Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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TJ wrote:
I also have a Laurie Meder endorsed note. Endorsements suddenly appeared on the note this year (2012). I wonder if we compared her signature if it would match or be totally different? Other robo signers have been found to have a number of very different signatures that could not have been signed by the same individual. Fraud and more fraud, but just like Coastie, our attorney does nothing and doesn't want to listen or see the truth staring him right in the face.
Lyn W
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TJ would it be possible for me to get a copy of Laurie Meder's signature from you? I am currently working with a forensic loan auditor and would like to provide him with some samples. I notices that you and one other on this site have her signature. Oh and you should check your blank endorsement, if you have one, to make sure that the person that signed it was actually working for the lender when you purchased your property. The person who signed mine no longer worked for the lender so the blank endorsement was fraudulent.
Lyn W
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This is a section from an affidavit I drafted relating to a note indorsed by Michelle Sjolander I was consulting on.

The Non-indorsement “Stamp” of Michele Sjolande

  1. The indorsement appearing on the copy of the 2

  2. Michele SJOLANDER has given deposition testimony in at least seven (7) cases.1

  3. Attached as Exhibit A is the March 14, 2012, deposition of Ms. SJOLANDER taken in the case

  4. In

  5. In

  6. In

  7. In

    19 Q Okay. Have you ever personally executed any

20 endorsements?

21 A My -- with my -- my personally placed a stamp on a

22 note?

23 Q Yes.

24 A No.

25 Q Have you ever assigned any endorsements personally?



1 A A wet signature on an endorsement?

2 Q You actually physically signed an endorsement.

3 A Are you asking a wet signature on an endorsement on

4 a piece of collateral?

5 Q I'm saying have you ever physically signed an

6 endorsement on an original note?

7 MR. TRINZ: Object to the form.

8 THE WITNESS: My stamp has been placed on collateral on

9 a note.

10 Q BY MS. LUNDERGAN: Okay. That's not what I asked.

11 A Okay.

12 Q What I'm asking is have you ever physically --

13 A That's what I was trying to --

14 Q -- signed for a note?

15 A My wet signature has never been placed on an

16 original note. That is not common practice.


  1. In Countrywide Ms. SJOLANDER testifies that a stamp is the only form of indorsement ever utilized.7

    17 Q Now, you stated that the endorsements are stamps on

18 the collateral; is that correct?

19 A That is correct.

20 Q Has that always been the policy since 2008?

21 A Yes. And it is still policy.

22 Q Are they ever stamped in any other method or -- I'm

23 sorry.

24 Are they ever placed on there in any other method

25 other than stamping?


1 A No.


  1. In Countrywide Ms. SJOLANDER testified there have been numerous stamps created with her name on them, and that she does not maintain possession of them.8

  2. In Countrywide Ms. SJOLANDER testifies that she does not know who uses her stamps, or what training those individuals have received.9

  3. In Countrywide Ms. SJOLANDER also testifies there was no physical transfer or delivery of the notes after indorsement.10

  4. In Countrywide Ms. SJOLANDER again testifies indorsements are always “done by stamps.”11

    16 Q Okay. Are endorsements ever put on by a printer?

17 A No.

18 Q Never? Since 2008 to now your position is they've

19 never been put on by a printer?

20 A They are printed on by a person, by a stamp.

21 Q They're always -- they're always done by stamps?

22 A These are stamps. Yes.

23 Q And they -- it's always been done that way? It's

24 always been a stamp?

25 A To my knowledge.


  1. It is apparent from the deposition testimony of Ms. SJOLANDER that:

    - She does not sign indorsements.

    - Any purported endorsements are always and only stamped.

    - There are numerous “Michele Sjolander” stamps.

    - Ms. SJOLANDER doesn't control or oversee use of these stamps.

  2. This affiant has inquired with local office suppliers in regard to having a customized signature stamp created.

  3. All that is required to create such customized signature stamp is a sample of the printed and signed material to be duplicated upon the stamp.

  4. The cost of a customized signature stamp is approximately twenty dollars ($20.00).

  5. The time required to create a customized signature is approximately ten (10) minutes.

  6. Clearly ANYONE can obtain a stamp for $20 bucks and within 10 minutes.

  7. The late appearance of the 2nd note, being 26 months after the filing of the complaint, raises serious questions in regard to the genuineness of the 2nd note, and the allegations of the complaint.

1Exhibit A, pg 8, line. The number “7” is inclusive of the deposition given in Exhibit B.

2Exhibit A, pg 8, lines 12-25, and pg 9, lines 1-7.

3Exhibit A, pg 33, lines 5-9.

4Exhibit A, pg 34, lines 12-20.

5Exhibit A, pg 44, lines 2-10.

6Exhibit A, pg 45, line 19, through pg 46, line 16.

7Exhibit A, pg 46, lines 17-25, and pg 47, line 1

8Exhibit A, pg 48, lines 10-25.

9Exhibit A, pg 50, lines 16-25, and pg 51, lines 1-8.

10Exhibit A, pg 61, lines 19-25.

11Exhibit A, pg 63, lines 16-25.

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Does anyone know when Michele Sjolander took position as Bank of America Senior Vice President
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I'm not sure when she was hired but I do have information on her signature if you are interested.
Lyn W
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