Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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   They were playing the MS FRAUD GAME way back in 1996...!!
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HomeSide Lending, Inc., now a division of Washington Mutual, still engages in the same fraud as recently as 2003. Even though HSL merged into WAMU in November of 2002, the employees from HSL continued on their merry way force placing insurance on our home for the THIRD TIME in September of 2003.

We had an attorney at the time, but, the court system continues to stall on the issue of damages allowable under our State's Consumer Fraud Statute.

The HSL employees have merely morphed into WAMU employees.

Interestingly, the Attorneys General of Vermont, West Virginia, Florida and Alabama filed consumer fraud charges against HSL on behalf of its citizens only to enter into settlement agreements for pitifully small amounts payable to the wronged individuals. This got HSL/WAMU off the hook and they continued on their merry way. How cozy!!

This company was founded by Thomas H. Lee Co. and Madison Dearborn Partners as a joint venture with Barnett Banks. Madison Dearborn consisted of individual bank officers from First Chicago/Continental Bank's Venture Capital Division. They linked with friends in the industry at Banc Boston to devise the scheme to form this company called HomeSide Lending, Inc.

HomeSide Lending, Inc. was then sold to National Australia Bank who claimed a huge multi-billion dollar loss from operations. Suspiciously, the loss conveniently offset the profits NAB had made from ongoing other operations. NAB then sold HSL to WAMU. WAMU is supposedly owned by SR Investments, Inc.

Does anyone have any information on SR Investments....we can't find anything about this company. SR Investments supposedly is the sole owner of WAMU. Is SR a hedgefund?? We can't find any substantive information in the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency's records regarding a merger or acquisition of WAMU by SR!!

Meanwhile, Bank One, N.A. bought and merged WAMU and within a few months had merged into J.P. Morgan/Chase. Dimon, the chair of Bank One is now the chair of JPMC.

Meanwhile, Madison Dearborn Partners took the hundreds if millions made from the sale of HSL to NAB and started a company named "TUESDAY MORNING."

Now WAMU is supposedly on the bubble that is about to burst.

No wonder the President has asked the Pope to visit this country. The hell we are all in by the manipulations of the lax regulatory climate for which the U.S. Justice Dept. is ultimately responsible for requires DIVINE INTERVENTION. At least George II is doing something. But, he has to pick up the pen and begin a purge unequaled in modern history by the severe and aggressive prosecutions of the guilty.

Interestingly, National Australia Bank had JP Morgan, Citibank and SR Investments listed as the major shareholders.

The tentacles are everywhere with multi-national banks owning bits and pieces of each other.

I believe the theory here is that there is safety in being a part of the crowd. That way they can continue on their  merry way with no fear of regulatory enforcement. However, its all based on dollars and the various currencies values. But, no matter what, the multi-nationals can escape serious consequences by each owning parts of the others. Its merely a matter of which currency they are long in at any given time. And with digital currency, even that doesn't matter.

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