Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Has anyone had communication problems with Countrywide?
I am having so much trouble since last year we are in foreclosure. They say they will call you back but, they don't. And now it may be to late to save our home.

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Countrywide has a history of ignoring phone calls.  Especially if it's profitable.

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About phone calls:

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Apparently, Michael isn't being laid off from a Countrywide location. Which begs the question - "Who DO you work for, Michael?" A second question - "Why only offer to help Linda? Why not make the offer to the rest of the MSF victims participating on this forum?"

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I want to help if I can. If we do not start acting like one community everyone will be without of a home. Imagine everyone renting in this country. This would take us all back into a period that represents the opposite of what this country is supposed to be about. Remember the American Dream? Someone is stealing the dream. So knowing your options is the best offense.
I invite anyone who needs help in regards to the current Real Estate Market conditions to respond and start a dialog with me. Possibly I can help.
Email me lets get started. By the way the reason for the last Real Estate boom is due to major corporate theft and policies that swallowed many small businesses. The initial result was the shifting of funds away from the stocks and into Mortgages. Many houses hit the market because of foreclosures that took place during the beginning of this century. Non of this is coincidental it is totally by design and the underwriting used to snare everyone has a double sets of teeth. The truth is not being told about who the real criminals are but I employ you to follow the smoking gun. 1st clue, Mortgage Brokers do not make any rules in regards to underwriting. 2nd clue, these programs were heavily marketed to the public and the industry. 3rd clue, all of these loans are insured by organizations that are a part of Government or associated with
Government. Bankers, Economist, and other money people knew all of this was going to happen. They were counting on it. Get the picture? 
Even if you do not want me to look at other financial means your input is of value to the American people. By the way, I am fighting like many of you. Some of us just happen to be one step ahead but the have put some kinks in the way they underwrite and lock loans.

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Mike, let me help you out here,
1) take the credit reports on individuals and through them out!    All three Credit agencies are partners, and Fair Issac that determines the credit scoring has "refused" to disclose how they determine them. The reasons for getting rid of them are:
   A.)  They are collections of false and erronious information supplied to them by companies like Litton Loan, where falsificaton of credit historys using the "Universal Credit Form" is a common business practice.
   B.)   Sub prime was near 12% in the early 1990's its now over 40%, why?  When they can tell us why, then their maybe reason for us to have confidence again in credit reports.

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I guess its just a matter of coincidences, that Countrywide borrows 11 plus Billion, the same day the FED reduces the discount rate by .5%, along with SUSPENDING THE PENALTY for banks going over their lending amounts!  Maybe it had something to  do with the former Director of Countrywide that sits on the FED?

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