Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I found some interesting facts about my Assignment of Mortgage that was recorded with the county.

First of all MERS is the nominee for Litton Loan Servicing. For value received Litton Loan conveyed to Lasalle Bank National........

The Certified Officer for MERS is for a fact an employee for the Law Group that filed for foreclosure. Also the notary is  an employee for the same Law Group. MERS is located in VA. and the Law Group is located in Florida.

Any thoughts??????? What should I do next?????
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Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe MERS elects employees of law firms and servicers as officers of MERS.  This way these 'remote or offsite' employees can act on behalf of MERS.  I think this has been challenged in the past but found to be legal. 


It is something akin to a credit manager working for an auto dealer signing loan documents on behalf of the finance company.

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Nye Lavalle
Many forgeries and notaries at law firms actually doing the signing. So Stern, Watson, Eschevierra, Yoss or other law firm in FLA?
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Florida Default Law Group is the law firm I am talking about. When I googled them I found Michael Echevarria, Michael Wolfe, Ernest Codilis and Stawiarski. Aren't these some the the lawers in question??

I called MERS and they say that this certified officer would have to work for the servicer (Litton). I called Litton and they said no such person works there. I called the Law firm and he does work there. I also went to MERS web sight and looked up the companies that are registered with them and Litton is registered but the Law firm is not. I also found that MERS has a Corporate Resolution Request Form for their registered companies to appoint their employees to be certifying officers. But as I said before, Florida Default Law Group is not registered with them.

I also think that the notary signatures are forged. Because it is just a scrible, as well as the certified officer's signature.

I also was on this forum about how the lis pendens and the assignment were dated the same exact date (Dec 2nd) but the lis pendens was recorded on Dec.4th and the assignment was recorded on Dec. 15th. My question is why was the assignment recorded after the lis pendens if they were both dated Dec. 2nd??????

Something really smells around here.... Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks
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Have tons of info on these cons and crooks. Do you have a lawyer and what county are you in? Are there full signatures or just initials or "squiggle" marks? Check other court records with same law firm in county and compare "signatures" of ALL people signing and see if they match. May have to look at hundreds. Send me names of all signatories and notaries and will check my database Also, check dates when notazied and check type faces and city and county where notarized!
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Nye Lavalle
Sorry missed he bottom of your message about squiggle marks. You must challenge everything in loan including the assignment and depo everyone. You need a good lawyer.
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Ken Porter is the Certified Officer for MERS, he works for Florida Default Law Group.

Patricia Hutchens is the notary.
she is a registered notary in Tampa Florida. She works for Florida Default Law Group.

It is my understanding that you can only be a certiied officer if you work for the servicer (Litton). They are registered with MERS. Now Florida Default Law Group is not registered with MERS. Therefore, Litton should have had one of their certified officers for MERS to sign the assignment not the attorney's office employee.

I also learned that MERS procedures for a certified officer is that the registered company has to send in a Corporate Resolution Request Form appointing officers. So in my opinion MERS should have this request form on file with Ken Porter's name on it.

I hope I am making sense.

I am in Indian River County, Florida.
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I'm going through the same crap here in Las Vegas. two of the people who signed my recorded doc's at the county show the 2 that signed are asst sec of MERS. Yet they also signed some doc as AVP for the company that transfered the deed of truste. So how can they sign a sub of trustee as asst sec of MERS and also sign the deed of trust AVP for the company that recorded the notice of trustee sale. Sure seems like conflict of interest. All help is welcome.

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Just as Nye said. You need to look up in your county records the assignments and compare the signatures. I am in the prcess of doing so my self. And let me tell you. "It's not easy." There are a lot of assignments to go through.

Post the info that Nye asked me for and maybe she may be able to steer you in the right direction.

This is a "Great Forum".  I have learned a lot and there is so much more to learn that we can not even imagine.

Good Luck........
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