Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Big Fight to get Funding for Legal Services to Help Stop Illegal Foreclosures

If we are ever going to get the economy back on its feet -economists agree on one thing -the mortgage crises must be stabilized.

Bailout money to the big banks did nothing to help borrowers stay in their homes, free up credit, help homeowners with mortgage modifications or restructuring of loans. Many borrowers are often without legal representation and unaware they may be victims of illegal foreclosures. Now, Senators Casey, Specter, Leahy, Dodd, Schumer & Kerry have introduced an amendment to the stimulus package that would provide $30,000,000 to legal service organizations doing foreclosure prevention work.

The National Association of Consumer Advocates supports this Amendment that would benefit homeowners who need legal assistance and help deter and prevent foreclosures.  

Help NACA -help you. Take 5 minutes today to contact your Senator and let him/her know that funding for legal services is critical to stemming the tide of foreclosures that is sweeping across our country! 

Let your Senator know that you want his/her support to get Amendment #378 into the stimulus package -this is a measure that can help homeowners and deter greed and corruption!!

Reasons to support this Amendment:

Legal aid lawyers are a critical component of any successful foreclosure mitigation plan and are needed to provide representation to homeowners and eviction defense to tenants who are being evicted from foreclosed properties through no fault of their own.
Housing counselors, who play a vital role in helping at-risk homeowners, are unfortunately limited in their ability to pursue federal and state legal claims for abusive lending practices.

Legal Aid and other non-profit lawyers, with their experience in representing homeowners and their legal knowledge of state and federal consumer protections, have the unique ability to change that equation and force
wayward servicers into creating loans that allow homeowners to remain in their homes and in their communities.

Please contact your elected official today via email or phone.

If you don't know your legislators contact information click here, and insert your zip code.
You can make a big difference in just 5 minutes
That's all it will take to send an email to your elected officials. It is time that our collective consumer voice is heard by Congress
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Homeowner Bailout May Be In The Works

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If the crises was caused by foreclosures it makes sense to address the foreclosures first and get to the root cause.

It's hard to believe people think the economic crises could be solved by the taxpayers buying jobs for themselves and others.

If the crises was caused by the government artificially pumping up the economy and home ownership rates which allowed the crooks to divert the money to themselves
then taking money from the taxpayers and dumping it into the economy and banks in a shotgun approach is just chasing good money after bad.

The key issue is Wall Street and lending criminals taking other peoples money and converting it into there own leveraged wealth without providing any real goods and services other than millions of loans designed to fail.

Wall street and main street can only exist in harmony when the profits go back into creating jobs and services, that's supposed to be the whole reason to invest in the first place to get a return.

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Its to obvious and its from California, to New York.  More forged, altered documents, and substituted altered documents than anyone I know of, including "Kick Backs" as "legal fees" 
I looking forward to going to court to disclose this all after so many years of work and learning and collecting the documents and evidence.  When I'm done testifying there will be a feeding frenzy for the documents, records, and copies of my testimony.  Like I said in my deposition with Litton Loan, MAIL FRAUD, WIRE FRAUD, INSURANCE FRAUD, LEGAL REFERAL FEES, FALSIFIED CREDIT REPORTING, EXTORTION, AND MONEY LAUNDERING. From California to New York, and every where in between!  Time for Litton Loan to go, and pay the price.
Please start with them!
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