Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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     How come the Media never refer to FRAUD AND/OR MTGE RACKETEERING in their Articles on the Mortgage (Servicing) Fraud Debacle...??

     We need a professional Public Relations Effort to get the MESSAGE ACROSS that many MS Fraud Victims have been permanently damaged (both
FINANCIALLY & MEDICALLY!!) by the Mortgage Racketeers!.....and like Pedophile Priest Victims (...for example...) - we need to be compassionately well-represented by Trial Lawyers for JUSTICE & RESTITUTION...!!
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In almost any circumstance that is this huge there would be lawyers all over something such as this. Why arn't the lawyers pouring out of the woodwork on this? Everyone, including the lawyers are being paid off on this scandal.

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While I was watching the House Financial Services hearing last night on C-span, the same thought ran through my head. 

I think they read our forum, but they go to some of the same very people we talk about on the forum and asked them their opinion.   Of course,  as Larry Litton told one reporter about us, they are just disgruntled people and we can't help everyone.  Now this was before this Sub Prime mess got worse. I'm sure no one will buy his argument now!

Some others may not like us because we say things about them that they  probably don't like.  Others are mad because we exposed their fraud and wrongful doing.

It is too bad that our forum, should if nothing else, get some type of exposure from some news media outlet.  As some of you have alluded too, many of them are owned by Wall Street and could be the reason why many of them are silent.  I know that I tried to get their attention about this mess (2 or 3) years ago. However, so far to no avail!
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I listen to talk radio every now and then and of course the Limbaughs are smarter than the rest of the world, but when they talk about the housing crisis, they are just as clueless as the average elephant.

Why nobody will address the real issue in public media is beyond me.  Racketeering (Mozilo and Arnall and the rest all knew their loans were guaranteed to fail), appraisal fraud (inflated appraisals are a dimadozen, any appraiser will give you any value you want), brokers who will tell people anything just to hook them, and the loan agents, title companies, escrow officers, attornies and everyone else even remotely associated with the real estate business leaves me very frustrated.
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So long as everyone was getting paid, it was OK. When the money ran out it wasn't good business anymore it was bad loans.

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Mortgage service fraud is proof that the sub-prime crises was an intentional looting of the country and that the loans were designed to fail.

With no profit motive the sub-prime crises seems to be a case of the wolds smartest money managers taking leave of their senses and acting like drunken frat boys for a few years.

The fact that foreclosures are profitable and greatly so is the smoking gun that the collapse or near collapse of the economy, stealing millions of homes and looting trillions of dollars is the greatest crime in history.

All the upper level players in the sub-prime crises are treasonous the investment firms involved , the lenders, the servicers, the FED, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Congressman, Senators, even enforcement agencies that look the other way or suppressed evidence.

The problem with fully prosecuting this crime is that the authorities themselves would have to charge themselves with treason and the central power structure would be dismantled.

The bottom line is much of our government worked hand in hand with financial criminals to loot our country, and the crime is on such a huge scale that there would be no government left to prosecute itself or the criminals if the Constitution was enforced. 

It would seem that one possible solution would be to restore a sound and Constitutionally lawful monetary/lending system and select a handful of the most egregious offenders and fully prosecute them while fully investigating and exposing the money trail. I imagine some of the scumbags would have to be given immunity or reduced sentences.
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Your idea is great! and your words of reconciliation with the thieves of this country are second to none.....but what about the people that are still suffering because their personal lives were destroyed...what has to be done to correct the pain and suffering of these victims?

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