Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Before we click and ask is there anyone who has used them?

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Ed Cage

Howdy Texas!

I'm a 63 year Dallas area resident except for my 3 years in the military. I went to school in Dallas/Denton and also owned a business in Dallas (The Art Board) for 3 decades.

Generally speaking:
1) I have never heard of Dean Malone which means absolutely nothing.

2) He appears to be an "online attorney" or at least one who makes a major advertising thrust on the internet. More often than not that's usually a bad sign (in my view) but not in his case.

I was impressed after reading his website and his examples.  I am also convinced this guy is rather competent in the mortgage fraud area.. Again the fact that I haven't heard of him means little.. However if he was a shyster (an unethical lawyer), one would be far more likely to have heard of him.

Mr Texas do you live in the Dallas area?  If so after the holidays we could have lunch if you wish..  I like what attorney Dean Malone posted and may in fact use him myself when I likely eventually sue EMC/Bear and possibly AMC.

Ed Cage
1804 Cross Bend, Plano TX 75023
972-596-4363 (Listed)  
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A phone call to the TX Bar to ask about his status and any complaints would also be in order if you have concerns.

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Ed Cage

Excellent advice Mike.

The website for the Texas Bar is:

I did a quick search for Dean Malone sans his License # but it produced no results.

Here’s their address and phone number.  Additionally if for example you are in Dallas County, Tarrant County, or Collin County and so forth.. There will also be a County Bar unless you are in a very small Texas County.

Texas Bar
P.O. Box 12487,  Austin, TX  78711
(512) 427-1835, 
Thanks Mike,
MR ;^D

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FYI, the folks at Neuces County (sp?) court are extremely helpful if anyone ever needs them...

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Maybe Dean Malone works works for Saxon Mortgage in Ft. Worth by day and is an attorney in Dallas by night!!!!! He could really take advantage of people. He just turns his hat around when he leaves Ft. Worth and enters Dallas.
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