Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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State of Ohio
News Advisory

NOVEMBER 5, 2007


Dennis Ginty (Commerce) at (614) 644-9564
Tyler Lowry (Treasurer Cordray) at (614) 752-2747
Kelly Taylor (OHFA) at (614) 728-4270


Event Designed To Help Southwest Ohioans Concerned About Foreclosure

With the number of home foreclosures significantly increasing in Ohio, the State of Ohio is sponsoring an event to help southwest Ohioans avoid foreclosure.

Borrower Outreach Day will be held on Monday, November 19, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Xavier University's Schiff Conference and Banquet Center at the Cintas Center, 1624 Herald Avenue, Cincinnati. The event is being co-sponsored by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray, and the Ohio Housing Finance Agency.

Note: To protect the privacy of the individuals attending this event, no cameras or video cameras will be permitted.

Several mortgage loan servicers will be attending the event to meet one-on-one with borrowers who are having difficulty making their mortgage payments. The current list of the loan servicers who will be participating in the event are:

Avelo Mortgage
Carrington Mortgage Services
Citi Residential Lending Inc.
Countrywide Financial
EMC Mortgage Corp.
Flagstar Bank
Freddie Mac
Homecomings Financial
HSBC Mortgage Services
Litton Loan Servicing
National City Mortgage
Select Portfolio Servicing
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

The number of foreclosures is increasing as many adjustable rate mortgages with low "teaser" rates are being reset to higher interest rates and higher monthly payments. Government officials strongly encourage borrowers who are having difficulty meeting their mortgage payments to take action. One of the best ways for homeowners to prevent foreclosure is to work directly with their loan servicer.

Local, state and federal housing experts and housing counselors also will provide additional resources. In addition, Borrower Outreach Day attendees will have the opportunity to participate in several brief workshops throughout the day. The titles of the workshops are:

. Borrower Beware - Foreclosure Rescue Scams
. Keys to Home Preservation
. Options for People Struggling with Their Mortgage Payments
. Rebuilding Your Credit
. Steps in the Foreclosure Process

Information on Borrower Outreach Day is available at This site is updated as new information is available, including any additional loan servicers who will be participating. Information on foreclosure prevention is available by going to the Ohio Department of Commerce website at and clicking on "Foreclosure Information."

In addition to the upcoming Cincinnati event, Borrower Outreach Days were held in Nelsonville on September 13, Columbus on September 18 and the Toledo area on September 25. In addition, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development sponsored a Homeownership Preservation Clinic in Cleveland on August 30, which was supported by the State of Ohio. About 1,100 Ohioans have attended the prior events.

# # #

Note: To help promote the Cincinnati event, advance interviews are available with: . Kimberly Zurz, Director of the Ohio Department of Commerce
. Richard Cordray, Treasurer of Ohio
. Doug Garver, Executive Director of the Ohio Housing Finance Agency

Director Zurz served as Chair of the Foreclosure Prevention Task Force and Treasurer Cordray and Executive Director Garver served as members of the task force.

Wonder how many of THEIR victims will be showing up?

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My first reaction after seeing the list of Mortgage Servicers that will be attending was ........ Bwahahahahah~~~~

Then the next thought , was "Oh no....... The poor unsuspecting people...... I hope its a NO SHOW of victims."

True Blossom, if any of them aren't currently victims, they for sure will be.

Anyone here live in Cincinnati? Maybe you could reach the Media, and Get a Story out there for the public, to inform them of MORTGAGE SERVICING FRAUD.

I tried two seperate routes of media attention here, last year but both of them, were disallowed by the Media Controllers. The Paper Editor, and the News Producer.

The things that make ya go hmmm.
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Joe B

Listen, even though cameras will not be allowed inside, I suspect the press will be there outside. If anybody is in Ohio and wants to go, you should grab the reporters and tell the untold story of MS Fraud!!

We can help put together some speaking notes, including pointing to a few websites of interest....

As Lesley Nielsen said: Good Luck, we're all counting on you!!

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Ooooh, you're right! now thats a great idea.
and yes there is someonehere who lives in Ohio, but I havent seen her name Floating around on the board since I've been back ( a couple days now).

Maybe she will see this post and get to that convention/meeting.
That would be awesome!
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Interesting that they did not forbid "recording devices" and what about all those camera/video cellphones?  This event smells of a dogooder publicity stunt or worse, information gathering hunt for potential victims. 

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Sounds like a good day to practice public speaking. Sandwich boards, picket signs, bull horns, vehicles parked outside draped with signage...

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