Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I too have a mortgage with American servicing company. I requested a loan modification and was told that I must be 60 days late before they would assist me with a loan mod and or a short sale. I had two short sales pending. ASC denied them, Mrs Greenwood said that I wasn't in a financial hardship. Since then My house has been taken from me. ready for auction. My credit score has dropped over 250 points and no one from this darn company will help me or tell me how to recover. I just called and asked how can I save my property from foreclosure since it has not been sold. I was told that I couldn't save because I don't make enough. What a bunch of crock. Someone please weigh in on this and point me in the right direction.

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Been There
Well, without more information it is hard to say.

Has your income/expenses changed since you first got the loan?

If so and the change is significant this may disqualify you regarding being approved for a loan mod. Loan mods are not an automatic thing. If your income can't support future payments there is almost always a denial.

If your income/debt ratio has not changed then I'd press further for the reasons you were denied.

Considering an auction is pending you don't have much time. You may look into getting a consultation with an attorney to see if you have a legal leg to stand on.

Without more information advice is going to be hard to come by.

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Eeryone who has had dealing with Wells Fargo dba American Servicing Company (ASC) needs to file their complaints with the Federal Trade Commission It was very easy! When you finish with that one, go to and and file a complaint with your state representative as well as your state Attorney General's office. They have to keep a record of ALL complaints and act on them. This company has been doing illegal foreclosures as wells illegal fees and it's time to put our government to work for us! Afterall, we are the ones to elect them to their office and our tax dollars pays their check! It's time for them to go to work and do what we put them there for...protect us and fight for our rights against big corporate america companies like this one!

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Thanks for the response. I will be speaking with an attorney on Monday and I will follow up with you there after. I was told by my realestate agent today that there are many offers pending on my property and ASC will not accept even though they will be getting all their monies. I don't understand. I feel as if this is a personal attack against me. How could a company be so dehumanizing and mean. I think at this point Bankruptcy may be my only option if I am able to do that as well.

What is more upsetting to me is Well Fargo bank acts if they have no idea of whats going on. It just blows my mind.
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