Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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   I have seen MORE THAN ENOUGH Horror Stories...!!   I would just like to see the CASE HISTORIES of everyone who has filed INDIVIDUALLY against the Mortgage Racketeers to get TORT matter what STATE they may be from...!   Do we have the capability here to TRACK all these individual cases - so everyone knows what is happening with LITIGATION FOR JUSTICE FOR MS FRAUD VICTIMS...???
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what a most superb idea. we relly do need such a section on your board as would be quite helpful for many, includeing the Atts. who probably stop by the site to lern a little.
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This is a touchy subject and a warning is due: If you are represented by counsel, you could jeapordize your case against a servicer or lender by putting any information on a public web site that could be traced to you.

Consider some facts:

-  Your communication with your attorney is privileged; you can say anything you want, provide him or her with anything you want and the other side cannot reach into it for evidence against you. But ANYTHING you post in a public forum that can be reasonably considered to be unique to you or your case is NOT protected and trust me, they will use it.

-  99% of civil suits are settled out of court. That means a confidential arrangement is made to between the parties themselves. The more they know about you (whether it's admissable in court or not) the more confident they will be in their position during the negotiations.

-  You can't un-ring a bell.  If you've posted information about your case prior to a settlement and that information is something the other side considers (or will consider) confidential, you will find it much more difficult to come to an agreement.

-  Even if you happen to be able to get the site moderators to take down a post, it probably exists in a Google cache somewhere.

My recommendation is that if you have an attorney, don't undermine him or her by telling other people about your situation unless you get their blessing first about what you can say.

Once the suits are actually filed, there is an efficient way to track cases,  Almost all such things are going to wind up in Federal court.  Even if you file in a state court, they will get it removed right from the get-go.  Therefore, litigation against servicers can be tracked on PACER.

Anyone can get an account and the fees amount to $0.08 per page. Some people 'round here, in fact, have such a thing.   There just aren't enough hours in the week (and pennies in the jar) to dedicate to the searching, compiling and reporting of the cases.


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