Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Lee County courts still have nearly 16,000 foreclosure cases to get through. A lot of those cases will now be put on hold. That's likely going to create a ripple effect the clerk of courts is worried about.

"What are we trying to accomplish here? Are we trying to kill our economy totally? I mean why don't you just take a knife and just stab us to death," said Charlie Green, Lee County Clerk of Courts. I Would Love To!!!

Green says the court system still receives about 200 foreclosure filings a week. He says if he can't process them, it could take away jobs in his office and prevent what he thought would be a housing rebound.


Cry me a river....

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what they want is the revenue. they get paid anyhow.

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William A. Roper, Jr.
Here is a little insight for you from Tammie Lou KAPUSTA's deposition:

"[at page 57]
24 Q Was there any arrangements made with any
25 particular judges or jurisdictions on how the

[at page 58]
1 foreclosures would be handled by Stern's office?
2 A I believe the only one that I'm well aware of
3 that is just a large cluster of something is Lee County
4 judges. They used to do what they call a rocket docket.
5 It was five hundred files from our firm every other
6 Friday.
8 Q Would be filed or heard?
9 A Would be heard.
11 Q Who arranged that?
12 A As far as I know Cheryl Samons and the county.
13 Q Cheryl and who?
14 A The county. I wasn't privy to that.
15 Q So how would you find out that --
16 A Because they would call them rocket dockets.
17 We had to have five hundred files from our firm prepared
18 for it. Originally we had an in-house counsel there or
19 local counsel there. Then it went to our attorneys.
20 Two attorneys from our firm or two attorneys per floor
21 would go over to Lee County and do the rocket docket.
22 We would load their files into the car.
23 Q So that was coordinated with Cheryl with the
24 county?
25 A As far as I know. They were put on the rocket

[at page 59]
1 docket basically.
2 Q What I'm trying to find out was is Cheryl
3 involved in the implementation of the rocket docket?
4 A Oh yes. She was responsible for all
5 scheduling anywhere. Her Beverly McComas and Miriam
6 Mendieta.
7 Q How was it that the rocket docket was created?
8 A I am not sure. That's what they called it.
9 They were going to do a rocket docket. Lee County I
10 guess was our largest county for foreclosures at the
11 time.
12 Q Were you aware of her having any meetings with
13 anyone there to implement or to come up with the idea to
14 come up with the rocket docket?
15 A No, I'm not aware of any meetings?
16 Q Do you know who did that?
17 A My guess would be Miriam Mendieta and Beverly
18 McComas because they were the controlling attorneys.
19 Q They would have been involved in the original
20 implementation of the rocket docket?
21 A Correct. They are the one who assigned
22 attorneys. They're pretty much the ones that oversaw
23 the scheduling for that. There's a few counties that we
24 would just send over a sheet of paper that would have
25 your unpaid, who was defaulted, when it was defaulted,

[at page 60]
on it and if
9 nobody appeared in opposition the judges would sign the
10 final judgements?
11 A Correct.
12 Q This was in Lee County?
13 A Yes. It wasn't faxed. The attorneys brought
14 them. So if the judge wanted to look at something the
15 files were there. That's my assumption. The files were
16 just loaded into these attorneys cars and they were
17 elected to drive over there. It wasn't a choice. They
18 picked which attorneys were going to go each week or
19 ever other week whenever they decided to do the rocket
20 docket.
21 Q And they decided that it would be five hundred
22 that would be handled?
23 A It was five hundred from our firm, yes."

Why do you suppose that the Florida Attorney General's Office was asking such questions?
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Thanks Mr. Roper for bringing that to my attention. I did read the entire depo in it's entirety when it first came out. I am in Lee County and The Law Office of David Stern is the firm hired to foreclose on me.

In Lee County rumor has it that Charlie Green was the brain behind the rocket docket.
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