Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Banks Duck City On Foreclosed Homes

New Haven, Connecticut

As the number of abandoned houses spirals in town (800 at last count), officials have had trouble tracking down people responsible for upkeep. That’s because many of the homes are in the hands of distant lenders, many of whom hold subprime or other unpaid mortgages that have changed institutional hands multiple times.

Under a new law, the city set a Tuesday deadline for lenders holding or foreclosing on city properties to register a local contact.

The city has vowed next week to go after the balance, or fine them big time.

According to Cathy Schroeter, deputy director for administration of LCI, of the 250 bank-owned homes in New Haven, 58 thus far now had registered a local contact as of Tuesday. The city released a spreadsheet on Friday listing the now-registered properties, which have grown to 60.

Click here to see the spreadsheet.

A total of 10 lenders own the 60 registered properties. EMC Mortgage Co. owns the most, 22. Next comes Countrywide Home Loans, a leader purveyor of the subprime mortgages that helped cause last fall’s Wall Street collapse. Countrywide owns 18 on the list.

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tired and tattered

We are in chapter 13 BK and we decided last year to go ahead and surrender the house. I believe it was June or July of last year. We had an 80/20 loan. The 80 is with HomEq and the 20 with Homecomings. After a battle with HomEq, we decided to let them have the house. We have not been served any papers as of yet and it has been about 9 or 10 months. We don't know what to think. They tried so hard to steal our home and since we decided they could have it they have not made any further moves to continue. The only thing I was told was that US National Bank Association is the trustee of the loan. We have been looking for a place to move but with our lousy credit, thanks to HomEq and our having to file bankruptcy we are having a hard time finding anywhere to move. We really don't know what is going on and we have made no phone contact with HomEq, nor do we want to. We are in constant fear that we are going to get evicted with nowhere to go. We are suppossed to have six months retribution, but as many of us know that do not always obey the rules. Our homeowners insurance (Allstate) just refused to renew our policy. We just received a notice from HomEq that they are going to place insurance on us. Obviously, since we have not been paying our mortgage for the past 9-10 months we will not be paying the insurance either. We just don't know what they are up to and it is kind of scary. We hope for some more time so we can find somewhere to go and someone who will either owner finance us or rent to us despite our lousy credit. Is there any way to find out what they are up to? With all the homes not selling it just seems like they are not in any hurry to kick us out.

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Interesting piece from CalculatedRisk today:
Blight Laws and Foreclosed Properties
. . . These fines will push the lenders to sell the properties quicker - or demolish them - or possibly not even foreclose on some properties.
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Tired & Tattered....

Here's a ??? for you...From what I read you filed a chp 13...They did you like they did me in trying to steal my home. Here in Stl the judge is on the take. I can prove it now.

But the ?? I have is if you surrendered your house in the bankruptcy did they have you sign anything to this effect? I would think like a deed in lieu or something they'd have you sign something.

If not you still could be the lawful owner unless they've performed a foreclosure sale. Just my two cents. If you want me to have a gander I don't mind looking...

In my own case it looks like I'm gonna have to take on the whole US Gov at this point! The state atty is one the judges side I guess. Well F-them is all I can say. I WANNA PAY MY BILL ON MY TERMS! NOT THEIRS!

I'M JUST PLAYING BY THEIR RULES/LAWS THEIR SUPPOSE TO FOLLOW! I've figured out a good appeal! All I can say is it seems its every AMERICAN for THEMSELVES...Except on here. Although, we even have them on here as well.
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tired and tattered

We did sign something at the lawyers office. I'm not sure what it was. Once we decided to give up the house we went to the lawyers and signed a paper that stated that we were giving up the house. That was last June or July. I guess I need to ask my lawyer what it was that we actually signed??? The lawyer led us to believe that we would probably be served by the end of last year. Well, we have not been served anything as of yet and it's been at least 9 months. We would like to know what they are doing but don't want to contact HomEq ourselves, because we don't want to bring any attention to ourselves since we have no place to go right now. We did receive a letter from them stating that they do not have record of our homeowners insurance being renewed. We had Allstate and they dropped our insurance due to the fact the we had 2 claims. (Thought that's what we had it for) We don't know if we can even get insurance and we were hoping to be moved by now. It's hard to move when you have lousy credit with a bankruptcy. no one wants to rent to you and no one will sell you anything. What are we to do?
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