Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Mark K
In two decisions handed down by the Oregon Supreme Court yesterday, MERS' franchise in that state got eviscerated.  These decisions are:

Brandrup v. ReconTrust Co., No. S060281 (Oregon June 6, 2013)
Niday v. GMAC Mortgage, LLC, No. S060655 (Oregon June 6, 2013)

The Oregon Supreme Court held that MERS is not a beneficiary under an Oregon trust deed and has no authority to exercise the rights under the trust deed.

This decision is as good as it gets.

This decision may void more than a few non-judicial foreclosures in Oregon and may force most foreclosures involving MERS instruments to be undertaken as judicial rather than non-judicial foreclosures.

There are a few scam artists criticizing this excellent decision.  Those running debt elimination scams have been claiming that MERS involvement voids the deed of trust and extinguishes the note.  Of course, this is and has always been complete nonsense and only serves as the pretext to defraud distressed borrowers who buy into the scam.

Everyone should carefully read the Oregon decisions several times.  The Oregon Supreme Court really hits the nail on the head and cleaned MERS' clock in all respects.
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Another Blog
Jeff Barnes is saying that a bank lobbyist wrote the article and that it is a huge loss for MERS and the banks. 

But why ruin your post by mentioning scam artists? Can't you post a thread without accusations?  

You turn off many people with your endless accusations.   
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Jeff Barnes an attorney who operates the scam site:

To his credit, he represented the Nidays in their appeal, one of the two cases decided by the Oregon Supreme Court last week. He had nothing to do with the other more important case decided by the Oregon Supreme Court.

Like others purporting to be involved in debt elimination scams, Barnes promotes companies that perform useless forensic loan audits and securitization audits, both which have been exposed to be complete scams preying on distressed homeowners.

As with most of the foreclosure defense mills, anyone who employs this guy can expect to be promised great outcomes, will pay him a lot of money and then still lose their house in the end. He is probably more capable than many practicing in the foreclosure defense arena. But by the time the borrower pays all of his fees, etc., the borrower usually ends up far worse off than representing themselves pro se, especially in non-judicial foreclosure states.

As far as the assertion that the banksters wrote the article in the Oregonian, this reflects a complete oversimplification. MERS, Fannie, Freddie and the major banks all have full time press spokespersons whose job it is to spin and manipulate the news media. They also employ additional "media consultants". Whenever there is a major decision forthcoming, these guys already have their prepared, scripted response. They issue news releases and are all singing the very same chorus.

When the reporter talks to the spokesperson at MERS, that person will in turn suggest that he speak to the representatives at Fannie, Freddie, the mortgage bankers association, etc. By the time all of these employed corporate pundits have talked the poor reporter to death, he is at or near his deadline and doesn't have time to speak with anyone else.

By contrast, those operating the various scam sites do not post the actual phone numbers of the attorneys. Instead, they have telemarketing operations or only web links. That is to assure that the scam site can make as much money as possible while those profiting are able to do the very least work. This also insulates the swindlers from their dissatisfied customers who have been ripped off.

All of the stories in the news media are therefore one-sided, portraying only the official MERS or bank story. Then, afterwards, the scam artists accuse the news media of bias. It is the very same refrain after every decision, as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

The Oregon Supreme Court decision was clearly a borrower victory. Unfortunately, the favorable decision will now be used to support new debt elimination scams and the net effect will very likely be to cost borrowers more money to these various scams than ever. This is not to try to spin the decision as unfavorable to borrowers or favorable to MERS. MERS is simply lying, as they always do.

The Oregon Supreme Court decision can definitely be used to slow or frustrate foreclosures in Oregon and the language of the decision is useful elsewhere. But anyone employing one of the scam artists is going to wish that this decision was never handed down. Such a poor sucker is going to get taken for more than they ever imagined and will still lose their homes in the end.

Watch carefully. Despite "winning", Niday will still soon be homeless. Jeff Barnes will be richer and he will be on to new adventures getting his hands in as many pockets as he can while the scam continues!
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Full of It
Blah, Blah.  No one listens to you on this site.  You're the same one posting over and over again and calling everyone and their mothers scam artists. 

I'll say it again, you are ruining it for everyone else.  Stop the accusations and go away.  Get your own blog no one wants you here.
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