  LOCAL GOVERNMENT  & JUDICIARIES ARE DOING IT TOO

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     I second that emotion! That's why I've been advocating a new third party, a resurrection of the old Federalist Party, which fell out of favor
due to its opposition to the War of 1812.
     The Federalists believed in a government owned Central Bank to prevent
predatory foreign interests from taking over the US financial system.
      So, long before Ellen Brown wrote her book, "Web of Debt", there was
an all American political party that subscribed to her view that we need
debt free currency in circulation, ie US Notes, and that new money should
be issued with an excise tax to redeem it, not an interest charge.
      It is the unpayable interest on debt that is the problem and neither of
the major parties will address that issue. That is why we need a new third
party to throw out all the Republicrats and get the job done.
      Those who have the means should help give the American people a real choice by forming an action committee and running for office.
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you do know that we tried a central us bank twice and it was the same problem as it is now a monopoly for power. what makes sense to me is gold & silver for many reasons people (bankers) might say that "oh it's too heavy", but paper is worth nothing and if you have too much gold that you can't carry then lighten your load and spread the wealth. common sense to me but bankers think with cent$ instead because they have no soul & an empty head

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Here is ANOTHER reason.  This is one of the Holy **** links.......

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    Most Americans can't tell the difference between a privately owned central bank, which is what we have now, and a government owned
central bank, which is what we had at the beginning of the Republic.
    Privately owned central banks work on the principal of USURY, whereas
a government central bank would operate on the principal of taxation.
    The former benefits predatory private interests, whereas the latter
benefits the Nation as a whole, ie the citizens of the Nation.
    Gold, silver and real estate are real wealth, and Notes are only IOU's
backed by one or all of the above. US Notes would be freely convertible
into gold or silver coin on demand. This would require at least 5% backing.
    Interest on money is the real bane of modern civilization because it
can never be paid back without destroying the currency. This is why we
need interest free money put into circulation by the government when the
economy is weak, and withdrawn from circulation by taxes when the economy is strong. There should be no interest factor to private banks
and investors on government debt since we are borrowing it from ourselves
in the present to pay back in the near future. Thus the money supply
would expand and contract along with the economic cycles while maintaining
a stable gold or silver backed dollar.
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