Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Dawn Arnall

Roland Arnall

Roland Arnall, Ameriquest Mortgage
Roland and Ameriquest fostered a corporate culture of corruption. Ameriquest is on its way down. They're eliminating staff, and it's probably just a matter of time before the company is gone. (It is now gone, of course.) Get used to that view, Roland!
Ameriquest in Shambles

Video demanding justice be brought to Roland Arnall
ABC Story: Ameriquest Investigation
Here's some news stories on Ameriquest.
Mortgage fix eluded lawmakers in 2001
By John Hill, December 12, 2007
The state of California had a chance to curb lending practices that would later contribute to a crisis in subprime mortgages when it set out in 2001 to regulate so-called "predatory" loans.

Ameriquest didn't limit its giving to campaign cash. It paid $72,000 for Assembly Democrats to attend a fundraiser in Hawaii during the Pro Bowl in 2005, including gifts, airfare, lodging at Hilton Hawaiian Village and meals – even $170 for cookies.

Ameriquest CA Contributions

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Named in the original class action were Ameriquest Mortgage Company, Fremont Investment & Loan, Option One Mortgage Corporation, WMC Mortgage Corporation, Long Beach Mortgage Company, BNC Mortgage, Accredited Home Lenders, Bear Stearns Residential Mortgage Corporation, Encore Credit, First Franklin Financial Corporation, HSBC Finance Corporation and Washington Mutual, Inc.

Georgia NAACP Files Mortgage Lawsuit
Atlanta Daily World - 4 hours ago
"Predatory mortgage lending may be the worst form of consumer fraud because people often lose their homes," he said.

  Bear Stearns Mortgage Unit Accused of Predatory Loan Servicing
Bloomberg - Dec 10, 2007
10 (Bloomberg) -- Bear Stearns Cos., the second- biggest US underwriter of bonds backed by mortgages, and its EMC Mortgage unit were accused of predatory loan servicing that particularly harmed Hispanic and black borrowers.

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CK wrote:

I would like to know the same thing...I BET I know of some people that would like to know the answer to that question.

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Godfathers of subprime
Money: How it all started in O.C. | subprime, beach, mortgage, long, securities -

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - Citigroup Inc , Merrill Lynch & Co and JPMorgan Chase & Co may face larger fourth-quarter debt write-offs than previously expected, and Citigroup may have to slash its dividend 40 percent to preserve capital, according to a Goldman Sachs & Co analyst.

"It will be a couple of quarters before the current credit crisis is fully digested by the markets," the analyst, William Tanona, wrote on Thursday.

The analyst issued his forecast after banks said they would write off more than $70 billion because of the global credit crunch, as rising mortgage and credit losses led investors to shun debt once thought safe but now deemed risky. Citigroup has replaced Chief Executive Charles Prince with Vikram Pandit, while Merrill replaced Chief Executive Stanley O'Neal with John Thain.

Citigroup, Merrill and JPMorgan did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

In pre-market electronic trading, shares of Citigroup fell 67 cents to $29.78, Merrill fell 68 cents to $53.86, and JPMorgan fell 44 cents to $44.50.

Tanona, who rates Citigroup "sell," said the largest U.S. bank may have to write off $18.7 billion this quarter for collateralized debt obligations. That's up from his prior $11 billion forecast, and higher than Citigroup's $8 billion to $11 billion forecast. Tanona boosted his forecast for the bank's fourth-quarter loss to $1.33 per share from 52 cents.

The analyst also said Citigroup may in 2008 cut its 54-cents-per-share quarterly dividend, equal to a 7.1 percent yield, to help raise or preserve another $5 billion to $10 billion of capital. In November, Citigroup shored up capital by selling a $7.5 billion stake to Abu Dhabi's government.

Tanona said Merrill, rated "neutral," may write off $11.5 billion for CDOs this quarter, up from his prior $6 billion forecast, as Thain tries to clean up problems now rather than let them fester in 2008. The analyst expects a fourth-quarter loss of $7.00 per share, up from his prior $1.50 forecast.

Brad Hintz, a Sanford C. Bernstein & Co analyst, separately on Thursday predicted a $10 billion fourth-quarter write-off at Merrill, leading to a $5.10 per share quarterly loss.

Merrill on Monday announced a $6.2 billion capital infusion from Singapore's government and money manager Davis Selected Advisers.

Tanona also doubled his forecast for fourth-quarter CDO losses at JPMorgan to $3.4 billion from $1.7 billion. He cut his forecast for fourth-quarter profit to 65 cents per share from $1.04. The analyst rates JPMorgan "neutral."

Through Wednesday, shares of Citigroup, Merrill and JPMorgan were down a respective 45 percent, 41 percent and 7 percent this year.

(Reporting by Jonathan Stempel; Additional reporting by Avishek Mishra in Bangalore; Editing by Steve Orlofsky and Dave Zimmerman)
RE: Alien credit cards?
Posted by bankslay on Mar 30, 2007 13:11

About Bank of America and Roland Arnall of Ameriquest yes both are involved in loans to illegal immigrants.

Both are also involved in property theft. I had a $550,000
home in N. Barrington. Ameriquest Foreclosed on my home with a phony loan I never agreed to I lost $400,000
in equity and my whole business along with my business equipment and most of my personal belongings. Right after I began protesting my illegal loan my home was under constant surveillance by unmarked cars, the police constantly harassed me and even fabricated charges I had a hostage in my home. Then bogus license suspensions began.

Turns out Rod Blagojevitch donated 25 million in tax donations to the same Ameriquest office, which stole my home.

Went to Colorado similar deal the apartment we rented stole our deposit and kicked us out even though we had made all payments. Went to court judge found me guilty of staying after evicted and leaving without notice before lease end
and mocked me claiming because of my foreclosure and bad credit that apartments don't charge security deposits
to people with bad credit only those with good credit. Our vehicle was sabotaged prior to redemption police refused to file report other vehicle was stolen by Goodyear police
refused to file report said or vehicle was piece of junk anyways it was late model clean Chrysler minivan.

He demanded I give up all my documentation including copies
on lease agreement payments lease agreement etc.

I was arrested just for asking for my evidence back a couple days later.

Went to California to Support Arnold again Police kept pulling us over and asked all sorts of questions about politics and who I supported and why.

After phone interview with Deputy A.G. of Bill Lockyer who is longtime personal friend of Roland Arnall who took $250,000 from him, Was approached at high speed twice on the 101 by unmarked police car tried to ram me off road, it took off after pulling alongside me. Later same unmarked car pulled in to hotel where I was staying and they towed away my van because I supposedly was living full time in CA I was in fact traveling coast to coast contacting politicians, enforcement agencies etc. and never had apartment of residence in CA.

Police claimed there was investigation and could not release my van but could issue not written statements of reason for refusal to release vehicle or reason for investigation.

Bank of America who was both my trustee and the company who purchased my home for a $66,000 fictitious loss finally was forced to get me apartment even though they left me living in my van with no food or medical care when my leg was broken to stop me from going after Ameriquest.

I was trapped in S. Cal but I had the internet.

Filled RICO (organized crime) charges against Roland Arnall in Fed court, appeared on Dutch news to protest President nomination of Roland Arnall as ambassdor of Netherlands who gave 12 million to Bushes campaign though laundered donations under multiple name to avoid donation limits. Roland Arnall found guilty of fraud in 49 states
Senators pushes his nomination through based on the assertion that since Roland Arnall is person owner of Ameriquest rather than a CEO he has no responsibility for his companies actions.

Roland Arnall now has diplomatic immunity and we cannot subpoena him. Millions have lost billions and there homes due to his fraud and he has purchased a get out of jail free card.

The laws don't seem to apply to these crooks Bank of America and Roland Arnall It seems our legal system has no problem threatening harassing and falsely arresting those
who seek to bring criminals to justice.

My evidence is documented and verifiable of course since the news would not have run my story and many lawyers and expert witnesses, FBI, A.G.’s., congressman, senators, etc have reviewed my case.

I had five years of perfect payment history before Ameriquest fictitious loan and a successful business in upscale area.

Please help put both these criminal companies selling our country out from under us out of business. Any one of us could be next.
Reply to: Smitty63
What about alien home loans?

Why isn't illegal aliens getting HUD home loans news?

Why isn't unaffordable homes for Americans while illegal aliens are getting home loans and grants and subsidies to buy homes news while Americans are hammered with taxes?

Why are we guaranteeing home loans for illegal aliens?

FNM FRE have well over a trillion in liabilities, FNM & FRE were chartered to help Americans buy homes, not illegal aliens.

What about the massive fraud at FNM & FRE, the billions in fraud didn't include liabilities from fraudulent home loans, the fraud numbers were just from accoounting tricks.

FNM & FRE & their massive illegal political donations, where is the press on this subject?

We've have over 10 years of Federal Reserve Chairmen warning of doom yet no action? Why? Because they've bribed the politicians-both parties.

Look at Bush's biggest supporter, Roland Arnall & Ameriquest, Ameriquest was busted for abusive loan practices to mostly illegal aliens, who did Ameriquest sell the loans they made to? FNM & FRE were their biggest customers by a long shot, Americquest also bribed virtually every single politician in our government from teh city council & mayor to the President.
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