Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I've been reading all the post I can on Ameriquest and Citi Residential, but I am still totally confused.  I've found that

On February 28, 2007 ACC Capital Holdings announced that Citigroup was providing working capital and access to credit. Citigroup also gained the option to purchase Argent and AMC, but this option does not extend to Ameriquest.[2]

On September 9, 2007, Argent Mortgage was sold to Citi for an undisclosed amount. Argent was renamed Citi Residential Lending. Citi Residential Lending operated for several months before it was shut down.

Citi Residential is the remnant of ACC Capitol Holdings (including wholesale subsidiary Argent) acquired by the investment bank in February of 2007.

"Effective April 30th, 2008 Citi Residential Lending will transition its wholesale origination platform and related assets to CitiMortgage, Inc.

If Ameriquest went out of business in 2007 and Citi Residential thereafter, how could either execute an assignment of mortgage on November 30, 2007?   The assignment was executed by

by Dawn L. Reynolds, Authorized Agent

and the notary states

DAWN REYNOLDS whose name as Authorized Agent of CITI RESIDENTIAL LENDING, INC., AS AUTHORIZED AGENT FOR AMERIQUEST MORTGAGE COMPANY ... as such officer, and with full authority ... and as the act of said corporation and acting in its capacity as Attorney-in-Fact for the aforesaid AMERIQUEST MORTGAGE COMPANY

Dawn Reynolds is an 'authorized agent' of CITI RESIDENTIAL

Also, can Citi Residential, which is closed, still execute assignment of mortgages filed of record in 2009 and 2010 as attorney-in-fact for Ameriquest?

I'm trying to get stuff together to send to the attorney Monday and my poor brain is tired, I've been trying to find something to use that proves the assignment was fraud and that they are still executing fraudulent assignments on behalf of AMERIQUEST



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Dawn Reynolds robo-signer

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in googling I've seen that, but I don't see anything to prove Ameriquest assigned mortgages after it was closed or that Citi Residential is executing documents for Ameriquest without the legal right to do so.

so what does this mean?

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okay ... I thought the arrow was pointing me to what I needed to see, but after I saw that arrow used elsewhere, I decided to come back to see if I could see what you were referencing.

I guess I'm just stupid because I still don't see it ...

ARGENT MORTGAGE, LLC is the parent company of AMERIQUEST and I see one assignment with an effective date of 2006 ..

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Dawn Reynolds appears to be in a robo-signing position for Citi and others. I like to call them "VPs of EVERYTHING!"

These loans never die. They move from shadowy company to shadowy company via digital entries. You are asking if they have a "legal right" to make assignments.

Maybe, maybe not. For years these companies have created their own legal rights out of thin air by simply forging documents that said whatever they needed them to say to get the foreclosure done. It will be up to your attorney to demand proof.

Ameriquest contracts were found in dumpsters and left behind in abandoned offices when the rustlers absconded in a hurry. For this reason I doubt Citi has your note and has maybe sent in its robo-signing team to create "artful documents" for it.

Your attorney should be aware of the issues and have access to what he needs to verify it. Your case may be a good candidate for the "produce the note" argument.

Tell your attorney your concerns. I assume that your are compensating your attorney and there should be no need for you to have to prove legal arguments for your lawyer. That's what lawyers do best.

Good luck.

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thanks ... I didn't have a loan with Ameriquest, my sister did.   My mother had a life interest in her house and after  she passed away in Feb 2002,  my sister got a mortgage on it.       The mortgage was assigned to WM Specialty Mortgage, LLC in November 2007 and JPMC Specialty Mortgage, LLC, claiming to be fka WM It wa s "foreclosed" on in July 2009 and filed an ejectment action and order that she had lost the right to redeem.   I got a POA and quitclaim deed  and tried to get the foreclosure set aside so we could redeem mama's house when we sold a piece of property.   I filed an answer as AIF, then filed the deed and did a motion to substitute and amend answer that was granted by the court.  

Long story short,  JPMC cannot maintain an action in this state without being qualified .. they filed an unexecuted foreclosure deed and  I got kicked out of court for the unlawful practice of law and the court instructed me to get an attorney.   We got attorneys, my sisters filed an answer and mine filed a motion to file a complaint in intervention.  The court determined "I" didn't have legal standing because the quitclaim deed was executed after the "alleged" foreclosure.  The only evidence in the court was their 'claim' of title, a quit claim deed that conveyed  her "interest" in the property that constituted a "transfer of interest" pursuant to Rule 25 and a certificate from the SOS that they weren't qualified.   Based upon "hearsay" they had legal standing and I didn't.  After my sister's withdrew my attorney made an appearance on her behalf and adopted my response to the pleadings to dismiss me.    I got dismissed again for lack of standing even though my sister adopted pleadings that they were unqualified.  However, the court ordered discovery based upon my attorneys request and  right before discovery was due, they filed a voluntary dismissal.  In addition to an unexecuted foreclosure deed, there is another foreclosure deed executed and recorded after they filed the ejectment action and also executed by another  auctioneer and attorney in fact.   

I want to file a complaint on my own, but my attorneys want to file with my sister too, but I don't want  my sister and her kids (28 & 30) claiming title and moving in.  

Based upon the evidence, I have title and a boatload of tort claims that were done against me after the court granted me successor in interest.    I just stumbled upon the fact Ameriquest went out of business in 2007 and that could further invalidate the assignment.  

I'm doing all the research for my attorney's because they don't have a pool of paralegals.  And I don't want to just cut them off at the knees without a leg to stand on, I don't want to leave a stump.   Right now they're claiming title by the 2nd deed and are cutting the grass till the house sells.   If this wasn't my mama and daddy's house, it would be different and I wouldn't be involved.  But my mama and daddy are both gone and they would turn over in their grave if they knew the crap that's gone on with and in their house.    The house was built in 1890 and has been in the family for over 40 years and mama and daddy wanted to keep it that way and never wanted it sold, let alone foreclosed on. So not only is this stressful for me, it is very emotional - my daddy would have celebrated his 109th birthday this year and mama would have been 90.

So I appreciate any help that I can get     

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