Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Everyone needs to see this video!

Fraud incidents of 50% on the part of the Brokers!

Former Regulator: Clear Fraud in Financial Crisis -- Why Isn't Anyone in Jail?,WM,CFC,XLF,JPM

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Oh, the guilty are going to jail by the hundreds.  See:

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4 justice now
The information represented in this video is correct. There are people being sent to prison.

Unfortunately, so far anyway, It simply hasn't been the big fish that are going its only the mom and pop fraudsters of mortgage lending.


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I saw the and I only see the mortgage brokers going down. What about the lenders who gave them compensation $$$$....

I am not sticking up for anyone at all. I am only saying that the whole greedy so called investors and everyone else involved is as guilty as sin...

This is the reason why we are all in this boat. Let's put it this way. When my mortgage broker said that I had a 30 yr fixed on my first and an ARM on my second, I believed it. I also knew he was correct about that. He then went to work for a bank afterwards. He called us to refinance with the second because we knew that our second was an ARM. After looking at my first, two years later I saw that it was also an ARM. I tracked down my broker and he said "No Way" my first was fixed. He said that was the deal presented to him. So I (WE)guess that when the packet was overnight delivered to the title co. It was not what was agreeded upon. He said that he will be there for us and stand up in front of a jury for us.

So this is my situation and so much more to list. My first is also crooked.. They don't even know who owns my note. Neither does the second....

What do you think about that????
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Your anaology is probably correct. That's what I've found out as well. I'm just a deadbeat apparently. I was actually on mortgagefraudblog earlier after Stephen's comments.

I've visited before. Been a while. They do seem to catch some but the BIGGER FISH ARE THE COURTS AND JUDGES THEMSELVES. Its totally DISHEARTENING TO ME THE WAY WE'RE TREATED!


At the inception(of me accepting employment) my former employer lied about their CAPABILITY to sell mortgage notes. I only found out after 2.5 yrs and collecting thousands they never had this capability.

Now no one believes me. And after I lost my job the business partner I chose was not good. Which brought on more problems. Because I refinanced to become self employed. While some can question me I've never known my self to be a financial failure in my life. I've always savored like every other American the right to support myself.

I nailed the second for not knowing who owns my debt and the judge letting them off to have nothing done in my favor. To be told my TRUTH IS FRIVOLOUS...ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

They've so far gotten off Citi without proving the note strategy and everyone letting them do it...Or getting an investigation into my right to know the ramifications for someone lying about their capability to sell mortgage notes for one of the largest banks in the world.  

Amazingly, enough I've even given proof of their antics and I guess I'm just suppose to whine for cheez...I've told them where to find my proof but I'm just DENIED...

Well I WANNA KNOW! CAUSE NOW I WANT THEIR HOUSES TO ! Why should any collection agency be able to lie about such capability! Then to not be given any respect for the job I've done WITHIN THE LAW!

So outside of my  job who I did collections for Chase and Citi....My refinance brought in WF, Ameriquest, Argent, Citi, fidelity, Barclays Capital, Homeq and attys and judges...All defending them. Where if they checked my proof they'd find I'm right....

And be able to nominate a bank to do transactions that would put a few Billion in their pockets...So what would you do? I've done my best to not go  back to work for any of the scumsuckers. I won't participate in any of these so called loan mod companies or anything like that I don't trust any of them.

Who knows maybe someone does. My gut is telling me they want us to stay poor there's nothing we can do about it...Even if we've figured out a way to do something to help everyone possibly. Bankers PURE GREED AT THIS NOW!

And will be for sometime...They care nothing about us retail customers or their private customers. That's why their called The Feds. Greg Collins is quite up to date on the private banking world. We hear only of failure and them pumping money into them. What about the money they still make in their private trades? Some have crashed. But there's plenty more still operating.

There is NO ONE to PROTECT US AT ANY COSTS. By the way I was told at one time my attorney could of possibly settled or bought the 2nd mortgage for pennies from the servicer. Well how can they even do this if they don't know who owns the mortgage? That's what they proved in court! The courts are covering. Don't believe otherwise!

I found out about the 2nd 1st that they didn't know who owned the note. Then I found out about the fraud in the 1st and no one wants to investigate that. I'm just to look like a fool....This I have MAJOR ISSUES WITH! HOW DARE THEM!....But I also know why. They know who I am and are using it against me regardless of what I can DO TO PERFORM WITH CAPABILITY!

So the search for a job worthy of my skills outside of what I know is pretty tough...Especially since it only takes ONE BANKER TO FIX MY WHOLE FUTURE FINANCIALLY....OR WHAT I THOUGHT WAS A FINANCIAL FUTURE....


Best of Luck!

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The real estate industry is a pure fraud structure from top to bottom.  From carpetbombing the country with licenses so everyone is on their side to appraisers who have no oversight, to lenders who tell brokers, "Just send me loans; we'll work out the details".

The entire industry adds no value, is highly destructive, as we've seen, is completely out of control and must be eradicated entirely.
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