Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Contact Your Mortgage Servicer

Once you have determined if you are eligible for a Home Affordable Refinance or Modification, the next step is to contact your mortgage servicer to discuss your situation. A wide array of servicers have agreed to participate in the Home Affordable Modification program and have already engaged borrowers and expanded capacity to begin the modification process for eligible homeowners. The following is a list of servicers who have formalized their commitment to the program through a signed contract:

Search for Your Mortgage Servicer: show all servicers

NameWeb SitePhone
Aurora Loan Services LLC
Bank of America, N.A.
Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC

Chase Financial LLC
CitiMortgage, Inc.
Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP
GMAC Mortgage LLChttp://www.gmacmortgage.com1-800-766-4622
Green Tree Servicing LLC

Home Loan Services, Inc.http://www.viewmyloan.com1-800-622-5035
Ocwen Financial Corporation, Inc.http://www.ocwen.com1-800-746-2936
Saxon Mortgage Serviceshttp://www.saxononline.com1-800-594-8422
Select Portfolio Servicinghttp://www.spservicing.com1-888-818-6032
Wells Fargo Bank, NA
Wilshire Credit Corporation

We will continue to update this list as additional servicers execute formal participation agreements. If your servicer is not listed, please bookmark this page and check back with us soon. In the interim, you can locate your servicer by reviewing the information on your monthly mortgage statement or find a list of servicers on the Hope Now Alliance website.

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What's even more unfortunate is that these are the same people who will lie to you about what they hold as evidence pertaining to your mortgage. A homeowner has no one to help for the most part. People that are suppose to help protect you just steal from you as well. That or the judges refuse to examine anything about information you may of submitted about your case.

Its a BAD Fight. If you know to much they'll literally steal your home! I'm considering like Stephen to make a difference. Is it standing outside the court houses picketing for the theft their getting by with? Maybe its tartgeting the trustees trying to foreclose as well. Besides the courthouses where the judges who steal are.

Good luck to anyone fighting such a nightmare! We're just made out to be stupid for always following the law.
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Knows About Thieves

ksu wrote:

Good luck to anyone fighting such a nightmare! We're just made out to be stupid for always following the law.

This is so true!  And it's time that the American public start realizing that it's not all about people not wanting to (or can't) pay their mortgages.  It's about an industry of thieves!

John Q. Public wonders why people trash their homes when they are forced out...well duhhh-huhhh...they do it out of frustration and feelings of victimization.  It's their only way of getting back!

And why the government would trust the same people who made us into victims to save us, you ask?  Because there is a dumb-ass born everyday, that's why!  They are more concerned on having the right "backing" for their next election than doing what is right and fair for the American public! 

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The Equitable One
Yes, there is an utter lack of wisdom in letting the same folks that created the mess fix the mess.

I knew it wasn't going to get any better when Obama appointed Geitner as Secretary of Treasury.

He had a real chance at using the "reset" button and possibly effecting something real and truly beneficial to the people. Instead he simply gave us more of the same.

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