Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Has anyone heard if there has been a new class-action lawsuit against Argent Mortgage? I heard this from a mortgage broker, but am not sure if it is legit?
He wasn't sure either.
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I read that Argent was lieing about how much their $$ stock $$ was worth, Over stating the value x 2 if I'm remembering right. You might want to Google that.
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Can you provide links to this. I have tried googling this and have had no luck finding any info.
Again does anyone know if there is a lawsuit???
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Argent was owned by Ameriquest. Ameriquest wasn't publicly traded. They were both subsidiaries of AMC Holdings which Arnall owned the vast majority of.

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So does this mean Argent is no longer in business????
Don't mean to sound dumb, but I really don't understan how it works?
Have you heard of any lawsuits? Maybe under a different name?
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I'm trying to figure out where Argent would fall in all of this? I know they were part of AMC/Ameriquest. Argent was our original lender therefore we did not qualify to be part of the class action.
Is there another class action going on currently that would involve theses companies?
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Help - I think your question about Argent has been asked and answered several times. They got bought by Citi.  They didn't vaporize. It's not like flipping a switch.  Some of the employees will eventually become Citi employees, computer systems will (someday) migrate, offices will be consolidated and so on.

But nothing changes in the status of your loan. HomeEq is still their servicer for you loan.  Argent/Citi doesn't even have to talk to you - in fact, the Citi Residential employees won't find you in their computer systems yet.  Some of the former Argent employees may still be able access the records on Argent's computers, but all they'll be able to find is that it was sold into a pool that is being serviced by HomeEq.  The Trustee for that Pool - US Bank, probably has physical possion the note or their custodian does. HomeEq is handling the foreclosure for them through a local attorney in your state.

There are lots of lawsuits involving Argent.  In 2007, nearly 200 Federal Court cases were filed that have Argent as a named party. Some are Argent suing someone else. Some are class-actions and others have been filed and aren't yet certified for class status. Some were dismissed. Your attorney can find them in a matter of minutes.

Some of the cases are being handled by the groups of attorneys that specialize in mortgage lending and servicing abuses.  You can find them on

Given the length of time those kinds of cases take, an attorney involved in them would have to look at your situation to see if it's worth a shot at adding you to the complaint.

There are serious allegations of mortgage fraud involving Argent and some of their brokers.  Your loan might be among those and needs to be looked at by someone who can determine if it was illegally constructed and what time limitations are involved.

But knowing that won't save your home from foreclosure. There could be thousands of cases and the Court may find that interesting but only to the extent that they may not give the local HomeEq attorney a free-pass on his or her client's honesty.

Some servicers are experts at rushing foreclosures to get rid of the loan before it's found to be fraudulent.


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Ed Cage

       Moose wrote:

       "Some servicers are experts at rushing foreclosures to get

       rid of the loan before it's found to be fraudulent.  Moose"


Excellent point Moose!  So true..

Those in foreclosure or victims of premature foreclosures would do well to *note* this very astute point.

Ed Cage

Plano Texas  /  972-596-4363  /

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