Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Still Fighting
Everyone I have talked to has said I have a mountain of evidence but they do not specialize in this sort of litigation or they are not taking any more mortgage cases. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Do a Google search, Put in the name of the company and what they did, V. court dates 2007.

Like> v. Litton fraud court dates. Then talk to the attorneys that are working on those cases. Might be one way. GL "o)
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Still Fightin,

Below is a link to an article sent to me about an associate. The article is based on a person in E Stl. Il. About maybe 45mins from where I'm at to the attorney. If they can't help they may be able to tell you of an office near you. Also there's more about my story as well below. If there's anyway to assist we'll do our best. But we're not attorney's. And who knows if they can really help or not?

Well folks I know everyone probably thinks I'm nuts. As some of you know
I've done several postings about my unbelivable fate with my 2nd
mortgage note.

Below is about an article an associate of mine sent me. It was in the NY
Times I believe on 8/6/07.

BUSINESS | August 6, 2007
Mortgage Maze May Increase Foreclosures
<http://www.nytimes. com/2007/ 08/06/business/ 06home.html? ex=1187064000& en\
=6ed087b8c882be7c& ei=5070&emc= eta1>
The complex design of mortgage securities is confounding homeowners
struggling to avoid defaulting on their loans.

You just can't believe such a story seems to have no end. Just like in
the article no one wants to talk about it. I know from personal
experience on mine that they all blame the other one. Amazingly enough
it seems all the same players are in play as on mine. Argent sold to
Ameriquest. Then on mine Ameriquest actually has had the nerve to say
they sold my note servicing released to HOMEQ. And all Homeq will tell
you is their servicing on behalf of Ameriquest with Wells Fargo acting
as trustee.And that they never own notes. As their a 3rd party servicer.
But no one claims ownership. NO one filed a assignment. The attorney for
HOMEQ can't provide proof of who owns. Anyone I've been told that owns
takes no ownership of note. So who should win? Looks like in my case
they could win finally. As the 2nd note I have is in such a mess. I've
been in a chp 13 almost a year now. And it's been a horrible struggle.
Our attorney knew when we filed chp 13 the mess we ended up in but
doesn't understand it entirely or else he would of been on top of things
already. To me he should of been on top of things to file an adversary
over 2months ago and just now claims will be able to file next week for

Problem is though that I need to relocate to be able to have a job
worthy of my skills. As being the main income provider for my family
this leaves me in a terrible crunch. As the job market for my skills
unless I go back to what I used to do doesn't pay as much unless I
relocate. And even though I could take a lesser paying job the reality
is it would make me work 2 or 3 jobs possibly instead of one. And I've
worked hard for the skills I have to just not do what I've done in the

And since this is a 2nd note and they have no clue who their paying
beyond them how can I sell? I mean who can take power to settle note or
sell if no one knows who owns it? It's been since June 2006 and no other
owner has stepped forward. At least we got the judge to agree with us.
But now it's such dire straits. I can't continue to live where work
isn't plentiful enough to support family. And I refuse quiet title why
give them anything after all this? And bankruptcy trustee doesn't want
to go after them for filing 2 false proof of claims to be paid. As they
knew they already didn't know who owned when they filed claim to be
paid. Or else their sale wouldn't of been stopped last year in June when
we found out everything. And to rent home your not suppose to do. Even
if I did I don't think I'd gain enough to relocate my family. I just
really want this nightmare over!

Regardless of my financial circumstances I did my best to reinstate in
Feb, March to reinstate. I was like 3mnths behind in Feb on my 2nd note.
They never would tell me a good $$$ amount to pay. That's why I wouldn't
pay then I found out everything else. And 1st can't be paid off cause
that would put 2nd in 1st place.

Just on another note my 1st is with Citi--and Ameriquest sold to them as
well. No filing of this assignment though either. And now Citi is
suppose to be I believe working closer with Ameriquest. Not sure of
actual connection. Some one from said that maybe Homeq
doesn't even know all this has ocurred. That it could be Fidelity
Residential Services. Who Knows? Maybe after adversary is filed and
their all named again for their illegitmate business practices we'll
find out more. It will include Wachovia, Wells Fargo, Homeq, Argent,
Ameriquest, Fidelity Res Services,Option One and possibly another.

I'm stressed beyond disbelief. As I never married for money. Was raised
to be independent without a spousal income. Which I'm glad for.
Regardless of what one makes it doesn't make them less of an individual
and won't stop you from loving someone or make them less of a person.

Sorry for such a long story. But I'm baffled. Everyone is taught to go
to school and get an education. Or work hard and eventually you'll get
done what you set out to get done if you act in just ways. Don't lie,
cheat or steal and to do onto others as you'd want done to you. I've yet
to find a professional here in St. Louis to help accordingly I think
though. Although my attorney is trying he's never handled such a case I
know. And when I went to NACA I was told that there'd be several hours
of work. And all attorney's have to sell is their time. But
unfortunately I was also told that out of 10,000 bankruptcy attorney's
here in St. Louis your lucky if 3 actually know how to protect someone.
But I've been doing my postings and some people do respond with good
helpful hints that I've sent to him. And we're working thru it. But I
can't work thru no job and no money!

Help! Words of encouragement do count but don't change these
circumstances. Your dammed for doing the right thing and they still win?
Now we know why the banks are all losing their bottom $$$ don't
neogitate have the worst attitude with someone to many times and you'll
pay. I guess were all sending the same signals but their not listening.
Alot of people need better educations, need mentors, and need employers
that give a dam about something but themselves. There should be no
reason to have employment wages for entry level jobs at only $7.00 per
hr. For an employer to think someone can live on that or even $20 an hr
in todays society is crazy!! We pay for everyone else to make
$150-170,000 a year to represent us. Why not give someone a living wage
starting at about $20 an hr. So an employee would feel encouraged to
learn a new trade or stay in a chosen field? Or feel their job is worthy
of being there to do business? It seems people are working more jobs to
just get by. It's insane not everyone is uneducated. I honestly believe
my day will come. But until it does I'll do my best to keep appreciating
what I've been blessed with. If it only didn't make you so upset all the

Best of luck!


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It sounds like you will win the fight.

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I'm in Illinois and know of some attorneys that may be able to help you, but, in order to determine that will depend on where you are located as attorneys will not represent an individual that is geographically located to far away from their office.
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Still Fighting wrote:
Everyone I have talked to has said I have a mountain of evidence but they do not specialize in this sort of litigation or they are not taking any more mortgage cases. Anyone have any suggestions?

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NACA members in Illinois are not interested in representing a defendant in mortgage foreclosure litigation....none of them will return phone calls.

This is not an idle assertion...try it and find out...

And if by chance one of them does return your phone calls, the chances of them actually taking the case are slim and none .....and slim is out of town.
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The poster didn't say anything about a foreclosure defense.

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Try this firm- the understand this type of case, and are in Chicago.

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