Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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For years now most of you know I have been investigating LITTON LOAN, its parent company CBASS.
I have learned much during the past five years!  The failures by those that were entrusted to protect us (state and federal regulators) failed and continue to fail to oversee what will now become known as the largest economic "Terror" attack against Americans.  I can only conclude that neither states or the federal government will respond.
We are on our own.  The only recourse I see is continued litigation, make the cost of doing business so high that these people will not engage in this conduct again.
CBASS used its Computer hardware and software to identify individuals in either medical or finical distress from "Public Records".  To this very day, CBASS downloads and stores any public record of individuals and mortgage holders.  Even those that visit this site and post!  CBASS and LITTON LOAN have copied and downloaded from this site, to use in litigation.  Its lawyers are kept abreast of posting on this site, and many others! Everything from parking tickets to auto accidents are believed to be stored.  It was from this technology that many Mortgages were identified and purchased by CBASS, then sold as a security instrument, and sold in the form of Bonds.
It was after the bonds were sold, that CBASS through its direction of Litton Loan, began to identify and commence forecloses against mortgage holders by "Manufactured Foreclosure.  The Bond Holder, may not even know the equity of the "SECURITIZED BOND" may have been stripped, and equity transferred to CBASS and MGIC/RADIAN in the form of Profits!
Not to mention the profits from illegal fees and Forced Placed Insurance going "Off shore", and into the pockets of a few individuals.
It's time for individual states and the Feds to close this down, and charge those responsible!
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We've experienced much of the same with fraud consisting of forged documentation, force placed insurance and courts that ignore evidence while ruling in favor of the fraudsters.

The White House's action of forming a task force to solve the "sub-prime" mortgage crisis is stop gap public relations that will do little to solve the real problem...the deprivation of due process of law by the courts in failing to issue rulings that the victims are entitled to.

The Rules of Evidence that each court is bound to follow, together with the requirement that courts uphold the victim's constitutional rights to due process of law by fair application of the applicable statutes are being ignored to the point of criminality by judges and courts of law.

Mr. Bush, why not re-establish the Rule of Law by establishing meaningful legislation that subjects the courts to a citizens oversight committee. Not a Supreme Court that issues rulings such as Kelo v. New London Conn. that merely undermines the very foundations of our republic.

The regulators are, like the intelligence agencies' failures in the 9-11 fiasco, have their collective heads in the sand. Their failures and inactions are criminal in nature. To remedy this, I believe that victims of foreclosure should be allowed restitution, just as the victims that lost loved ones at ground zero were endowed with money to compensate them for their losses.

Mr. Bush, please execute and Executive Order to the U.S. Justice Dept. to set a Delta Force Task Force that goes about arresting those that have already been shown to be engaged in criminal fraud upon U.S. citizens.

18 U.S.C. 241 criminalizes any conspiracy perpetrated by anyone, including judges, that seeks to deprive a person of their rights. We certainly have sufficient evidence that shows a conspiracy between two or more companies that have engaed in identical practices of operation.

Its time to purge the system by lifting the presidential pen to an Executive Order that compels the U.S. Department of Justice to hire and dispatch the task force necessary to begin prosecutions.
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