Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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All this money being GIVEN OUT BY THE FED, anyone wonder where all the money went?  Or is it just me?  Remember when it was called "...Just a sub prime bubble."  What ever happened to the "Sub Prime Bubble? Or is it just me wondering that?
And while were wondering, does anyone know where my mortgage and note is?  Ever since I sold my home, I have asked for it, and still it has not been returned to me?  Or is it just me wondering what happened to the tens of thousands of morgtage's and note that apparently can not be found?
Ever wonder how many CEO's received Hundreds of millions of dollars in bonus's from the 1990's through 2008?  That managed the "Sub Prime Bubble"?  Or is it just me?
Where oh where have the regulators gone?  Where oh where have the Elected Officials been?  On the Golf Course's of the country, playing golf, and working deals that were self serving!
I think its time to shut the FED down, and do what former President Jackson did!  
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Inside Bear
Just look who gets the bailouts? The "GREEN"berg cousins and family from bear stearns and aig, the extension of the rothschilds jewish family
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The mortgages have been converted into securities and transferred into off the books accounts or even overtly converted into securities. Since we don't have a monetary system backed by actual value such as gold or silver the Fed can magically transform the primary backing for our entire monetary system into into anything and transfer it anywhere all over the world and even zero out the whole system at any time. For years economists, banks and the government assured us of the checks and balances both legally and in terms of financial stability and now we can the check and balances were virtualized just as the hard drive money itself. Our mortgages have been used to collateralize the global economy.

The Fed is a group of private bankers who make money creating personal, business and government debt pure and simple the more debt they create the more power they have. Andrew Jackson was absolutely right and a true American hero actually a world wide hero more than any other single person he broke the bonds of debt slavery to the old world and set us free of feudalism.

We need to go back to a system that works and creates broad based wealth and opportunities for the greatest percentage of people. Whats astonishing about a hard money economy coupled with limited government is it provides vastly greater opportunities from one end of the socio-economic structure to the other and creates budget surpluses for the government with low or even no taxes other than import duties, foreign income etc. 

Today politicians pit one group against another and tell us we have to balance taxes with debt and transfer assets from rich to poor, this is pure non-sense as the money gets used to pay interest on the national debt, the government, foreign aid, interest on bonds that back the Fed, the IRS interest rate deduction is set up so that either you spend the largest chunk of your income on interest to the bank or give it to the tax man, the list goes on and on. The bottom line is the money is transferred from the citizens and businesses to the banks and the government so the banks get rich and we get poor worse yet we become debt slaves and lose or voice in government.

The story of Andrew Jackson's battle against the equivalent of the Fed has a happy ending Nicholas Biddle who had controlled the U.S. economy died penniless and U.S citizens were set free to enjoy property rights and prosperity. Andrew Jackson ran on the primary platform of shutting down the central bank, the same issue our entire Congress, Senate and Presidency needs to run on, lawful money.

Yes the Fed needs to be shut down!

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