Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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The racketeer Tom Lantos is dead.

Tom Lantos is the Democrat on the foreign relations committee that greased the rails for Roland Arnall's nomination. Tom Lantos unfortunately escaped the Holocaust and went on to rape and pillage millions of innocent U.S. as part of a nationwide Racist radical Zionist holocaust on innocent U.S. citizens, along with the notorious Roland Arnall and Rabbi Heir actually went as far a using a genuine Nazi bank to launder the assets from millions of U.S. citizens.

Rabbi Heir used Roland Arnalls money and the Simon Wiesenthal museums status to set up the Ameriquest Deutschebank money laundering connections well as permit the Deutschebank/Bankers Trust merger which has been involved in laundering the assets of many of our stolen homes right here on this Forum.

Of course by getting Roland Arnall out of the country by rigging the nomination along with Senator Lugar and Lincoln Chaffee among others they impeded further investigation and action against Roland Arnrall and Ameriquest by getting him out of the country.

Ameriquest was the biggest player in the sub-prime crises and developed sophisticated computer based programs to target victims and ran boiler rooms.

Bloomberg noted that Ameriquest had written so many bad loans that it had lowered the bond rating for the entire mortgage industry and initiated the housing slump which has of course become a housing crises due largely in part to Tom Lantos getting Roland Arnall out of the country and derailing investigations into Ameriquest fraud.

I'm not being anti-Semitic here just as there are white people in the KKK and there have been racist supremacist groups in most every nationality this group of people Roland Arnall, Tom Lantos, and Rabbi Heir sadly happen to be Jewish Nazis though the Simon Wiesenthal group just like Hitler and crew has pushed though H.R. 1955 and are pushing though S. 1959 which allows the government to classify lending fraud victims as terrorists and execute them in order to silence them so they don't expose the massive nationwide intentional looting of our country by converting our mortgages into securities and profiting from fraudulently originated and foreclosed homes.

It should be noted that many of those most concerned with bringing these criminals to justice are Jewish such as George Soroka famous Ameriquest busting whistle-blower. Roland Arnall, Rabbi Heir and Tom Lantos are hated by Jewish groups for using the Holocaust as a money making scam and a cover for intentional financial fraud. 

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I though it was Arnall......

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Greg get some professional help. Seriously.

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. I guess your a terrorist too looks like you belong in the funny farm.
These racketters are the greatest criminals in history and have looted our whole country. Lets not forget many of the victims have died, those are the lucky ones who got relief.

Obviously you are a spy or a lunatic so get lost.
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4 justice now
. :

What's the matter?... Is Greg not being politically correct enough for your taste? Well, I for one say... too damn bad! It's way past the time for people being PC on every issue. It's time to wake up and see things for what they are and speak out. Good for you Greg. I'm glad you're willing to speak the truth here, no matter how overly sensitive some naive people may be on the subject.  

Thanks for Posting!


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