Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I have been in contact with a news producer in Australia who is coming to the U.S. to do a story on the worst of the predatory lenders.  I suggested that Ameriquest should be #1.

They are looking for former employees who are spilling the beans.  I sent her the declaration of Mark Bomchill for a starter, but can anyone here direct me to some other former insiders?
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E-mail me and I will send you some names that you can check on.  I even have some e-mail addresses

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Sally Joe
     Do you have anything of that sort for Fairbanks/SPS?
     There are many of us who could use that type of info!!

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There is a case currently in the system out of CA, I believe involving somebody Lee, Lee someone - I can't remember. Supposed to implicate Roland Arnall though. It's been in the news and has shown up here as well. NPR has also interviewed a former Ameriquest LO. Tyrell, Tyrone....Out of Florida ...God..I'm too young for my memory to be this bad already....

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O -

Wayne Lee was the CEO till July 2005, he said Arnall was keeping him form trying to reform the company.

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Awards or Rewards?


Citigroup Award for Journalistic Excellence.
Remarks by Ambassador Roland E. Arnall
Amsterdam, March 23, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, Distinguished Guests, Honorable Counsel General Marjorie Ames, good afternoon.

Understanding and being kept abreast of the stability and fluctuations in today’s economy, and its worldwide financial markets and trends, are achieved through the journalistic reporting that you convey to us.  Your knowledge, your perspectives, and the acuity with which you deliver your written words are greatly appreciated and utilized by analysts, investors and diplomats in their respective business decisions and policy recommendations.

The reliable and responsible financial reporting that you give us contributes to the sound – fiscal - investments that our countries make and, to the strong economic ties between the United States and the Netherlands.

The information that your particular field of writing specializes in and that you share with us is as vital as the information we receive from television, the internet and newspapers, and you all deserve acknowledgement for the fine work you do.  Citigroup recognized this some 20 years ago and subsequently established the Award for Journalistic Excellence.  I am pleased to be here with you today to present this year’s award on behalf of Citigroup.  

Citigroup Award

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"Roland Arnall, Envoy for Bush and the U.S."
Interview with Ambassador Arnall in "Het Parool," April 21, 2007
Read the article...
You are a political appointee – not a career diplomat, but an outsider appointed by the President.  To put that in an unfriendly way, you bought your position by contributing to George W. Bush’s election campaign.
“That is not correct.  Thirty percent of all Ambassadors are political appointees.  Some of them got in contact with the President via the campaign others did not. 
In my case, I did not only contribute financially to the campaign but I was involved in it.  I take it that the President did not only ask me because of my donations but also because of my assistance with the campaign and because of certain skills of which he thought that those would make me eligible to become an Ambassador.”
Het Parool April 21 2007
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Kirk to Spok

Outside his residence there is a permanent police booth and visitors are thoroughly checked.  But once you’re inside, Roland Arnall receives you with the charm of a born diplomat. 

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Sally Jo,  I don`t have anything about Fairbanks...sorry...I will start looking and see if I can find anything.

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He gave Bush 12 million in unlawful laundered donations to get Bush to give him diplomatic immunity. So he has had an active role in not only looting the U.S. but installing politicians who have installed a corporate dictatorship in our country.

Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and most of the founding fathers warned greatly that the greatest threat to our freedom was bank fraud and corporate criminals.


Roland Arnall, George Bush, Tom Lantos are the equivalent of modern American Nazi's not surprising since the Bush family had their assets seized for running Nazi banks Union Bank though the E. Roland Harriman, including the Netherlands and Bush's grandson sent Roland E Arnall to the Netherlands after using our stolen money and the Simon Wiesenthal Holocaust museum as an excuse to allow Nazi's bankers to seize our assets. Deutsche Bank would never have been allowed to merge with Bankers trust and steal our homes and launder the assets without the help of Roland Arnall.


Thanks for the suggestion Stephen they are all scumbags Tony Ettinger, Larry Litton, Ace Greenburg and the rest of the all-star ms fraud and sub-prime cast. Roland Arnall got his reputation as public enemy number one for his massive political manipulations and literally helping transform the U.S. into a corporate dictatorship by putting a Nazi dictator in power and using his Holocaust ruse for credibility along with the much hated Rabbi Heir, who is hated by Jewish groups for helping create a rise in Anti-Semitism and a new and laying the political and economic framework for a new holocaust. Tom Lantos is another Anti-Semitism fomenter who supported Roland Arnall because he is a “philanthropist” Sure kick seniors out of their own homes and leave them in the street to die and then donate the money to corrupt politicians may be someone in Washington’s idea of philanthropy but not to any sane or rational person.


I appreciate everyone’s efforts against all these financial Nazi's and terrorists.


You have my e-mail Stephen and I have that RTL news segment where Henk Vandera exposed Roland Arnall for being a criminal and buying his position as Ambassador. Many people do not remember that Bush and Senator Lugar used facist/ dictatorial tactics by refusing to count the votes against Roland Arnall

he should lawfully never had a hearing at the Senate foreign relations committee if it wasn't for Bush and Lugar's Gestapo tactics and outright disregard for the law.


Here is perhaps the most outrageous explanation of why Roland Arnall should be made Ambassador according to the completely amoral Senator Lincoln Chaffee of Minnesota the criminal actions of Ameriquest and the deliberate destruction of millions of American citizens lives and the destruction of our economy has nothing to do with Roland Arnall because he is merely the owner of Ameriquest.  The reason why I say Senator Chaffee is amoral is that an immoral person has concept of right and wrong and chooses wrong instead. Senator Chaffee has shown by his statement that Roland Arnall has no responsibility for his actions is devoid of the concept of right and wrong and the living embodiment of evil.


Roland Arnall is not capable of anything other than being a thug and paying off politicians to stay out of jail and in fact using money stolen from U.S. citizens to establish a corporate dictatorship of the U.S. he is a liar and is not a holocaust victim as he claimed to gain sympathy to escape the U.S. and avoid prosecution.


Had the politicians taken a stand to protect their constituents and the rule of law and the enforcement agencies arrested and tried Roland Arnall we could have made plans to avoid the sub-prime crises. Roland Arnall and his enablers
like Geoerge Bush, Senator Lugar, Senator Chaffee are enemies of the state and belong on terrorists lists they are the ones who need to be interogated by the Military to find out why they sold out and endangered our country.
Hey Chuck Hagel is a military man who took a stand for right and wrong and the publics safety and welfare perhaps a military trail for treason is in order?
I'll be more than glad to provide evidence and testimoney.



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It's Rhode Island not Minnesota......Thanks

Sen. Lincoln D. Chafee (R-R.I.) voted to confirm Arnall, even though Rhode Island is one of the states participating in the task force investigating Ameriquest. Michael J. Healey, a spokesman for state Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch, said Rhode Island was participating in the inquiry because of a sharp increase in predatory lending in that state. But a spokesman for Chafee said the senator voted for Arnall because the California businessman is not an "officer or chief executive officer" of Ameriquest, was not individually charged with wrongdoing, and should not be blamed for what might have happened at the company.

"He was not under investigation personally so to hold up his nomination would be improper," said Stephen Hourahan, Chafee's press secretary.

Similarly, Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) also voted for Arnall despite his home state's extensive investigation into Ameriquest's alleged predatory lending practices in that state. In a statement, Coleman praised Arnall as a philanthropist and said he would be a worthy candidate for ambassador.

"Mr. Arnall is not the subject of any investigation," Coleman said. "His personal actions have never been called into question. His credibility and integrity were praised by members from both sides of the aisle during his hearings. For these reasons, it is inappropriate to hold up Mr. Arnall's nomination."

Arnall has been a major financial contributor to the political funds of both Republicans and Democrats, and at the Foreign Relations Committee hearing, he was warmly greeted by senators from both parties. Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.) endorsed Arnall's nomination, praising him as a philanthropist and a Holocaust survivor. Ameriquest is Lantos's largest political contributor. And after the hearing, U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd, who voted against Arnall's nomination, conceded in a report published in the Los Angeles Times that he found it a difficult vote to cast because Arnall had recently hosted a fundraiser for him.    Oh plea$e!!!!

It was a party-line vote except for Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.), who voted against Arnall.

"I do think it's important who represents this country abroad," Hagel said in a statement in November. "I do think we should send people who are not under a cloud of investigation. Mr. Arnall -- fairly or unfairly -- finds himself in that position. I need more answers before I can move forward."

Lincoln Chafee is a former United States Senator from Rhode Island. He lost his re-election bid in 2006 to Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse. He has recently indicated that he is thinking of leaving the Republican Party.

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Some one better call the CDC. I must have caught a case of IDontrecallitus or ImakinghthisupasIgoitis when I was at the Cannon, Rayburn, Longworth, and Dirksen buildings.

I didn't know it was contagious. Perhaps these politicians are not criminals but merely contracted a socially transmitted disease in D.C. that affects their judgment.
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Sally Joe

     Thanks; Anything would be appreciated!! The board has been a great help, and I remain grateful.

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Arnall is the embodiment of the evil empire that is the real estate/mortgage industry.  The insidious criminal activities that were the engine of Ameriquest were personally engineered by Arnall.  Former employees stated that: "He was very intimate with the day-to-day operations and he knew exactly how the company was running down to the lowest levels".

If ever there were a subject for future business and law courses, Arnall belongs in the history books.
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Former Ameriquest Workers Tell of Deception

Listen to this story... by  

Morning Edition, May 14, 2007 · Some former employees of the nation's leading subprime lender say the company encouraged them to conceal rate terms and make fake fixed-loan documents that pushed customers into loans they couldn't afford.

The founder and owner of Ameriquest, Roland Arnall, became a billionaire. ... and told us to go into the conference room and watch a couple of videos. ... - Similar pages

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8/20/2007 5:25:00 PM

Ameriquest, First Century, Countrywide urgently seeking former sales employees Ripoff Orange County Or LA California
Author: Sydney AUSTRALIA, OtherMortgage Companies : Ameriquest, First Century, CountrywideCalifornia


I am an Australian journalist urgently seeking former employees of Ameriquest, First Century Financial or Countrywide Loans who are willing to talk frankly about predatory lending practises in the subprime mortgage market.

I work for Australia's leading documentary current affairs program on our national broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

We are looking for people who have been sales staff and have sold 2/28s and 3/27s / ARMS using misleading sales pitches, or who have left companies because they have seen or been encouraged to use 'Boiler room: sales tactics in their office.

My reporter will be in California at the end of this week (24 August 07).

You must be prepared to speak on camera. The program will air in Australia, NOT the US.

Please contact me ASAP for an initial phone conversation if you are interested or can help.


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ABC News (Australian

Easy money home loans: a race to the bottom - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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I wonder why your only selecting these companies. I have legitimate claims myself against Ameriquest. I refinanced my home in August 04. Unfortunately for me I didn't know I was going thru Ameriquest as I was working with a company called All Fund. Well we went to close and our loan officer didn't even have the nerve to show up for closing. Anything we were told about our loans we were to be signing wasn't true. Got a arm instead of a fixed rate. Then as luck would have it we've had our 1st financial hard times in Oct 05. In Feb o6 tried to cure delinquency with 2nd home lender. Could never get good reinstatement figures. Homeq attempted to foreclose on my home in June 06. I stopped their sale because they can't tell me who receives my money after them. They still can't tell me or a us banko judge who owns my note. There was an article like this in the NY Times two weeks ago with other people in same situation.  There seems to be no end to the maze of garbage. Attorneys all try to stick up for creditor. I can't sell home to get better job. So 1st wants to foreclose. I can't win without cash.
I've been in the mortgage business since 1999 and have never seen more corrupt people then Chase or Citibank. I literally several times called Chase legal dept to make sure someone was suppose to be in my dept. As my manager would say just collect. They belong here. I can't tell you how many times I'd have a file pulled and closed out of a large national agency owned by attorneys. Management wanted me only to collect. I did collect. But only those that had capability to still attempt to rectify things did I help. But some I couldn't. No matter how hard I tried. I honestly never grew up saying I want to be a bill collector when I get older. It's the hardest sales call to do. But if someone attempts to be a human instead of just a bill collector and realizes most people intend to do right and work in this fashion instead of insulting someones intelligence you get alot further. To me there's a professional in everyone regardless of what they do. If they treated me with respect and dignity I tried to put some back into the situation as well. I did give settlements. I did try to help. You wouldn't believe the horror stories I can tell. Maybe not a unique situation to some. To me it was as we were the only agency handling charged off notes for Chase and Citi. And I beat a man month in and out in numbers. So for a business pro man. pro golf I was doing it.
That was until after 2 1/2 yrs into the job come to find out they never had it in their contract to be able to sell notes for Chase. Which was found out after the male I had to compete with month in and out was so horrible to a debtor that he got to the President of CMMC and got thru to my office to be told they never had it in their contracts to sell notes for Chase. That it was a assumed practice when Chase bought out good ol Advanta. Took an investor for $80,000 in charged off notes face value of $300-$500,000.
I think the hardest thing about my job is the dissatisfaction my mother in law has for my choice of employment. Not that we don't have a good relationship cause we do. But she just didn't understand how I could attempt to do my job when your not paid to be exactly nice most of the time. But with children in today's ages and no formal 4 yr degree and bonus checks that come n handy what is one to do ? But I rationalized it with everyone has to work or they'll be calling me. It just ended up being a career I could make decent wages instead of fast food. or a secretary underpaid. But I did receive cards from some of my debtors. And could still call people today and have a place to stay nationally between family and friends I ended up meeting along the way in the business.
In all reality I've been attempting to be a stay at home mom for about 3 yrs now. It's tough I thought I had a career mapped out in the note business since I have buyers. But it's a harder market to break into and really understand more than one knows. And upper finance.corporate finance where all of this is going on with the banks is corrupt as well. So I'm attempting to do oil transactions and real estate funding thru some of my associates who may unknowingly be helping me out of the bad financial mess I've gotten myself into for always trying to do the right thing. It would be nothing short of a miracle. After all the bullshit liars there are in the banking, real estate business. I thought if I got enough experience in the financial sector I'd never be unemployed. But the St. Louis marketplace sucks. And real paying jobs/employers aren't paying here in ST. Louis for my field. If only I could understand all this computer stuff  besides typing I'd be out of my misery!
Sorry if anyone reading this is offended by my words. Especially if me speaking as a former bill collector offends anyone. But I've been burned as every other hard working American has been too!
Now I'm facing possibly having to get this deal done asap hopefully next week so now I can go after my banko attorney for dropping the ball now for 3 months in getting my adversary filed against Homeq. He doesn't think there'll be much in it for us. But how is this crap right?  If Homeq would of gave me my reinstatement I would of never knew they didn't know who their collecting for! Seriously how many lenders does it take to take ownership of a note? Ameriquest said they sold to HOMEQ servicing released. Homeq says their servicing note with Wells Faro as trustee for Ameriquest. And that they always only are only a servicer never a owner. So I've been told Wells Fargo could own,Argent, Ameriquest, Wells Fargo, Wachovia, Option one. Amazing you'd think someone would want to be paid!
So the unemployment office was all for the employer. As I guess their contributing somehow. But business tactics in collection agencies or the banking industry as I can see it is lacking in whole! I'm sure other professions are hurting as badly or else I would be the only one in this mess.
I think it all comes down to a lack of communication, and commitment. And Love of one another. As no one's life is perfect and you have to attempt to live by GOD'S LAW. DO UNTO OTHER AS YOU'D WANT THEM TO DO YOU! But the banks don't believe this. Neither do the employers. Even our own government. Their all as crooked as the next one. Or else we wouldn't be here in chat rooms screaming for help. From all the life stealing predators out there.


Seriously they talk about all these work from home jobs. And they all tell you one thing and another. And straight comission to me might as well be nothing. As your basically working on a hope of making money with no guarantee and most products aren't worth representing.And they want you to spend your money when you want to make money to find them someone to buy their products. And the wages on jobs outside of collections unless your a lawyer, Dr., nurse, IT Person, hard labor just doesn't pay for a family of six. There's no protection in working for someone else. Except slavery to a job that barely makes ends meet if it does. My husband actually has a very physically demanding job being a mechanic. But is having a hard time finding a good job here as well. We've had an offer to relocate 2400 miles away into Canada. But that's to far for us. Anywhere, may be soon!
God Bless!

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This forum is about mortgage service fraud some of the major players are Fairbanks, Litton, EMC and others listed on our home page.

Stephen picked Ameriquest I think because Roland Arnall is a larger than life criminal and he embodies the Ken Lay on steroids approach of doing business rip off as many people as possible, lie about it and discredit the victims and pay off the Government for protection.

We have been addressing the issue of sub-prime because the profits of ms fraud are laundered though such supposedly reputable lenders such as Bank of America, Deutsche Bank/Bankers Trust etc and because the fraud perpetrated through these corrupt servicers poses a risk to the entire lending system and therefore to the entire economy.

Chase, Citibank, Jp Morgan, UBS, Royal bank of Scotland, Barclays, Hsbc, and many more are very corrupt banks I have to agree that Citi is probably one of if not the most corrupt financial institution. Inner city press is a good source of information for the greater picture of financial fraud.

We do our best to address issues that directly relate to ms fraud and although some people seem to think otherwise or at least say they do the financial services industry works hand in hand to influence the political and judicial system and tirelessly pressures the mainstream media to create create cover stories for their crimes such as the outrageous articles in A.P.

There has been quite a bit of exposure of predatory lending and lately the fraud in the intentional or at least reckless involvement of lenders and investment firms, regulators the GSE's and even the Fed has been exposed in the mainstream media.

As the bailouts and liquidity injections fail or become to costly we can expect more exposure of foreclosures for profit and ms fraud. Sooner or later the lie that banks do not want to foreclose will be as absurd a statement as the earth is flat, and those spreading this lie will be in prison or brought to justice by angry mobs.  Many people realize a handful of crooks has intentionally looted the economy and created widespread suffering just for fun and profit and their criminal exploits have directly and indirectly hurt many people and created a grave security risk.

The reason ms fraud is so important is it proves the financial services industry creates foreclosures intentionally for profit and that is why they divert the focus to borrowers failing to make payments forcing the lenders to foreclose. It is also why the financial services will make their intentional criminal acts look like bad judgment, greed and lack of oversight and regulation. The truth is the lenders would become extraordinarily rich if the entire economy collapsed and they got millions of homes and businesses for free or cheap. In a debt based economy it makes business sense for the financial services industry to create economic instability and recessions and depressions.
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