Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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March 13th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Foreclosure
For months now, one of the most sophisticated and aggressive group of Foreclosure Defense attorneys in the state have been collecting evidence of questionable assignments and affidavits of amounts due and owing and affidavits of attorney’s fees. Due to the sensitive nature of this, I’m not disclosing the names of the attorneys, but they are reading this post and if they want to identify themselves they can reply to this post.
Quite simply, as they’ve reviewed hundreds or thousands of affidavits and assignments, and compared the dates and signatures on the documents, they do not appear to be legitimate. In some cases an affiant has allegedly signed dozens of documents in several states all on the same day. In other cases, the signers are allegedly signing documents on days when they have other evidence that the signers could not or should not have been signing on the days the documents are allegedly signed. In almost all the cases, when you compare the alleged signature of the signer with documents which bear the signer’s real signature (like on a mortgage for their own home), the signature on the affidavits and other documents are completely different.
This conduct seriously undermines the judicial system and is totally unacceptable when any party does it….but we have good reason to believe that attorneys affiliated in various ways with the foreclosure mills are actively participating in creating false affidavits and documents. In at least one case, the foreclosure mills “withdrew” affidavits signed by attorneys that were submitted to courts when they were challenged as being fraudulent. When they were sought for deposition, the court granted a protective order preventing the false attorney signers from being deposed….apparently when you commit a fraud on the court and you’re caught, you can withdraw the fraud and you get a free pass.
This cannot be allowed to continue. We all need to work together to collect affidavits and assignments, then post them in one centralized locations so that all who are involved in this fight can compare signatures and dates on these signatures. Depositions are scheduled for several of the false signers and the more examples of affidavits and assignments we have the better. Pro se folks, activists and attorneys, please take some time and email or fax all the affidavits and assignments you can to me. My email is, my fax is 727/213-6235. If affidavits are posted elsewhere, please send me links I will post the links.
We are particularly interested in affidavits of attorney time at this stage because depositions of attorneys who purportedly signed these affidavits are currently set. The foreclosure mills are fighting like hell to not have these depositions taken.
What are they afraid of? All the signer has to say is, “Yes, I signed that affidavit.” Problem is outside evidence suggests that the affidavit signer could not have actually signed the affidavit and in many cases, the signatures are wildly different. Nailing the mills on this will have major implications. I’m willing to bet that in many cases, the mills don’t bother to have affidavits of attorney’s time properly prepared, witnessed and notarized. I’m willing to bet they just gloss over these “minor” details and have created some perfunctory process where affidavits are just blown through and signed by any old person…and not the person’s name who is on the signature line….that’s fraud.
If we all do our job and work together here, we will have a database of publicly accessible affidavits that can be compared, used in depositions and shared with the courts…..please help, email or fax affidavits and assignments to 727/213-6235 or


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This is fantastic news!!!  I'm so glad to see someone has the nerve to take a stand and say "enough is enough"!!!

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This is an excellent idea!  I'll be faxing to you shortly... we must get as much evidence as possible!  Thank you for your efforts!  Together we MUST prevail.
Keep up the great job!!!  Much appreciated.
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