Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Our case is in Fed Court for 4 yrs. Just heard from attorney and the Judge there has been doing mediation.  Our case is scheduled for mediation in nearby future. Atty asked what do we want?  I have to give him a narrative of what we think our home is worth(50% loss in value) and we owe more then the current SEV.  What are the chances of a settlement via Mediation? Should we ask for less then our principal due to the loss of value, and lower interest rate?  We are not greedy, just want to keep our home if at all possible...if not, then, we will not work to go this route. We were foreclosed on and atty could not stop sale in time. We have been able to stay in our home due to lawsuit.  But end is coming...just not sure what to do, what to ask for, what to even hope for....

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Ameriquest was one of the biggest crooks in lending actually the biggest before they went under leaving Countrywide with that title. Ameriquest engaged in every type of fraud, and was found guilty by 49 states A.G.s
thanks to work by George Soroka and many others.

The issue is not to be fair and hope they will be fair back, you are dealing with a predator that looks for any chink in the armor, and you must fight that way.

The law fortunately for us says that a void contract reverts to the real party in interest. Think about it if a mugger takes your wallet or a thief takes your car then the judge does not ask you to bargain with them and give them a percentage or you a percentage to them. This is not an honest transaction
for example car dealer sells a car with a cracked windshield you can return the car, have them replace the windshield, have someone else replace the windshield, have them give you a discount and live with the crack, get mad and argue and get nothing and they loose a customer. You get the picture.
Ameriquest was in business to profit from fraud plain and simple, they were thieves.

All I wanted for Ameriquest to do is restore my mortage to the original terms and conditions with the mistaken logic that I would be ripping off Ameriquest and punishing them for one crooked salesmans mistake. You cannot bargain in good faith with a party with no reciprocal intent.

I immediately go to your county recorder of deeds and get all records pertaining to your property, notes, deeds, tax records and get all paperwork in order then would talk a lawyer and/or advocate group and order a forensic accounting. 

Ameriquest was sold to Citibank, Ameriquest was very corrupt Citibank knows that, therefore Citibank is the predator by proxy for Ameriquest.
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Thank you for your reply.  We have an excellant attorney and he just asked for us to write down what we want, our current status, employed, how much we make, and then a narrative of our loan, etc.

We have waited for our turn if this goes to trial, but in the event, Aquest, Deutsch, is willing to me diate to our advantage, then fine.  If not, then we will procede to court with the Tila violations, charging us discount fee's when we never got a lower interest rate, and more things that occured. Also, I am sure, produce the note issue considering it was Deutsch, sercuritized, pooling, etc...

We have our records, turned then over years ago to attorney.

I am just scared, having to face down Goliath you know....not knowing the outcome, the road that so many here have travelled, and yet to travel.

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Ask God for guidance Nevaeh and do what your lawyer says.

There will be a much brighter day.
Ed Cage    |

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ask them to delete the mortgage. Best of Luck! )

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